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Posted by Alex_V

Nice to see lots of enthusiasm for the game. I couldn't be less interested in another formulaic R&C entry, but at least here is evidence that a certain audience will lap it up.

Posted by coolasj19

hahaha i LOVE brads 5 star pic

Posted by Tikicobra

I'm very disappointed with Insomniac on this one. The gameplay is pretty much identical to all the previous R&C games, the writing isn't as good, the graphics are the same as Tools of Destruction (which isn't bad, but come on, look at Naughty Dog), and all this talk of Ratchet and Clank being "story-driven" is pissing me off because, quite frankly, Ratchet and Clank's stories have never been that good.

Posted by UnsolvedParadox
@Octaslash said:
 It is complete!
Only Ryan is immune to turning blond upon a 5-star review!
Posted by SneakyPenguins

im disapointed by the title i always got a chuckle out of the pun in the title ie up your arsenal

Posted by Erdie

It's absolutely incredible.  And at the same time, I see almost no buzz about it anywhere.  This series does not deserve to be ignored so badly!  It's consistently incredible, and this one (so far, anyway) has been flawless!  Even in the opening cinematic, I have NEVER seen cartoon-style animation in a game done with such detail.  Simply put, it is amazing.  At least rent it!

Posted by Shindiggah

agree with every single thing on this review except that imo Up Your Arsenal is still the king of the series :P
Posted by Venatio

This game is terrific, I love all the games in the series, currently playing though this one and I agree with the review
BUT, my favorite in the series is by far R&C2:Going Commando, that game is just insanely fun and one of the best games ever made