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Posted by Double0hFor

i thought this would get a 5 after that quick look ahahaha

DONT FORGET.....www.dudedragingbench.com

Posted by RHCPfan24

Very good review Jeff! This looks like a good game, definitely.

Posted by ocdog45

i knew you would like it. ill passed my skating phase so i wont be playing this.

Posted by Chewii101

Great review! Maybe I should actually buy this game....last skateboarding game I actually bought was TH PS 3....lol

Posted by oobs

maybe give it a rental at some stage

Posted by adri4n

don't feel so bad Jeff. Your not the only one. I've been trying to beat the Eric Koston and Mike Carroll pro challenge since day one. I swear it's impossible!

Posted by Sherlock_Pwnz

Bought it friday and only just put it down. Fuckin' A.

Posted by JoelTGM

This game is the bomb.

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Haha im surprised it got 4 stars, im glad, because the difficulty makes me want to give it a damn 1! but i love it too much to do that.

But i completed every last challenge, and boy do i feel proud of that.

You really nailed it in this review for me, i couldn't agree more with how the game feels, especially it's jekyll and hyde persona.

[Jeff! if you didn't beat Carroll and Koston, heres how, i suffered that challenge for over 5 hours once, but you can do it, restart the challenge over til Koston bails, then wait til Carroll messes up...then set all the tricks as very simple 540's. (ollie 540, kickflip 540 etc.) It takes time, but if you flick both sticks hard in the same direction as soon as you launch...you should do a 540, the CPU can't figure out what a 540 is, i managed to beat them both with a clean score]

Posted by JJOR64

Nice.  I just wish they would remake or port the first Tony Hawk game to XBLA or PSN.  I would buy that in a heart beat.

Posted by alConn

I'll just go play TH2/3...but I am cheap.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

I just recently played the demo, and I was impressed. I had never played the first Skate and this was my first time experiencing the flickit controls. Now I wonder how I was even content with Tony Hawk in the first place.

Great review, Jeff. I will definetely check this out sometime. Can't keep going to Slappy's park forever.

Posted by XaiaX

The 540 rotation trick worked in the original Skate, as well. I haven't tried s.k.a.t.e. in this one but it's good to hear that I can at least rely on that if all else fails.

Can you share graphics in any reasonably efficient manner? I'd love a Giant Bomb deck.

  • When installed on a 360 hard drive, I noticed that the random frame rate drops seemed to happen a bit more frequently, but I'm no hardware researcher, so I can't say with certainty that this will be the case for everyone out there.

I've seen a similar thing happen with Banjo & Kazooie. I discovered that if you get an external memory card and put your save games on there (in Nuts & Bolts) those temporary freezes go away. I haven't noticed random chugging in my limited time with the 360 version, and I'm using an external card for that, too. My speculation is that when the system goes to autosave it doesn't take into account the fact that it might be trying to read from the same device at the time, and you get an I/O bottleneck.

Hooray egregiously overpriced 512MB memory card and a real grown up job. ;)

Posted by JoblessTerence

www.dudedragsbench.com sent me here. I played the demo for this today and I completely agree with your review based on what I saw.

Posted by tekmojo

Hell yea, I want to pick this up, but Killzone 2 is right around the corner...

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Great review Jeff.
Skate 2 is a great game, but for me if I wasn't constantly swearing while playing it, it would be better game.
But, it feels good when you get it right.
Also, I never thought that I would hear DragonForce in a game apart from Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Posted by lebkin

Jeff (or anyone else who has Skate 2), what are the options for local multiplayer?  The original had really crappy local stuff, since it was all of the "take turns variety."  I was hoping with Skate 2 we'd get some split-screen action, even if it is just free-skate.  The most appeal of skating games to me has always been playing with friends.  I'd like to know what options there are.

Posted by ChrisInCali


Posted by TwoOneFive

sorry, i just put $25 down on killzone 2, thats all i care about right now. 

