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Posted by SockLobster

Imma play this ish

Posted by bybeach

I havn't read the review yet. I just want to say thankyou Alex and very very good of you and GB to have this review up. This is bringing back my faith in GB that has been lagging lately behind things being either late or not  at all, and the site tech. problems. I had to start up my old computer to even leave a comment just now, my newer computer has problems with accessing the comments section for reviews, the comment s themselves are half missing after the 1st page, and the the comment box is tiny and without bold, slant etc. 
But yes and to point, I was really wanting to know about Shadows of the Damned and what GB thought, and now I know where that $20..00 I got back for pre-ordering Fear-3 is going to be applied to. So pleased! I have actually spot read the review and now will go back for completness. Thanks for picking  up the game up Alex, between this and ILM's it seems GB is getting it's legs again.
Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

I see what you did there.

Posted by shinluis

Still not into Navarro's writing. At all. Anyway, sounds like a great game. Lookin' forward into playing it.

Posted by TeflonBilly

Nice Temple Of The Dog namedrop.

Funnily enough, I traded in Duke Nukem Forever when I pre-ordered this game. By all accounts, this seems to appeal a whole lot more to my sensibilities.

Posted by GrandMarshal

more reviews should be ended with "Unless, of course, you just really hate dick jokes."

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

I like dick jokes.

Posted by StandStrong

I love it when games like this just comes out of "nowhere". I really thought it was going to suck big time.

Posted by MolluskLingers

How scary is the game? I'm not a fan of scary games but this looks too good to pass up.

Posted by Rudeboy217

Nice review! Demonic baby head made me laugh.

Posted by Dudacles

Great review Alex, this is exactly the type of insight that I sought on this game.

Posted by rmanthorp

Damn this was so off my radar and now I'm totally interested!

Posted by Winternet

So, we could say Suda 51's games are the Duke Nukem games of the XXI century.

Posted by MrBubbles

i might wait for the quick look of both fear and this before deciding which to buy

Posted by Nekroskop

I really want to know how the PS3 version is holding up to the 360 one, since it's using Unreal.

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@StandStrong said:

I love it when games like this just comes out of "nowhere". I really thought it was going to suck big time.

Same here. I like Suda's style but a lot of his games are kinda bad. I was super surprised this turned out so well (and for that matter, came out; I had completely forgotten about it). It's getting great scores from a lot of places. 
Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Im not sure if I want to buy this game, on one hand there are so many boner jokes but on the other hand the main character's name is Garcia Hotspur which almost makes everything else okay.

Posted by ThePhilatron

Wow, terrific review Alex! I might actually get this game now.

Posted by dragonzord

@Methodis said:

How scary is the game? I'm not a fan of scary games but this looks too good to pass up.

It's not scary at all. Unless you think Troma movies are scary

Edited by Bumpton

Anyone else notice that Alex really likes the term "preternatural badass"? He used it several times on the E3 podcasts also. For some reason it really pops out at me.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

An Alex game review.

Now I don't know what to think.

Posted by TeenageJesusSuperstar

The lack of a new game plus is a real bummer. Hopefully the game sells enough for them to consider patching it in. Also after Mikami's recent work on   Vanquish it's a  little disappointing that the shooting is just average. At least it doesn't seem like it's awkward enough to get in the way of the spectacular craziness like it did Killer 7.

Posted by Doppelgamer

How could anyone hate Jack Burton?  Big Trouble in Little China is a great movie.

Edited by SleepyDoughnut

I really don't want to play this strictly because I heard that they had a crazier art style but EA demanded they to go with a style that would safer for a Western audience, and in turn they made it look almost as generic as possible, which sucks.

Posted by Chris2KLee

I'll probably give it a go. I really love No More Heroes and this seems like it could fill the same crazy void that series left in my life.

Posted by Yummylee

Very excited for Friday when this is released for me. The short length of around eight hours with no replay value is immensely disheartening, but this at least does look like the type of game I'm sure I'd enjoy playing through again just for the sake of playing it some more.

Posted by metalsnakezero
@Godlyawesomeguy said:
I like dick jokes.
When they are good and not really silly.
Posted by MrMazz

sounds like a game ill pick up when its 20 bucks used

Posted by sixghost

Glad to see Alex continues to work the phrase "preternatural badass" into everything he takes part in.

Posted by theoldhouse

well aint that good news!

Posted by Abomstar

Does this game strive for the surreality and arty convolution of Killer7 (one of my favorite games), or does it mostly emulate the No More Heroes (hated it) "EPIC badass shock value"? Killer7 had those over-the-top moments too, but they were centerpieces for something more unsettling that contained, at the very least, the guise of substance. This game comes off like something of a mix between the two extremes, but I'm wondering if anyone else with strong opinions of the previous Suda games could paint a clearer picture.

Posted by ninjalegend

If only there was some way to get an expedient glance, some kind of fleeting stare at this game.

Posted by HydraHam

@MrMazz said:

sounds like a game ill pick up when its 20 bucks used

This, but ill wait till it's in the $5-10 bin at big lots.

Surprising at how much praise and good reviews it's getting, from what i have seen it looks janky and like a ps2 game, which graphically doesn't bother me, i care more about how games play.

Posted by SixtyXCelph

I may ACTUALLY pay full price for this game, which is not something I do terribly often anymore.  And it's all because of you, Alex Navarro!  But, know that I will hate you for the rest of my life if I drop $60 on a shitty game. =P

Posted by BadNews

Randomly reserved this the other day to get a hold on the soundtrack and hoping this game might be good. Glad to know the gamble paid off. Always bet on Garcia.... Wait... That doesn't sounds right.

Posted by billyhoush

I scanned through this review looking for one thing...does this play/look better on xbox or ps3? C'mon Navarro!

Posted by DeF

I wish there was an option to play back audio of whoever writes a review. I read this with Alex' particular speaking style in mind and it was especially hilarious :D
After reading this, I might get weak and buy this earlier than I planned to. Great review!

Posted by Bakath

Hum, interesting.

Posted by Deranged

Good news,but I'll stick to renting it.

Posted by Kaowas

This sounds pretty much up my alley. Constantine, El Mariachi and Jack Burton characteristics in the hero combined with an awesome talking skull-gun and a silly sense of humour? Sign me up! 
By the way, Alex, great article!

Posted by fox01313

Well Alex has been spot on with the reviews he's done, at least in regards to being close to what I'd think of the other games he reviewed. So will definitely give this one a go when I get a chance.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

Video review for games without much PR would be really nice.

Posted by Luthorcrow
Posted by golguin

I didn't know it was already out, but I'm glad to hear the gameplay was able to hold up.

Posted by MrCompletely

Nice Temple of the Dog shoutout! 

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I want to change my middle name to Fucking.

Posted by Arthurd

Did he just bad mouth Temple of the Dog? /shakes fist

Edited by Gerhabio

With such luminaries working on it I was hoping for this to be good. Excited to play it.

Kinda sad the motivation for the plot is a woman in a refrigerator trope though.

Posted by Pat

Really appreciate the way this review was written, Alex. Really highlighted the abundance of strawberries and demonic baby heads.

Posted by Chewii101

Sounds like one of these developers is a Spurs fan. As a Gooner, I'm offended. As a person who enjoys some crazy fun this looks awesome. 

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