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Posted by Shane394

Nice, I'll have to check it out, I loved the first one.

Posted by Geno

4 Stars? I was expecting more like 3 since it was just a carbon copy of the original with a little added content (which took 6 months to make). Good review nonetheless.

Posted by Zergvasion

I see you've been staring at my balls.

Posted by Scratch

Haven't personally checked it out yet. I did however like the first one. Meanwhile, my stock pile of games that I need to finish is getting bigger.

Posted by delicious_lie

I thought it was great, but i got weird frame rate issues on some of the cutscenes (on PC)
it was still all fun and hilarious but that just got annoying every now and then

Posted by Maxszy

I loved the first one. The comedy was great and what really made me get through it. The combat was alright. I didn't totally grip on to it as some did..but it was enjoyable to an extent.

I'll be picking up this second episode more for the sake of the story than anything else. Good review and like you, I worry that in time as the next two episodes come out, the functions will start to getting old.

Posted by Brackynews

The first episode's no-death-on-final-boss achievement is breaking me... still wanna go for it before I start ep.2.

Posted by KEITH1437

I tried the demo on Steam and it still was a blast. Might have to pick it up since I loved the first.

Posted by heavymtlhead

I didn't really feel that the gameplay was getting too stale in this game. There are a few areas they could tweak, but for the most part, the formula works and is still fun. I wish they would bring Ep. 3 out already!

Posted by Thoseposers

I'm a big fan of PA but i have yet to play these games. Which is a shame really cause i'm a sucker for point and click games and stuff.

Posted by McQuinn

I'm a fan, but not a huge one.  These  reviews make it very tempting though.

Posted by RoonilWazslib

15 dollars is better than 20, but I don't think I'm playing any of these game until the price is $10. I'd rather eat that El Chupabra taco.

Posted by JackSukeru

I played through the entirity of the first episode without knowing you were supposed to press a button to reduce damage when the enemy strikes you. Yeah...that would have made the game a lot easier.

Since my computer broke down and I lost all data from episode one, I'm a little reluctant to play this without getting whatever-it-is you get when you combine the two pieces of divX :/ A well, I'll get to it sooner or later.

Posted by Luthorcrow

Please don't encourage these tools.  If there is blight on the Interwebs/Internets its Penny Arcade.  In fact I suspect, in the waiting room for hell, their website is only one available.  Web comics are the dumping ground for banality but on the very crusty bottom of that dump is Penny Arcade.

That said, I did try to play the demo for the first game but between that fact that it wasn't funny and boring as cutting my pubic hairs I gave up.

Posted by WinterSnowblind


Of course it's similar to the first, it's a continuation of the story which was always planned as episodic content.  Hence the Episode I and 2 titles.

Posted by MadMatr07

Hmm, never played the first one but I have been looking for a more lighthearted game then Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, or Gears of War 2 which I have been playing. Maybe I'll pick up the first one and check it out.

Posted by xplodedd

this was basically the original game.

Posted by halibut
Luthorcrow,  if you don't like Penny Arcade, then why the hell would you play their game? 

It's sort of like how I don't like being sodomized, so I don't drop the soap in a federal prison.  Maybe you'd be a happier person if you just ignored the things you don't like, instead of actively hating them.
Posted by Yatesy

Gah- I downloaded the first one on the recommendation of Ryan's four-star review, and I did not enjoy it. It just felt so basic and wooden, and the script, which I suppose I was meant to find funny, came off feeling forced and half-baked. The fighting was slow, contrived and tiresome and I just couldn't be arsed after about an hour and a half. Each to their own, but I'll be skipping this series altogether from now on.

Posted by borgmaster

first one was awesome and second was better, anyone who doesn't agree doesn't deserve to have an opinion.

Posted by giyanks22

Looks amusing

Posted by eleniel

I'm really enjoying these games, they're pure fun.  That the setting and story are so different from anything out there is part of what makes it worth playing.

Important note: right now there's a really bad bug in the PS3 version that will corrupt your save file toward the end of the episode, making it almost impossible to finish.  They're working on a patch that should be out soon: http://forum.playgreenhouse.com/jforum/posts/list/1243.page

Posted by Altered_Confusion

I think that this game, and the first one as well had so much potential but there was something missing from it to be the awesome game that it could have been. 

The attacks got old after a while, the dialog at some points was overly predictable, and when I finished each of the Episodes I was left thinking holy crap I just started to get into this game, finally, and its over?
Posted by darkjester74

I had a great time with these games, mostly because of the brilliant writing.  There is nothing groundbreaking with the gameplay, but its entertaining none the less.

Posted by Jared

I think it's time I give the first episode a try.

Posted by Luthorcrow


I think you should try something before bashing it.  I thought I would test run in just to see if there was anything I was missing.

But somethings are just so horrible they need to be discouraged.