Posted by Slackitude

Does the entire game have the rounded corners like you're looking through a lens? Did the first skate have that? I can't remember but it seems annoying if it's the case.

I'm sure I'll still buy this one soon, I loved the first skate long time.

Posted by MrKlorox

Best skateboarding game yet.

Posted by Kazona

Hmm. My fingers are definitely not nimble enough to always push the stick in the exact direction I need it to, so I think I'll be cursing and swearing alot. Still wanna play this game though. Seems to be an improvement over the first one judging from the review.

Posted by Maxszy

Great review. I think you nailed it, nailer! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

I've been having a good time with it. Just got King of the Mountain out the way, so I have crown now! To those talking about the difficulty/learning curve.. just stick with it. There doesn't seem to be as much as an introduction for those who need it, in the second one but I think it can be taught.

Its a good game!

Posted by bwooduhs

definitly just a rental for me.

Posted by needforswede

It's a great game, it's just a little buggy.  Hopefully an update will fix some of that.  It's actually considerably harder than the first, too.  I like that, though.  For me, the right stick controls have always felt incredibly natural, so I can't really sympathize with those who find it confusing.  The only real frustrating part for me is trying to move stuff around sometimes.

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Good review! I hate the frustrating "woops didn't work - try again 50 times" aspect of Skate, but I might want to play it regardless now..

Posted by Duckbutter

didnt this site used to do video reviews? how about an audio review? i shouldn't have to read in 2009.

Posted by creamclouds

LOL @ TwoOneFive

Posted by Snail

Best skating game ever.

Posted by burjeffton--defunct

Other than the mind-numbing repetition of trying to complete certain challenges, Skate 2 delivers big-time. Great game.

Posted by insanejedi

So it's Mirror's Edge with a Skateboard right?

Posted by CraigAA1028

This is the only thing I've played for the past 5 days

Posted by TomA

sweet,i'm gettin this game in a few hours,really looking forward to it.I loved the first one!

Posted by Jayzilla

security guards ftl.

Posted by Aaron_G

Still not interested.

Posted by TeaRunner

Great review! Loving the game so far!

Can you spell GIRL?(Koston and Carroll SKATE game) guide for all of you out there:

Theres four ways I know to get the AI to mess up:
1. Do a triple kickflip/heelflip (Somewhat hard)
2. Do a 540 spin (press to one side with both of the analog controlls) This is HARD!
3. Do a footplant to carry out your 540 spin. If you figure out you cant do a full 540, try landing a footplant while still holding the analog controlls to one side. Once you learn how, its EASY!
4. When you start the challenge the objects that u put there will have resetted to their original locations, but not all objects. It seems only the objects around the challenge area resets, not objects found elsewhere in the world,,,so go drag something from far away in to the area and make it work! EASY!

Posted by simian

There's a better cheat for the GIRL pro challenge on the tube-of-you. Basically you grab a rail from up yonder from the canal thingy, draaaaag it back all the way to the challenge + place it in behind directly behind the bench (between the other rail). When you start the challenge Koston and Carroll's AI read it as an obstruction and dismount while on the bench, auto-failing.
I love the game but BS trick challenges like that drive me nuts , especially the Dyrdek Pro challenge of flip-to-grind on a ledge, nollie-to-grind on a bench then 360 hard flip over a hubba in a line. I nearly threw my controller many a time on that one.

Posted by Reetesh

I'm a Huuuuu...uuu..uge THPS fan.. tried only the Skate 1 demo, found it, good..never thought it would be great.

But seeing how you were also a fan of THPS and like skate2.. I think I'll give this a shot :D

but dont think the transtition from Skate 1 -Skate 2 was anything as blasting like THPS 1/2 -> 2/3 something like 3->4 maybe.. no?    
Posted by Media_Master

cool, might get me back to skate boarding, I haven't played a Tony Hawk game since Underground1

Posted by natetodamax

I want this now. Looks awesome!