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Posted by NapTimeSleeper

This looks great.

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Guessing a video review is forthcoming? :)

*edit*  yes, i am a prophet!

Posted by KarlPilkington


Posted by NME

I'm pleased to read a review not directly comparing LA Noire to Heavy Rain.

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I need some 60fps love.
Posted by jkuc316

That was a fast review, I thought I had to wait a few more hours after Alex's tweet

Posted by SaucyJack

Good review, the animations in this game look stellar from what I've seen so far. I can't wait to actually play it.

Posted by Nadafinga

Was really trying to avoid picking this up right away, but the reviews have been pretty awesome so far. Great review Brad.

Posted by RampageAssassin

Rockstar only develop/publish great things. I'm really looking forward to playing what I think will be a GoTY contender.

Posted by Wuddel

Nice. Happy I pre-ordered it. Also finally got some points in ICI.

Posted by spankingaddict

Wow! 5/5. Thanks Brad.

Posted by Metal_Mills

It's not Rockstar's L.A. Noire, it's Team Bondi.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

Well now I'm really happy I've pre-ordered it. Thanks, Brad.

Posted by Snipes424

Nice review, thanks Brad

Posted by kalmis

Oh no, now I need to get this for sure

Posted by brocool

Great, lets hope this joins the great adventure games!

Posted by benjaebe

Great review Brad. Can't wait until I get this in the mail tomorrow.

Posted by SockLobster

Woah, so it's true about the PS3 being their lead dev platform then, that's a shame as I left my PS3 at home, will probably rent the Xbox 360 version anyway as I'm hard up for cash at the moment anyhow :s

Posted by chikin_n_rofls


Posted by ZmillA

Rockstar is mentioned serveral times in the review and team bondi is not mentioned at all. Bondi was the developer not rockstar.

Posted by SemiDetached

I can't wait for this game. It sounds amazing.

Posted by SlightConfuse

Awesome. Review. Can't wait to get this game

Posted by thornie_delete

Thank you Mr. Shoemaker.  Witcher 2 and L.A. Noire all in one day.  Good problems to have.  :)

Posted by Blair

Woah.  Unsuspected early review.  Buying tomorrow.  Thanks Brad!

Posted by Metal_Mills
@ZmillA said:
Rockstar is mentioned serveral times in the review and team bondi is not mentioned at all. Bondi was the developer not rockstar.
Seems a lot of reviews have done that. I guess Fallout: New Vegas was a bethesda game too. :\
Posted by eezo

can't wait to get it myself, unfortunately i have to wait untill friday cuz of the stupid europe release -.-

Posted by TadThuggish

So you're saying this is a video game.  Weird!

Posted by Brad

I'm well aware of the game's development history, thanks everyone.

Posted by pekoe212

Now I don't feel guilty for pre-ordering this. This sounds like what I had hoped it would be.

Posted by LethalKi11ler

I'm still going through it but for the moment this review pretty much sums up my feelings towards it.

Posted by AlexW00d
@Brad: Damn you Brad; I've not really thought about this game properly before, but now I have, I actually quite want it.
Posted by rjayb89

Fuck, Brad. Now I want this game.

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So it is Ace Attorney?
Ohhhhhhhhh, it got my attention now.

Posted by zombie007

Sounds pretty good. Glad I've managed to stay unhyped for this game and it comes out tomorrow! Will definitely buy.

Posted by ComradeCrash

I want this game!

Posted by chickdigger802

GOTY month? So many 5 stars o_O.

God damn wish this was coming to pc.

Posted by artofwar420

WOAH, did not expect a five star review out of LA Noire. Holy crap.

Posted by hi_im_rob

Oh man, this looks too good to ignore. 
Nice review.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@Brad said:

I'm well aware of the game's development history, thanks everyone.

Why only call it a Rockstar game then? It comes off as misleading.
Posted by PieGuy

Suprised by its score. I will be picking this up for sure.

Posted by creiij

That's it.. ordering this now, asking them to throw in Tirtua Tennis 4 to because that looked really fun in the QL =)

Posted by probablytuna

Yeah, Team Bondi deserves some love. Everyone is saying "Rockstar this" "Rockstar that", it's time to give credit where it's due. It's like people talking about Bethesda in New Vegas and not Obsidian.

Also, can't wait to play it!
Posted by TomeOne

Damnit, Brad. You just had to start the review by crediting the game to Rockstar and not Team Bondi, didn't you? Now everyone will keep thinking it's another Rockstar game therefore it should be exactly like other Rockstar games.

Posted by Nonentity

Hm, I went from disinterest in this title to active interest. The less like GTA the better, in my eyes. I'm kind of tired of that formula.

Posted by Lemmycaution217

Damn, son. This is great.

Posted by dankempster

Great written review, Brad. I've got my copy pre-ordered, so hopefully it will arrive on release day (Friday here in the UK). I cannot wait to get stuck into this, it looks phenomenal, and completely unlike anything else I've played.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I'm still nervous as to how I'm going to take to this game, but I gotta go ahead with the purchase as a potential landmark title.

Posted by sameeeeam

Well-written review, Brad.

Posted by Chubbaluphigous

I am really happy this game came out so well.  I am looking forward to it coming in the mail tomorrow.

Posted by deadly_polo

Great review, I'm looking forward to this game a lot, shame it only comes out in the UK on Friday.

@Brad: slight error -- you put at the top it is a PS3N not PS3 release