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It's basically more Borderlands with some of the criticisms fixed. Which is fine for me!

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OMG THE END OF GAMING AS WE KNOW IT!!!! Playing it not matter what!!!!

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Woooooo it's unlocking!

Posted by oobs

well i am guessing i wont be liking this game to be going out and getting it if i didnt like the first one

Posted by therealminime

@Solh0und said:

It's basically more Borderlands with some of the criticisms fixed. Which is fine for me!

Pretty much this.

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(why am I the first person to say this)

Posted by jozzy

Steam is extracting the she-bang while I read this, still very excited to get my hands on it. I don't think I OD'd as hard as Jeff on Borderlands.

Posted by Silver-Streak

Sounds like valid opinions on Jeff's behalf. As I never finished my Playthrough 2 nor nay of the DLC in Borderlands, I'm pretty sure I'm up for Morederlands.Which is unpacking right now.

Posted by animathias

Thanks for the review, Jeff. I've been on the fence for a couple of weeks now, and this is the nail in the coffin. I should have loved the first Borderlands, but something about it just didn't sit right with me. Hearing that this is more of the same (more or less) means I shouldn't waste my time or money.

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...and there's the quicklook.

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Seems like a solid sequel that improves on the first game's problems. I didn't feel motivated enough to do quests in borderlands so hopefully the story and situations are better this time around.

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Yay, more Borderlands! I'm running through the DLC content I haven't had time to play since the Steam sale a year ago -__-

I just realized that there hasn't been a video review since Skyward Sword (November 2011!). What happened to those?

Posted by benspyda

Good review. I'm in the same boat of playing 100s of hours in the first game. I still can't wait to play it and find out if its charms have worn off me like they have you. I doubt it though.

Posted by RedSox8933

Yeah, I didn't really expect this to be much more than more Borderlands. But man, I could really use some more Borderlands, so this works out perfectly!

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@therealminime said:

@Solh0und said:

It's basically more Borderlands with some of the criticisms fixed. Which is fine for me!

Pretty much this.

yeepppp, seems thats the case, but man im so glad i never played the first game, that means i should love this one/

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Works for me, hurry up steam jeez

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I'm definitely up for more Borderlands, especially with improvements to take care of the only things I didn't like from the first game. And it's interesting to hear that the Commando simply isn't a reskinned Soldier. I'm still tempted to go with the turret again since I like soloing a fair amount, but I might switch it up this time around.

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Ya, that's about what I expected, was holding out hope for something truly outstanding, but more Borderlands (Morederlands?) is far from a bad thing. On a side note, unless this or Assasins Creed 3 blows me away Walking Dead will probably be my GOTY, which is pretty crazy.

Posted by laserbolts

After reading this I cannot wait to get this game. More Borederlands is exactly what I want.

Posted by Brisaac

I'm totally okay with more Borderlands. I never thought a sequel would see the light of day.

Glad to see Gearbox take the needed time for BLT!

Posted by Apocralyptic

Did they smooth out the difficulty curve at all for the multiplayer? I got frustrated with the first Borderlands because I could never play co-op with anyone except friends who were almost the exact same level as me. Anything else was pointless because one of us would be way overpowered.

Posted by felakuti4life

I'm sure it's fine. Recently I've been more into games that surprise me with their quality. Spec Ops, Walking Dead, Sleeping Dogs come to mind. I'll pick it up when I'm ready for more grindy stuff, I'm still in a post Diablo haze.

Posted by tourgen

I liked the first one quite a bit and this just sounds more but better. It's been quite a while since I played too - so pretty good timing. I like the idea of better distinctions between the weapon manufacturers. That's something Mass Effect 1 tried to do too and I thought it was pretty cool.

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I've been playing a lot of the first Borderlands to get ready for the sequel (and to knock out the last two DLCs I hadn't finished). It occurred to me watching the trailers that maybe this wasn't a great idea, because it did seem to be "more of the same" - as if someone magically doubled the content of the first game. I'm sure I'll enjoy it regardless, but I can totally see how the number of hours spent in the first game and/or how much time has passed since you played it could affect your response to the sequel.

I also suspect that Jeff is a little bummed that he can't make the same "This is the only class anyone should play" pronouncement as last time.

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More Borderlands ass Borderlands son

Posted by bybeach

It's like they well surpassed the minimum, and fell bit short of the max. Who could blame them? They already had something that worked....Sounds like handsome jack needed some more work. They've done good with characters before....

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I'm not opposed to some Borderlands, because that game was the shit, it's just really disappointing to know my fears of it being simply more Borderlands have probably come true :/

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@mewarmo990: Pretty sure GB has ditched the idea of video reviews. Not sure if any bombcast episodes went into an explanation on the subject.

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Morederlands (now with more color!) is exactly what I wanted, so I'm pleased, despite multiple reports of excessive solo difficulty. It's not time to overhaul the formula yet, after all. Maybe when 4derlands comes around, they can rejigger it all.

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I'm much more into the gameplay than the story or characters, so I'm excited by what I read in the review. It sounds like the stuff I care about has been beefed up in every way. Can't wait to play it tomorrow.

Jeff, were you satisfied with the final boss, in comparison to the first game? That was such a letdown.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Welllll...I don't love Borderlands, mostly because it's awfully dull alone and I have nobody to play it with, so I guess I'll probably skip this one.

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Like Jeff said... It's Borderlands, but better.

I'm in.

Jeff just sounds salty that his turret doesn't heal.

Posted by iceman228433

A 4 star this game must be shit.

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@gregoryc: Jeff once said that Quicklooks were pretty much video reviews.

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Does anyone else have the problem where the text is over the pictures? It blends in with the image and it's hard to read the review.

Posted by DefAde

Jeff has summed up my main worries about this game... Like him, i played a shit ton of B1 plus all it's DLC - maybe 300 hours or something.... and i feel done with the whole franchise. There's not enough new here for me to get re-invigorated about MORE Borderlands, and i suspect after just a few hours of playing i'd get Call of Duty Syndrome... that horrible gaming experience of deja vu, and having already "done all this before".... As much as i really want to play this, i am falling more towards just giving it a miss, or waiting until it's dirt cheap somewhere.

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I never finished the first game. Something about the grind really threw me off. This game looks super similar, so I'll probably get it when it is on sale.

Posted by Cybexx

So Syndicate and Mortal Kombat Vita remain the only games Jeff has given 5-Star reviews to this year. I wonder if that speaks more to the year or Jeff? It has been kind of a weird transitional year and less games overall than last year. Brad has also been reviewing the stand-out downloadable games this year which is where most of the best games have been published.

Posted by aceofspudz

Well written review. I'll wait for it to go on sale!

Posted by Etnos

Borderlands, bores me.

no disrespect to fans.

Posted by honkyjesus

What turned me off on buying this, and waiting for the GOTY edition in a year or so, was the way too early talk of DLC and season passes. Don't tell me all the things you left out of the game before it even releases.

As usual, a good Giant Bomb review, and appreciated. Always good to hear differing opinions, something Gerstmann is infamous for. Sexually.

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@CraftySkills: Nope, not on Chrome.

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So glad this game got a standard quicklook on top of the ex one.

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@Animasta: I know Jeff said that on the podcast when they played it at PAX East this year.

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@Animasta: I just copyrighted it.

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@Etnos said:

Borderlands, bores me.

no disrespect to fans.

Your loss. Did you play it with three friends?

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