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Posted by buft

Great review, answered a lot of questions i had about the game, shame i have to wait until friday to get it.

Posted by supercubedude

Man, this sounds totally up my alley. Can't wait to hear the bombcast.

Posted by dungbootle

Great review Bradley.

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

I'm hyped. Have to wait another two weeks before I can get it unfortunately.


Great review dude

Posted by Solemn

Goddamn it, why do all the great games don't get a PC port?

You've done a fantastic job with the review Brad! Makes me want the game and an Xbox even more.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Beautiful work, Brad!

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Annoys me how Rockstar seem to be taking all the credit, doesn't even mention Team Bondi on the front and it says "Rockstar Games present..." :/

Let Team Bondi get their name out there, everybody knows you already, Rockstar.

Edit: This review doesn't even mention Team Bondi...

Posted by prestonhedges

"Before you approach Rockstar's vintage crime opus L.A. Noire, you should set your expectations and be clear that it is, at its core, an adventure game."

So it's fifteen bucks. Okay, good.
Posted by mcwingstar

Sounds like an awesome game, but possibly one of the most out-of-place and uncharacteristic blue+orange box covers I've seen.

Posted by PJ

If your just splitting hairs when it comes to the difference between the PS3 and 360 versions then you shouldn't say its the clear-cut winner because your contradicting yourself by saying so. Not that it bothers me since I orderd both version of the game(by accident but its pretty much the same price right now for a verison of the game since I orderd them when an online retailer had a pre-order discount, $60 for one vs. $70 for both).

Well whatever. This game looks super awesome and can't wait to play it.
Posted by CosmicQueso
@MysteriousBob said:
@lepton said:
Ok, just watched some walkthroughs on YouTube and I have to say, "Why, oh, why the crappy driving sequences?"  Totally, totally immersion breaking.  Literally strangles to death and then craps on the cinematic presentation. Car-chase view.  Terrible driving mechanics and physics. Mini-map.  Mission title.  So terrible.  So hokey.  What a shame.
Then uhh... watch a movie. This is a video game. I want to play a game. What do you want? The game to force you to use that GTA3 'cinematic' camera. No thanks.
Lepton's right though... if you played Mafia 2, you know what these sequences will feel like, and they are not all that fun.  Mafia 2 would have been immensely better without the amount of driving it had.  Hopefully this won't be as bad but it looks exactly the same.  =/
Posted by kerikxi
@Ygg: These guys can forever put "from the makers of LA Noire" on the cover of every game they make. That's far better for business than a brief mention during a title crawl.
Posted by inwhiterooms

I can't wait till my copy comes in!

Posted by ArclightBorealis

The Quick Look and reading this review has made me want to play this game so bad. Looks absolutely incredible.

Posted by ZmillA

wheres that red dead redemption review?

Posted by GunnBjorn

The seedy underside of Los Angeles is an ugly, ugly place: racism, misogyny, rape, pedophilia, mutilation, infidelity, betrayal, and a truckload of grisly corpses (that you'll get up close and personal with)


So we can add necrophilia to that list as well...?

Posted by Keeng
@MysteriousBob said:
@Duffyside said:
You won't fool me this time, Shoemaker/Rockstar. You may have somehow suckered me into 2 GTA games and Red Dead Redemption, but I'm not gonna be fooled again!

... Will wait for Quick Look.
Yeah, what a prick- making you play great games! The nerve of it!
I agree with Duffyside. I haven't played RDR yet, but so far I've let Giant Bomb talk me into two GTA games and I hated both more than I could have possibly imagined. I am excited about RDR (although, all signs show maybe I shouldn't be) and I do plan to finally open my copy once I've beaten...everything else I have. But generally speaking, Rockstar games are awesome to everyone on the internet and beyond terrible to me. 

