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Posted by Nilazz

Give me this, NOW!
Posted by giyanks22

Nice review!!! I cannot wait to play this one!!!

Posted by Pie

Bravo on the review Dave but this type of game just isnt for me
Runs off to shoot some aliens

Posted by Ken420

Prior to reading Dave's review, I had little to no interest in this game... But this review has now piqued my interest.  What a well thought out review from someone whom I trust as being very knowledgeable on PC games.  +1 upvote for more Dave.

Posted by fynne

Awesome. I was already pretty excited by this game.  Now I can't wait to get my hands on it.  Hopefully it'll run ok on my older gaming laptop.

Posted by twillfast

I've gone from thinking "maybe i'll buy it" to a day one purchase state of mind in a matter of days. This will be interesting!
Great review btw Dave! It's always good to see you in the videos ;)

Posted by VisariLoyalist
@EgoCheck616 said:
" Woa, early review! Good work, GB! "
that's what a sponsorship gets ya ;)
Posted by NarcolepticBat

This was supposed to be mine, but I got Borderlands. guess ill wait for santa

Posted by NathHaw

Excellent and one of the most informative reviews I'm seen on GB.  Glad to see the disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Posted by Zajtalan

clean shaven dave ftw!!

Posted by illmatic19

Great review, loving the ads on the site. Finally a video game site without ads that pop out at you.

Posted by ColinVI

This game is the reason I am Typing this on a brand new gaming PC...&% more of a download from steam and away I go ... 
Posted by Linkyshinks

 I thank thee, Sir David of Snider.

Posted by EndrzGame

Great review Dave, pretty much nailed why I like this game so much.
Also, for those folks wondering if their PC's can play this game these are my specs:
CPU:Intel Core Duo E6300 1.87
2gig 667mhz RAM
XFX 9600 GT 512mb GDDR3 stock-no overclocking
Windows XP sp3
I can run this with everything cranked up at a 1280x1024 resolution and it runs silky smooth. Looks like that extra time refining the PC code has paid off. I played this yesterday for about 7hrs straight and I've been thinking about it since I stopped. That to me is a mark of a great game. Just wanted to check some reviews before I dove back in. If you like RPG's then buy this game. It's a lot of fun.

Posted by DrSwank

The 360 version is terrible. I just rented it at blockbuster, and it's so boring without the ability to use tactics, and the auto-lock-on attacks makes it feel like the game is playing itself. Don't pick it up for the 360 or PS3.

Edited by Dryker

If Jeff or Ryan reviewed Dragon Age: Origins, they'd give it 3 STARS. So, they gave the review to Dave. Not to say I disagree with his review, but only question Giantbomb's supposed ubiased stance when it comes to reviews. This is for 360, PS3, and the PC!? Some how I doubt Dave played much, if any, of the 360 and PS3 versions.  
I'm only a few hours into Dragon Age, but the dialogue is very stilted. It's as if they cut and pasted existing fantasy mainstays, and executed it with no idea of how it should sound. I'm trying to ignore it, but it gets so thick it makes me cringe. Characters and Codex tidbits constantly mix metaphors and implement incorrect syntax; as if they only added certain phrases because they were "so like fantasy novels".  The dialogue is written more like fantasy narrative than actual dialogue (the most common mistake of poor fantasy writers). No one uses so many adjectives when they speak, even if they're some mystical creature from a long gone age. Although, I still really want to immerse myself in this world, and so have been trudging through every last Codex I get.  
That said, I'm generally enjoying my experience so far; there's something haunting about it. I stopped playing yesterday to listen to the Bombcast and I couldn't stop thinking about Dragon Age. To drop bird shit on frustration, I've come to find out that it's a single player game. I knew I'd buy it, so I didn't read a single article about it till now. I assumed it had multiplayer. Every screenshot showed party members. Woops. That kinda sucks. The story better be really good, and the loot exceptional; otherwise, I'm going back to Too Human for dungeon grinding.
Posted by Metamorphic

I really liked this review. I'm getting the game now for the 360.

