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Posted by _Horde

Oh, cool! I like me some good sports sims, so I might just pick this up when I have the time.

Posted by EndrzGame

Glad to see 2K is still king of the hoops game. I just hope some of the polish on this title will rub off on the MLB series. It's slowly getting better, but no where near what it could be. C'mon 2K! You've conquered Hockey and Basketball. Now it's time to make a real run for the pennant!

Posted by Joker369
@DostoyevskysShamblingCorpse: You should watch the tnt they did
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Regrettably, the legendary teams aren't available online, presumably because the '85-'86 Celtics would just destroy everyone.

This man speaks the truth!

I have been alternating between this and Dark Souls and loving both games fully. My Player is really interesting and fun, yet I don't want to screw anything up so I find myself restarting games pretty often. The NBA Greatest Games mode has been my personal highlight, and maybe my favorite mode in a sports game ever. I'll be playing and perfecting this one for a while for sure.

Posted by Mumrik

2k11 really needed at solid training mode with detailed instructions and specific challenges etc. (like PES back in the day). I never got into it because the learning process was so frustrating. Not sure I'm going to give 12 a shot.

Posted by FLStyle

That's the really interesting thing about My Player: you actually have a persona.

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This needs a QL.

With hardly anyone covering it and some great word of mouth I'm really interested to see this in action.

Posted by Seraphim84

Wow, that good? I gotta say given this, I might very well give NBA2K12 a shot despite never really being a sports game guy. If there's any game I can jump in on, it's a 5 star one.

Posted by ShaggE

To put it succinctly: 2K11 made me love basketball games again. 2K12 made me love the sport of basketball again.

Side note: I *love* the nostalgia blast of playing as the early-mid 90s Bulls while the commentators point out exactly what was great about each player.

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I hate that he states a glaring issue with the online but still proceeds to give it 5 stars... The online is rarely ever playable

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The advertising for this game drives me NUTS! How can anyone argue that the '96 Bulls weren't the best team ever? They still hold the best regular season record, swept two teams in the playoffs, and actually closed the deal by winning the NBA Finals in six games. That dude who argues for the 2010 Heat should get slapped in his stupid face.

Posted by afjkidd5

Sensational review. I couldn't agree more!

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I might pick this up when it drops in price, good review.

Posted by emem

Very nice review, I really liked NBA 2k11 and this one looks even better.

Posted by dirkfunk

NBA 2K11 seemed to have content (and a great many difficulty sliders) that made it really open for anyone to play. My only complaint was that the My Player mode lacked any sort of difficulty settings. . . making it really hard for someone who admires the game of basketball, but never really studied the ins and outs of how offense and defense works.

I'm gonna give this a rent and see how it goes.

Posted by Bobby_The_Great

@groin said:

@Thiemen said:

They review this but not FIFA? ;___;

In general, US citizens do not care about soccer. Giantbomb barely covers sports games anyway so why are you expecting a FIFA review?

What he said. Giantbomb is US based. We're the only country in the world that doesn't care about FIFA/Soccer, and I like it that way.

Posted by WJist

I have really wanted to buy into this franchise, since it seems to continually be one of the best for sports games, but I just can't get past my admittedly small knowledge about basketball and really only pop in NBA Jam. I'm guessing this will be a too technical game for me?

All I want to be is like Mike.

Posted by ProjektGill

I'm not a huge basketball fan but I'm happy that the devs of this game were able to knock it out of the park again. I remember how widely acclaimed 2K11 was and it's great that they were able to top themselves. Awesome review Alex.

Posted by thornie_delete

I got this for the PC for 20 bucks on Steam on release day.  All GFX maxxed out along with various graphics mods, looks stunning and beautiful.  I've been playing basketball games since the days of Double Dribble and Bulls Vs Blazers.  This is THE BEST basketball game EVER MADE, hands down.  So happy Alex saw this too and gave it the appropriate score.

Posted by zameer


Posted by august

@Thiemen said:

They review this but not FIFA? ;___;

What's a FIFA? Is that some kind of small rodent?

Posted by ryalmc

wow i actually didn't expect this I may have to pick this up with my friends

Posted by sungahymn

Wow, a basketball game getting 5 stars? What is the world coming to?...

Err, no offense to NBA 2K12.

Posted by mrsmiley

i generally don't care about sports game, but watching them play this last night... it just looked so damn good!

Posted by leejunfan83

Nice review I appreciate the sports coverage

Posted by CyleMoore

Great stuff!

Posted by rmanthorp

Batman was expected 5/5 and I am so excited for that game. However, it's great to see they knocked it out of the park for this also! :D

Posted by Cake

Great read. Agree on every point you made really.

Posted by LordCmdrStryker

@Thiemen said:

They review this but not FIFA? ;___;

It's the best football game on the market. If you enjoy soccer games, buy it. What else do you want to know?

Posted by owl_of_minerva

Yeah, it's definitely a fantastic game in almost every respect.

Posted by groin

@Thiemen said:

They review this but not FIFA? ;___;

In general, US citizens do not care about soccer. Giantbomb barely covers sports games anyway so why are you expecting a FIFA review?

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KABOOM 2 5/5s within an hour!

Posted by Thiemen

They review this but not FIFA? ;___;

Posted by Morningstar

Second 5 star review of the day ^^

Posted by Wurmbollie

I've been waiting for this