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Posted by NoXious

I already went and pre-ordered Dragon Age before it was featured on GiantBomb, but Dave - YOU ROCK! 
I pray your last sentence will ring true for me, even in 2009 I have a BG2 and IWD2 playthrough on my name - I need something new to waste 10+ years on!

Posted by DanielJW
@vidiot said:

 Disclosure: The game featured in this review is or was an advertised product on giantbomb.com.      

I like the disclosure, but what does it exactly mean? Was stuff in the review changed for the sake of the advertisement? Regardless, I approve of it and I wish other sites to try and do the same. It's good to have a sense transparency between the context of review and the reader. 
Forgot to mention: GO DAVE! "
Nothing changed, it's just stating that the game they reviewed was advertised on the website. 
Posted by wipu

Seems like preordering the Collector's Edition was the right choice :D
Thanks for a great review, although I need to wait for my copy for few days, damn European release dates..

Posted by dubios451

Looks like a great review Dave, be happy to pick this one. On a side note, really appreciate the disclosure at the bottom of the review, doesn't affect my decision but I appreciate the GB staff knows that this is the sort of thing we want to know about. Although after the Kayne & Lynch horribleness that started this wonderful site it'd be hard for them not to.

Posted by Noodles

Awesome review Dave, and good work throwing the disclosure in at the end so people don't go all 'conspiracy theory' crazy. Now if you and Vinny will just start up The Witcher endurance run...

Posted by Nate

Glad to see so many people enjoying this game. I couldn't be more pumped to get it!
Posted by OmegaAmen

Really looking forward to playing this game. It is in my queue after finishing Demon's Souls and Torchlight.
Now the big question to you, Dave.
Is this game a viable Endurance Run candidate?

Edited by moocow21

Awesome text & video reviews.  It unlocks on Steam in 5 hours. :D
 Anybody know if you can change difficulty at any time? Because I'm considering starting at easy but only if I'll be able to raise it later if I need to.

Posted by briansanderson

Excellent review Dave.  Off to pick this baby up right now.  Thanks.

Posted by darkjester74
@moocow21 said:
" Awesome text & video reviews.  It unlocks on Steam in 5 hours. :D   Anybody know if you can change difficulty at any time? Because I'm considering starting at easy but only if I'll be able to raise it later if I need to. "
I dont know this for a fact, but if its similar to BioWare's previous offerings it should allow you to do that.
Can't wait to pick this up this afternoon!
Dave, AWESOME review man, really enjoyed it.  I still think you should get a proper review toon like the other guys!  =D
Posted by darkjester74
@Oy said:
" At the top, the review says it's for an "add-on" to Dragon Age.  Typo?  "
That might be in reference to the fact that new copies include The Stone Prisoner DLC.  I imagine Dave's review includes this free DLC as its part of the shipping package.  That's just a guess on my part, tho.
Posted by FLStyle

The second I'm done with DragonQuest VIII I'm right on it. Promise!

Posted by Seppli

As soon as I am done with GTA IV - tBoGT and The Fall (a german post-apocalyptic PC RPG from 2006, which was on a game magazine DVD), Dragon Age : Origins is next on my list.
I have so many sweet memories of Baldur's Gate 2. I'm sure this will bring all of them back to life.

Posted by SoulTaker

Excellent  review Dave.  Just waiting for the steam unlock.

Posted by Floppypants

I'm so glad Giant Bomb has such an awesome old-school PC gamer like Dave.  DAVE RULES!

Posted by Spiritof

Dave just sold a copy of Dragon Age. To me.

Posted by MisterMollusk

They should have shown some innovation and made it an on rails shooter. :P

Posted by Curufinwe

Dave is the 5th Beatle.@harrified said:

" I pray to the Dave for more PC-centric reviews. "
QFT.  Get him on the Bombcast, too.
Posted by Vendetta

Awesome. I'm about to go pick this up at Gamestop. Took today off of work so I could obsess with this game all day. Been waiting to play this for too long.

Posted by MartinG
@FLStyle said:
" The second I'm done with DragonQuest VIII I'm right on it. Promise! "
Hah, just the same as me :)
Great review BTW. Engineer power!
Posted by Duffyside

Um, who wrote this review? Am I blind? I can't find it. I think we're all assuming that it's Dave, but why isn't the author's name anywhere?

Posted by ADTR_ZERO
@Duffyside said:
"Um, who wrote this review? Am I blind? I can't find it. I think we're all assuming that it's Dave, but why isn't the author's name anywhere? "

It clearly says "Read Dave Snider's full review."
Posted by Duffyside
@ADTR_ZERO: I don't see that, and have done a "find" for things like "Dave," "Snide," etc. However, if I click on the reviews tab on the GiantBomb toolbar, the review listed there says "reviewed by Dave Snider." So we're all good. 
Still strange that I don't see his name anywhere on the page for the review itself.
Posted by Milkman

Too many goddamn games!