Posted by BolognaSoup
@AlexB said:
" I approve of this review before I even read it. "
and that's just what's wrong with the gaming community (unless you're being sarcastic?)...
Posted by SheikYerbouti_Strikes_Back

 Gotta love the tone of this review. Especially the opening paragraph. I wonder whether some people enjoy playing to the "pc gamer elitist" stereotype, or if they're simply not aware that they are one?

Actually, I’m not certain if that opening statement is funny or just sad. To me, it reads like “All right! Get ready, lads! Bioware finally threw us a bone!”

Anyway, it's good to see that Dragon Age is receiving proclamatory reviews. Bioware seem to have put a hell of a lot of work into the game, and it looks like their efforts paid off. I really loathe it when people compare it to Baldur's Gate, though. As far as I'm concerned, Dragon Age looks far more interesting than BG ever did. And before anyone asks, yes, I made several good-natured attempts to like it. It never won me over, and the Infinity Engine certainly didn't help. (It might not help either that I generally dislike high fantasy, but that's largely because much of it is simply homogeneous sub-Tolkien tripe. But I digress..).

Guess I'm going into a rant here. So, here goes.

While I count Fallout and Planescape: Torment among my all-time favorites, (and yes, the latter was indeed powered by the Infinity Engine. Fortunately it made up for a lacking game engine with a good story), I can't say the same for Bioware's Baldur's Gate series. All of the games that followed it, KOTOR, Jade Empire and especially Mass Effect, are superior efforts as far as I'm concerned. What they might be lacking in "complexity" they've made up for by being more compelling games: better paced, better designed and representative of truly ambitious attempts to futher games as a narrative medium.

In fact, Baldur's Gate was never quite as complex as people make it out to be. Byzantine, perhaps, in that its game mechanics could have been streamlined and refined further. Cutting down on the micromanaging of one's party and its movements would have made the game more of a joy to play, and less of a chore. Lest we forget: There is a world of difference between simplification and over-simplification.

Even back in the day when it was new, BG was very much limited compared to "the real thing" (pen and paper), affording players only the most basic of character classes and generally forcing players down one path, story-wise. Furthermore, its stubborn adherence to AD&D2, while fine for P&P, was too constraining for a computer game, the rigid ruleset choking down any attempt an innovation or adjustment to the new medium. (Something that DA:O avoids, thanks to its being built from the ground up as a video-game, instead of being an adaptation of a pre-existing system).

Another pet peeve of mine with BG/The Infinity Engine is that it was simply too "boxed in". Chris Taylor once criticized RTS games for placing the viewing angle far too close to the ground. Same problem with the Infinity engine. At the default resolution, it was impossible to see a damn thing, robbing the game of all tactical potential, combat pause function or no.

So bear with me if I really don't feel like kowtowing to the "badge of honour" Infinity Engine fanboy BS. Pardon my French.

Well, I've yammered on long enough. Let's take the time now to enjoy DA:O, people. Just for the love of all things relating to good gaming, try to do away with the aforementioned stereotype. It's boorish and unbecoming of us all, if not downright intellectually dishonest.

Posted by Duckbutter

this here Dragon Age game would make the perfect Endurance Run. 
much like Persona 4, it's filled with characters and heavy on story and tactics. plenty of room for jokes. and its long as hell. and we all know how long Hell is. Hell is like almost 3,000 miles long.

Posted by Media_Master

Great review!

Posted by Highlen

This game is awesome highly recomed to play it on pc.
Posted by Mister_Snig

This game does not look like it's for me, but I'm glad that BioWare is going crazy with the throwback to older RPGs. 
Great video/review by the way, Dave.

Posted by empfeix

does anyone think Dave Snider kinda looks like Michael McDonald (from Madtv) 
it just hit me and I think they look alike, also this review is kick ass....that is all.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I thought Vinny was gonna do the review. Was he fired or something?  Or does he just take too long to review an rpg?

