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Posted by jasondesante

best part of this review is you only need to read "Borderlands 2 gives you more Borderlands. No more, no less." and you will understand everything about the game.

Posted by neoepoch

I tend to disagree. I think this game is probably the best sequel I've played in a long time. Everything is just so better that it is an absolute joy to play.

Posted by hollitz
Posted by dam4742

I can see a lot of Jeff's points, I just don't necessarily agree with all of them. Borderlands 2 is a much more focused, engaging and exciting affair from the first second. I'm playing it on PC and played Borderlands 1 for the third time through with Steam friends in the weeks leading up to the release. Borderlands 1 had a lot more downtime as you wandered around between settlements. The battles seemed a bit more spread out, particularly in the "rust" areas around the New Haven hub. The pacing slowly built in Borderlands and the lack of story and constant voice acting made the game a tension-building sensation rather than the non-stop action and voice-acting of Borderlands 2. I actually posted this on Anthony Burch's site too, but it bears repeating: I cannot think of a better writer than Burch to take the helm of Borderlands 2. (Okay, I can, but Joss Whedon is a little busy.) My only minor critique of Burch's writing is that his characters share a singular sense of humor - his. It may have been a little more fun with a bit more variety in the humor than the usual anything-goes, zaniest possible stuff we're used to from HAWP. But I love the game, the humor, the potential for more content and playable classes coming in October and the sheer volume of people I see logged into Steam playing it. All my friends finally seem to agree on a game being worth their time.

And as a side note - Giant Bomb's rating translates to an 80/100 on Metacritic, making it the lowest current critical score by 10 points. All the other critical scores are between 90 and 100 (most are 90). The only other ones I saw prior to peeking at Metacritic for curiosity had me in disbelief that it was going to be so universally acclaimed, and I found it strange that Giant Bomb (of all places) had the low score. I value and trust Giant Bomb and Jeff's opinion. Hopefully the Internet rage monsters won't come here to slam you, but stay and see all the great content that's here to see and share. I'll have to come back when I finish the campaign and write my own review. The ones I saw first were: IGN - 9/10, GameTrailers 9.2/10, Game Informer 9.75/10.

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Jeff's review seems to be sort of what I figured. I picked up the original's GOTY Edition late in the game. Enjoyed and played the hell out of it. Probably going to do the same thing with this one. Summer '13 pickup for me in all likelyhood.

Posted by AbsolutHysteria

@Solh0und: Damn right, this shit is classic.

Posted by honkyjesus

@Dad_Is_A_Zombie: This is exactly what I am doing, though I rented it on Tuesday and returned it today.

Umm, the game itself seems a bit unfished. The technical side of things, especially pop in, are jarring.

Posted by echronorian

That's what you get for playing Axton. It's not that he sucks, he's just the least exciting class. I've played with Maya and the Gunzerker and I'm having the best time I've had in a shooter since I dunno when.

Posted by MetalMoog

I couldn't agree more with this review. I too spent hundreds of hours in Pandora and explored every nook and cranny of the original world and the zombie island. By the time the other expansions came out I had seen enough. Hoping that Borderlands 2 would be different enough and cure my desire for more quality experiences like I first had with the game I pre-ordered the second.

While the game is good I can't help shake the overwhelming sense of BINDER DUNDAT. It's essentially more of the same, tweaked and tuned from the first. It's no doubt that Borderlands 2 is a more polished game than the first, but at this point it's unique charms have been lost.

Posted by AnonymousBoy

I like this review except for the part about how much you dislike Handsome Jack. None of the characters in this game really progress or present any very interesting story, but the dialogue is all good. The writing and voice acting for Jack's character is just as witty and funny as the rest. So I don't know what your deal is against him.

Posted by steppenwolf

Golly, Mr. Gerstmann I think you're being a bit too harsh. I mean the voice acting is great, sure there are a few lines that aren't as good as the others but sheesh, there's SO many of them. It's pretty damned funny too, some of the jokes fall flat but again there are SO many jokes being tossed around all the time and most games can barely make me chuckle. I guess I never played the first one so this one feels fresh enough. I know there are some issues but hey, I'd at least finish up by saying: the good FAR out weigh the bad.

Posted by honkyjesus

@hollitz: Holy fuck. Is that the lead, cough, writer, for it? No wonder I hate that asshole besides not being funny and being around a chick who wants me to shoot my dick off.

Christ, the balls on that pretend nerd. I am going to shoot my own dick off.

Seriously, that is effed up.