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Posted by Jerr

I smacked down on my willy so much it got raw

Posted by fulloverdrive

It is cool in the wrestling department, but it needs a serious engine upgrade. The engine has been largely the same since the first smackdown game. In fact, everything has...

Posted by dudewinsitall

i was really disappointed when i bought this game because i figured they would actually have a story mode, but of course, they make some stupid road to wrestlemania challenges

Posted by headcase

@Death_Burnout: Oh, they always named the moves, it was just hilariously bad the way they did it.  "Stone Cold... does a good... STONE COLD STUNNER!"

Posted by jediknight52501

i disagree with this review, this year's Smackdown1 is so much better then ;ast year, this game deserves a 4/5 Stars, it is no wonder why the guy who reviewed this game was fired by Gamespot. this game is a lot better then Kane And Lynch.

Posted by Ottosmann

These WWE game are more like fighting games, not wrestling games.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

I'd rather buy WWE DVDs

Posted by WinterSnowblind

The commentary is definitely better.  It's still pretty badly done, but at least it's play by play now.  In the older games they would just talk about random crap right through the match, it made no sense.

But other than that, there's very few improvements.  Why were GM mode and create a belt completely removed?  They both needed improvement, but they provided good alternatives for people who didn't like season.  Removing them completely is totally ilogical, as it was the only reason many people bought the games..  Caw mode is virtually untouched, which is a shame as again it's almost worth playing these games just for that.  And why are we able to record and edit videos, yet not use them for the entrances?

It's a step in the right direction, but you'd have to be crazy to buy this game if you've played the last few.

Posted by vgmkyle

Don't agree.

Three is more understandable though..

Posted by Retrogimp

Overall, I'd say the review is fair. Although I would disagree on the commentary - I think it's actually an improvement. And Alex Murphy has a good point too.

Has anyone tried Road to Wrestlemania on the legend setting? I can honestly say it'll be the most frustrating experience of your life.

Posted by agentboolen

I have really enjoyed the Smackdown games over the years but I think I agree with Jeff, when I had the chance I picked up Gears 2 instead of this years Smackdown just because I played last years a lot.  The one thing I would like to be fix is the targeting system that has never work the way I would have liked it to work.  In the end if I'm going to buy the same game over and over I wish they would just fix the broken parts too it.  When it comes down in price I might pick it up but at the moment I'm just not crazy about it.  And this week I'm going to get Left 4 Dead, next year RE5, so that to me proves that there is just too much out there and coming out to stay with the same game for another year.

Posted by nestlekwik

The series has gotten extremely stale, definitely, and while this version didn't scream "must buy," I still thought it was the best THQ has fumbled out since 2006.  I would have given the game three stars instead of two, personally, but this review is by no means off the mark.

Posted by GCOKemuel15

Are you for REAL? Come on, this game is one of the best wresting games I have played in along time. It should have gotten 4 stars.

Posted by Alex_Murphy

I haven't played a Smackdown v Raw game since 2007, and other than the announcers commentary, which hasn't really come that far in any game since joe montana sports talk football in 1995, the biggest problem with wrestling games is the health bar. If you're into wrestling then i'm sure it's really exciting when one guy is getting choked out and the ref raises his hand and drops it to see if he's he's still concious. Then on the third time the guy's hand stays up and he starts getting stronger on the ground, before breaking the hold and becomming nearly invinciable. But in a game when you're either trying to pin somebody with no health and they keep getting up, or when you're knocked down and you have to just keep hammering on the buttons for muinettes at a time to trying to get your wrestler to wake up, the fun is just complettly zaped from the game.

Either they need to make these things straight fighting games or totally re-boot the whole genre and build the game around having a good match and entertaing the croud. Something like, if you have a good match you get paid more and can spend that money on better traning to get flasher moves or a better costume.

Posted by Snail

Watching WWE on TV is not exciting. There, I said it.

Posted by Leadcat

I'm quite surprised by the review as I had also heard from a lot of people that this game was a return to form.

Edited by Daniel_B_Demented

Personally, I haven't been able to play this series with the same enthusiasm I once did.
Ever since they changed the control scheme to the clumsily executed version of the past couple of games, I've pretty much found this series unplayable.
I doubt they even reinstated manual targeting for this new version, something that was sorely absent in last years game. After all, how are you expected to fight your opponent/s if you can't choose who you want to attack?