I like this review & I can see myself picking it up.  Alas, I might need to wait until Xmas so I can have something my parents can buy for me..otherwise there isn't much left to ask for in a Xmas exchange as I can see myself playing Dragon Age for a very long time...on the Xbox.

Posted by TomA

lol the best part was Dave's bearded mage having sex with that girl that was hilarious:P The beard is what made it so damn funny.

Posted by freaksngeeks

bravo! best video review of this game alive.

Posted by momentarylogic

Absolutely awesome review Dave! Serious.
Posted by gunstarhero

i got my copy yesterday ,i was a bit upset my collectors edtion did not come in a metal tin or cloth map .but all that was forgotton when i started to play my mage ,i hated baldurs gate but loved never winter nights ,this game is fantastic i started playing at 8pmish and it was nearly 12pm before i looked at the clock ,carnt wait to play the rest dureing the comeing months ,deff worth the buy.

Posted by Spiritof

I'm about 6 hours into my City Elf Warrior quest and I gotta say, honestly, this is one of the most fun, bone ugly games I've ever played.
I bought the 360 version and have found myself mortified by how bland everything looks. First gen Oblivion still looks better than this game, but it doesn't really bother me too much because everything else that I want is there, compelling story, characters, and a 'fit like a glove' battle system. I'm hooked, but kind of wished I had sprung for the PC version (which would have required an upgrade).

Posted by Hilts

That was a great review by Dave. Was it the first? Im not sure but it was top knotch. I loved mass effect but ive never played baldurs gaet. After seeing this review, I will defo check out Dragon Age.  

Posted by Oziriz

Great review Dave, good read and great watch! Dragon Age: Online anyone? :)

Posted by Lodurr

I'm just going to say it, I don't know what's gotten into all the ex-Baldur's Gate players that call Dragon Age a good game. The game is super-linear. It feels more like a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy 7. Sure you get out in the open eventually, but you just choose what order you play the rest of the game in. There's no space to create your own style of character, your own unique playthrough experience, and I thought that was important in CRPGs. They never hand you the reins of the story, you're just there for the theme park ride. The joinable NPCs are all incredibly bland, spending more time explaining the plot than having real conversations. It's more similar to KOTOR than any other game they've done. I'm about 6 hours in, and it's already clear that anyone that worked for them when they made the Baldur's Gate series has long ago left the company. There's just not a whiff of it here.

Posted by lennyferguson

If I ever see a review use the word 'decidedly' again, I will murder Adam Sessler. I hope this is not seen as incentive.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Endless tracts of wooden dialogue

Posted by FatJackieChan

I gotta say, although the base idea is not innovative. Every background idea is so exact and true that it is innovative in that sense.

Posted by JeramyGowan

Five fucking stars?! wow... (did you even play the game?)  
I'd still be shocked if I saw a one star for this dumbass game.

Posted by RobJ

Totally agree with the review of this game. It's been a long time since the combination of gameplay, music and voice acting led to such a moving period of time for me. Every aspect of playing this masterpiece is something that I will remember for a long time to come.  Kudos to BioWare for releasing such a wonderful work of art to us. (PC Version).

Posted by Timaris

Way better than mass effect, love this game

Posted by chilipeppersman

i dont know if ill ever get aroiund to really playing this one

Posted by JoEDigiTECH

I way late on this one but I will be getting my copy soon. Half of me is overwhelmed and the other half looks forward to a great adventure.

Posted by AkuroBedlam

This game was and is absolutely stunning. Some minor graphics errors, such as sustained abilities causing visual distortion on NPCs and such, but that's a minor flaw. The DLC was well worth the money put into it. So far i've completed Original story, Leliana's song, Golems of Amgarrak, Witch Hunt, Warden's keep. Now from what i've seen, Awakening is great thus far, Chronicles is a bit difficult and takes some getting used to, and i haven't had a chance to go back to Return to Ostagar. Overall though, this game is incredible, and i fully intend to pre-order DA:O 2

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

LOVE this game.