Posted by InsanePotato

Great review Dave. Now get your own review toons and your name somewhere on the dam page :D.
Have DA:O Digital Deluxe ed pre loaded at home. This day is going to drag bad.

Posted by takua108

Get this man some 1-5 emotes!

Posted by Harts

Great review! Have ordered the CE variant of the game and waiting it to be delivered.

Posted by FireBurger
@vidiot: It's not saying that anything was changed in the review (most assuredly it wasn't), it's just to give people the full perspective and steal the conspiracy theorists' thunder before they can even start bitching.
Great review, Dave. I like how the review is written; it's not stuffy and overly "professional." I like how you were willing to call out Fallout 3 by name, which gives you something concrete to compare it to. Too often reviewers don't use other games' names unless they are from the same developer because it's not "proper" or some BS. Well done.
Posted by EndlessMike

I'm still skeptical but thanks for the review.

Posted by MeatSim

I never really played a lot of the Baldur's Gate or D&D games but you got my interest so I am gonna give this game a try.

Posted by MEBs

Now that's what I'm talkin' about! Great review, Dave. And duder....no beard!!!?

Posted by Xelloss

On my way to get pick it up from Gamestop, GO PC VERSION!

Posted by Charleslegrand

Wow, Dave just might have convinced me to get this 0_o

Posted by MarkWahlberg

How much do dragons actually figure in this game? They don't seem to be very prevalent in a game that features them in the title. Unless there's like a plot twist half-way through where you have to ally with the darkspawn to fight off dragons or something and they don't want to give it away.  
Is this truly the age of misnomers?

Posted by GozerTC

A good review. I'm still wary of this game for my wife since she's still new to gaming.  She's a WoW player and she loved Mass Effect but I'm not sure if I should get this for her or just wait until next year for Mass Effect 2. :\

Posted by HT101

A very nice review but I am not that big of a fan of the pause to play mechanic.  I'll wait for Mass Effect 2 so I can get my dose of Bioware awesomeness.  Besides, MW2 and AC2 are out in the next two weeks so I wouldn't have any time for this game anyway.

Posted by Ubiquitous

HOORAY A DAVE REVIEW!!!! Thanks for the great review Dave. Only 20 minutes till Dragon Age unlocks on Steam!!! I hope to see Dave do more reviews in the future, I don't like to pick favorites... but Dave is my favorite..

Posted by Brad
@atomic_dumpling said:
" @Symphony said:
" Great review, Dave! "
If you guys wouldn't mention it in the comments, I would have know idea who reviewed this. Apparently it's obvious in the video review, but not on this page. "
We'll be adding a text byline to review pages Real Soon Now. Thanks for the feedback.
Posted by RobotHamster

I want this game, but sadly I don't have the money. 

Posted by FunExplosions

Now I gotta change my pants...

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Posted by Kyle


Posted by Zanthox

SO EXCITED! Great review, I need to head out and get my preorder copy now!

Posted by RHCPfan24

That was an excellent review Dave!! Very well-written. You also seemed very confident for your (I believe) first video review. GREAT JOB!!!!

Posted by borgmaster

I like that Giantbomb discloses. It replaces the air of honesty that was lost with the front page being plastered with one big ad for this game.

Posted by fastidious

Can't wait to get this, should be arriving at my door any day now :)

Posted by artofwar420

I say Dave needs his own hilarious cartoon picture.
Posted by MichaelBach

x360 version in the mail! Great review!

Posted by DeadFish

Great review! I haven't played Baldur's Gate 1/2, so this is probably the best way of experiencing the Bioware magic, that everybody is talking about. Mass Effect didn't do it for me. I preferred the The Witcher to any other recent RPGs so far.
Now I'm just asking myself how to get the game... Steam is the most expensive here in Europe, but it's the only "place" at all to get access to both the original English audio and the German audio files, since there is no multi-language disk release.
Other download platforms are cheaper but, frankly, also less convenient. A physical copy / manual would be nice and this game is probably a humongous download... But waiting for the disk (import from the UK, because of the original audio) takes about two weeks. :( 
Tough decisions... Thanks for the review and keep it up Dave! I love that Giant Bomb has a person that seriously knows (and loves) PC games. :)

Posted by buzz_killington

Amazing review Dave. The last PC RPG game I have finished was Icewind Dale II, but after your glowing endorsment I'm prolly gonna try this one.