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Posted by dragonzord

reverse limbo!

Posted by kiyseph

I was interested in this game. Even with it's flaws, I'll still give it a rent.

Posted by bassman2112

Eek, I had ordered this for my girlfriend (she loves these kinds of games)
Well... She really adores visual style (she's an artist in a pre-med program haha) so perhaps she'll appreciate that more than anything =) Then again, she has a long attention span so maybe she won't get tired of it haha
Thanks for the review!!

Posted by nohthink

lol the first review of 2011 is by Alex Navarro. He might as well be a giantbomb crew at this point... or is he? I don't even know anymore lol

Posted by WJist

That's...really a bummer.

Posted by SSully

I remember seeing a video of someone demoing the tech for a game very similar to this at GDC about 3 years ago. I could have sworn it was some random indie title, idk if this is it, or if someone just got ripped off pretty badly. 

Posted by masterdilh


Posted by sixpin

Good review. I still want to check this out at some point, but I doubt I'll ever get the time to invest. Bummer that Wii games don't typically get put on markdown as often as some other console's titles.

Posted by Getz

This is really disappointing. In theory, the Wii should be a haven for quirky, visually stimulating games but developers just don't seem to want to put in the work needed to make a truly great game. It's like they're all too afraid to devote resources to a Wii project because most of them have failed in the past. 

Posted by MisterMouse

a bummer, but at the same time it is not surprising it runs out of steam at the end... it is hard to keep something like this going for a long time

Posted by Aetheldod

I see what Navarro points at , I usually was of the "the more the merrier" but nowadays in many games is just a chore and not fun , this game tho never picked my interest and I always saw it as "we wanna do Ico stuff" rippoff

Posted by Chuck_

Since Alex is reviewing so many games, he should be on the Bombcast more. At least in the "Watcha been playin?" segment.

Posted by MrCellophane

Goddamnit Alex, get rating avatars! I want to be able to conclude everything about a game just by looking at your face!!

Posted by nickux

This seems like it would have been better off as a shorter, cheaper, PSN/XBLA/WiiWare game. Good idea that works best in small doses. 

Edited by beard_of_zeus

Nice informative review Alex.
I was very interested in this game when they first announced it. It's a shame that it only seems to have a couple of ideas that it runs with for far too long. Sounds like some sort of weird alternate universe version of Limbo.
I would normally be willing to still give a game like this a fair shake, but I already have a ton of games to play already though, and I've gotten to the point in my life where time is the bottleneck on what games I can play, not money, as it was when I was younger. I can't really afford to trudge through a long, repetitive game like this. Perhaps that's why I often find myself in the minority of the value = length argument referenced in this review. Developers don't need to pad out their games unnecessarily like that. Give me a well-paced, tightly crafted experience and I'll be happy.

Posted by anon463728

Although I have not yet finished Lost in Shadow, I totally agree with this review. The game is definitely too long and repetitive, therefore, I decided to play it in small bursts.
Posted by matti00

Bloody hell, how long ago was the Quick Look for this? Took a while to go up

Posted by chriskelly123

nice alex :)

Posted by iWonder

Arghhhh, what a huge disappointment. Was REALLY looking forward to this. Still might check it out though... just might gamefly it as opposed to buying it.

Posted by Zabant

Holy shit, i remember the QL for this months ago!
Awesome review alex, nice to see films haven't ruined your video games reviewer skillz

Posted by tourgen

too bad, I was hoping to start the year off with a good puzzle platformer

Posted by RagingLion
@MrCellophane said:
" Goddamnit Alex, get rating avatars! I want to be able to conclude everything about a game just by looking at your face!! "
This would be pretty cool.  It's more than just the odd review that come from Alex now and that might make this worthwhile, though maybe there won't be too much until the next holiday season/sports title.
I was really liking what I saw in the QL so it's a shame that the density of quality isn't maintained.  Show's why the constant pruning in something like Braid is so valuable.
Posted by bybeach

I was pulling for this game, though I'd never play it. I do not have a Wii. 
oh well, a good idea.. or even a bunch of them, and implentation of such have often tended to be pretty much 2 seperate endeavors.
Posted by MetalBaofu
@matti00 said:
" Bloody hell, how long ago was the Quick Look for this? Took a while to go up "
Yeah...that quick look was a while ago.  I don't know if it was a quick look of a demo or what, but the game just came out last week(Jan. 4th) in NA.
Posted by Deusoma

For all the time he spends railing on the game being too long, at no point does he actually attach a number to its length. Odd.

Posted by Alex
It's like 15 hours or so.
Posted by RubberFactory

This game would of been perfect as a shorter downloadable title.

Posted by TwistedGamer
@matti00 said:
" Bloody hell, how long ago was the Quick Look for this? Took a while to go up "
the quicklook was a demo
Posted by BBQBram

Shame, seemed interesting.

Posted by Pabba

Certainly is a unique looking game visually and for its game mechanics. But I'm still not sold on it...
Posted by EgoCheck616

Wow. Everything I saw of this left me with the impression that it was / should have been a PSN / XBLA release. 
But a Wii disk? Come on, now.

Posted by RVonE

Nice review. I guess I'm not going to pick this one up.
Posted by PatVB

That's too bad, I had high hopes for this game after seeing th Quicklook.

Posted by vinsanityv22

That's a shame - I trust you, Alex (you got me to buy Kirby's Epic Yarn! So, thank you), so I suppose I won't be buying this. Or, maybe I'll Gamefly it? Maybe get it much later in the year when it's only about 15 bucks? But it sounds like it's repetitive and gets monotonous. 
Not to mention, last year taught me a thing or two about game length. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow should've had about 30% removed, and MercurySteam should've refined the remaining content. Hell, you go through like 3-4 chapters before hitting your first castle! Meanwhile, Vanquish is amazing, yet the in game timer says I only played it for 4 hours. Which is a)worthless, because the experience is amazing, and b)you end up replaying a ton because of deaths and hunting for better scores. Short games with a great flow and a refined experience are worth far more than a padded out game that gets monotonous.

Posted by danimal_furry

Sounds like a proof of concept game. Maybe they can put what they learn from this one to make a more enjoyable second.

Posted by Eyz

I really loved this game!
Had it, been playing since december (we had an earlier release date in Europe)
I find it a sort of...Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia quality! Particulary around its second half!