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Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

No surprise really. I played the demo once, and that was enough. Who in their right mind decided that it was a good idea to do a full 180 from Guerrilla.

Posted by GetEveryone

Shame. I really enjoyed Guerrilla; it did a lot of things fantastically well. After Just Cause 2, Guerrilla and so on, smaller action titles had been looking up. 
Might still pick this up when I get paid...

Posted by ChillyUK7

Guerilla got similar reviews but I loved that game, im torn between this and InFamous 2 :(

Posted by MjHealy

Ah, what a shame. I would test this game out for myself but with my limited funds at the moment, I can't be putting money down on full priced average games. I think I shall explore the back catalouge over the dry summer months.

Posted by stage

So, what the fuck? They went from an amazing, open-ended game with a great world and tons of fun, to a bad, linear, underground shooter with aliens? It's like they said "What was awesome with Guerrilla?" and then made its exact counterpart!

Posted by Maxszy

I don't get it. I am so disappointed. Guerilla was so much fun. It was a bit of just "Pure Fun" which is something I get out of a few games. (Fable 2 is the only one to jump out at me really quick right now). I would say "Pure Fun" is just an overall enjoyable experience without much if any frustration.  
That's what Guerilla was. And they went and made this, a linear game that takes the focus away from what made its predecessor so great? Boooo on them. I will be skipping this for sure, until maybe it hits the $20 point if that. Here's to hoping they go back to the Guerilla roots with the NEXT red faction. 
All in all though, I'm a bit bummed out.

Posted by TheKbob

I have had this vibe for a LONG TIME.  Since the first we saw the first trailers of RF:A.  They weren't showing blowing up stuff, but shooting stuff.  Shame, really. 

Posted by suicidepacmen

I played the demo and enjoyed it.  If it's just more of that I have no problem with getting the game since I enjoyed the magnet gun and asshole physics so much.  Plus the multiplayer is bound to be fun as hell.

Posted by Sprizmo

A damn shame. I wanted bigger badder Gueriila.

Posted by jakob187

Wait wait wait...


Fuck you, Volition. Fuck you right in your stupid asses. Why would you forsake us like that?

Posted by Heliosicle

why didn't they just do a more advanced Guerrilla :(

Posted by ptys

This reviews sucks, this guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Red Faction Armoury... maggen deserves 10 stars!!

Sorry, just my impersonation of an IGN/Gamespot reply. Thanks Brad, will dodge this landmine!

Edited by vhold

I don't know why people think this game is going to do so badly, GiantBomb isn't the only review site, it's doing decent on Metacritic : http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/red-faction-armageddon 
I'm torn, I've played the demo on the 360, and the destruction was impressive, and I can see how a linear shooter based around it is a relatively novel idea.  I definitely had more fun in the demo than they had in the quick look.

Posted by Cirdain

It says SyFy games on the front cover.... *shakes head in disgust*

Posted by kingzetta

k-mart is price cutting it to 40 bucks on the 12th

Posted by mrhankey
Excuse me sir are you blaming steam for the broken game or Volition? The freezing you described isn't a  STEAM issue, as STEAM is just a distribution platform. If the game is broken it is up to the developer not the distributor to fix it. You can also find this same info on STEAM's support website.
Posted by kblood

Grate Review!

Posted by Richard76

I was afraid this was going to happen. When I tried the demo I loved the new weapons and thought to myself this great. As long as they go outside too. Too bad they forgot what the last game was all about. This went from a must buy to a maybe rent when I get some free time. Very disappointing.

Posted by xXLeadFarmerXx

Kind of disappointed, but still excited for the game.

Posted by fox01313

Shame that they are ditching the RF franchise for now as it's a wonderful & barely used setting. After playing this myself & using the magnet gun for a bulk of the game (save for the monoliths or bosses), the game was fun but in a very limited format compared to the previous RF Guerrilla. Just about every area for me was using the magnet gun to kill everything (with or without using the structures to kill things) but then there were many times of rebuilding whole sections of the level or falling down absentmindedly through some half-built walkway to a pit of doom. Would have loved it if for this game they just took the magnet gun & other tools in this one, took the world from RF Guerrilla then put the game at about half human enemies & half aliens. Would have been more fun then or just taking the crazy they put into Saints Row3 then just made this Red Faction game into wacky Martian fun.