Posted by PremierOctopus

I bought a wrestling game once, it was a bad decision and could never see why anyone would continue to come back to it again and again. But they'll still haul in truck-fulls of money for them, so there's nothing anyone could do to stop them.

Posted by Media_Master

Yeah, I never get wrestling games anyway

Posted by Kohe321

Wrestling is something I really, really, REALLY have _zero_ interest in. Nicely written review, though, as always.

Posted by ep_driver

GiantBomb finds watching WWE on tv entertaining? Boooooo for rednecks.

Posted by Double0hFor

"but none of them truly capture the excitement of watching WWE on television"...........who actually watches this and still thinks is exciting?

Posted by Ping5000

Mr. Hardy has gotten really goddamn fat.

Posted by hanktherapper

There was a wrestling game on the Commodore 64 I played decades ago. It was fun. I haven't played a wrestling game since.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I don't care AT ALL about wrestling, so this seems like a fine review to me.

Posted by TwoOneFive

wrestling sucks. 

i liked it when i was a kid, but come on, it stopped being excited after i was like 12
whats with the headline jeff? you still actually find this sill business exciting?!
Posted by HTTenrai

I'm not a wrestling fan. You could pin me down and make me watch WWE, but hand me an SvR game, and I'm giddy. I'm actually GLAD it doesn't emulate the TV show so much, or all my matches would be BORING. Honestly, this iteration is the best I've played since '06, which is a good return to form for the series.

2 stars and WWE TV programming be damned, this game is fun.

Edited by Death_Burnout

whoa im surprised it even got a review.

Smackdown is Smackdown, and for what it is, its not great, but for a smackdown game, this game is pretty good, these games are straight up fighting games based on wrestling...and if you like this sort of thing, then you'll be able to look past the things that some people can't. The animations NEED improvement theres no doubt about it.

As far as commentary is concerned, its way improved this year, call it what you will, but compared to last year and the year before...and the year before...all it was, was 2 dudes talking to themselves, at least now they comment on you're moves.

I hate it when people create wrestlers to look like other wrestlers, i make my original wrestlers, flashy attire and all, now they're actually worth it in comparison.

At the end of the day, we need a new AKI wrestling game, END OF DISCUSSION!

Posted by YT

I would give it 3 stars. It can still be a lot of fun despite the flaws. Just need to find the part of the game that's right for you.

Posted by Cirdain

N64 wrestling games were the best of them all.

Posted by Superchris129

Fuck dude, Giantbomb hands out 5-stars like candy man... wait. Never mind.

Posted by logson

I still play the old AKI engine N64 wresting games once or twice a year, and that pretty much satisfies my annual wrestling game craving. Inject the crazy into these games, and I might be in.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

I haven't played a wrestling game since the first one on PS1. Maybe I'll try it out, if only for the road to wrestlemania thing. 

Posted by fresh2deafbill

i have and always will buy this game. even though i know it will suck 

Posted by Xander51

Every year I think that this game might be awesome and fun, but then it lets me down horribly. The whole reversal system has always felt too difficult and random to me. It gets in the way of the fun.

Posted by Pazy

I think im still going to buy this. I love creating wrestlers with all the cool moves (stats be dambed!) and pitting them against my brothers. And its never bothered me before how the menu's were crap, the announcers werent even watching the match and or how sometimes I go to crab but because hes in the middle of some taunt-come-punch I cant actually grab him.

Though ill probably wait until its cheaper since I can get a lot more mileage out of the 2008 edition yet and pick this up cheaper. Although I did see the Ps2, Wii and DS version for £17.99 in Game. Might be the worst version but ive yet to try them and it sounds appealing to wrestle on a bus :)

Posted by GrandMachismo

Wow wasn't expecting a 2 star, being that I've heard pretty good things about this from a large number of gamers.  Infact a lot say it's the best since Bring the Pain.

Edited by mech4399

Who are these games being made for? They are hard too control and play, at least for me.

Posted by Thrawn1

pretty much how i expected this game to go