Which brings me to L.A. Noire. I'm actually pretty excited about it too, but only--and I mean ONLY--because it appears a different team made it. I hope your 5 stars are right, Mr. Shoemaker!
Posted by nemt
@Ygg said:

                Annoys me how Rockstar seem to be taking all the credit, doesn't even mention Team Bondi on the front and it says "Rockstar Games present..." :/

Let Team Bondi get their name out there, everybody knows you already, Rockstar.Edit: This review doesn't even mention Team Bondi...

Rockstar = Obama

Bondi = DEVGRU

Posted by blusher

L.A. Noire is a 3 star movie and a 2 star game.  Add them up and the 5 stars in this review might make sense.

Posted by gaggle64

This sounds just fantastic. Tragically, I don't have money to enjoy such a thing right now but I really hope this game does well. Just what the medium needs.

Posted by Buscemi


Posted by Frostburn

Very excited by this review, once things calm down I'll be picking this up for sure!

Posted by SpanxMcFranks

I am conflicted. This games sounds so interesting, but sounds very much like an adventure game. I feel like I might get bored playing the game, but I really want to see the story play out.

Posted by ArkHunter

So someone finally topped Valve's HL2 facial animation? About time.

Posted by dragonzord

Mafia 2 - Open world with not much to do in it other than the story. 3/5

LA Noire - Open world iwth not much to do in it other than the story. 5/5

Posted by Vonocourt
@alex_the_javo said:
Sounds like an awesome game, but possibly one of the most out-of-place and uncharacteristic blue+orange box covers I've seen.
Never mind that it's red.
Posted by technicalta

All of this coverage has persuaded me to order this game.  I had now idea what this game was about but  now I am really interested.

Posted by hagridore

First Rockstar game I'll be picking up. Looks amazing!

Posted by ptys

I just could never be the bad boy in GTA, just against my instincts. I wasn't interested in this game cause I never even finished Read Dead, until I saw it's more about the story and investigation than the combat. Finally a Rock Star game I can get into! Well Red Dead is good as well, but the shooting gets tiresome after a while.

Posted by MikeOfAllTrades
@Ygg: What you say is true, but it will also make sales go through the roof with the R* so prominently featured on the front.  Win win for both companies.
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Posted by D_O_A

Kind of bugs me that people call it a "rockstar" game, When Team Bondi is the developer, give credit where credit is due. 

Posted by Hraudung

Wait, what, jeff is in this game ? ;)

Posted by Hughes

Police-sketch-Jeff strikes again! A eerily appropriate fit, this time.

Posted by selbie

From now on Jeff must wear a hat and swing a cane in every Happy Hour

Posted by Xsheps

This has my vote for game of the year and I haven't even played it yet.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

this has my vote for least convincing review ever

Posted by jmic75
@whitesox said:
Kudos to Rockstar and Team Bondi.  It seems like this game addresses one of the big issues with similar games under Rockstar (Yes, I know Team Bondi developed it), in that it removes the possibility of an apparently good at heart character such as John Marston killing scores of people as he wanders around the world, only to arrive at his next mission a week later and be greeted as if he'd wasted no time in getting there. 
My Marston was a saint!....well except for that all those guys I ran over with my horse, and that woman I accidentally shot, and all those defenseless animals I killed and that woman I had to leave on a railroad track for the achievement...(coughs) um..yeah never mind :P
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I'm a little confused if Take two owns Rock star games why isn't Take two publishing L.A. Noir? The cache of the Rock star name?

Posted by Kayotix

Game is amazing!!!!!
Posted by Wallzii

I really can't describe how surprised I am by this game. I knew it was going to be good, but it has exceeded my expectations.

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Good review! The end was pretty funny.

Posted by Spongetwan
Great game so far!! I am loving it! I sucked at first at telling if they are being truthful or not. Starting to get the hang on it though.
Posted by ONEHERO

nice one shoemaker

Posted by Stepside

Excellent review.

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Posted by DG991

Yo, the end of that video review was the best thing I have ever seen.... hahahaha

Posted by JBrighty

nice camo in the last few seconds.. wait.. what? Jeff is in there ! lol