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Posted by DarkbeatDK

Great review, I'm looking forward to playing it myself

Posted by fwylo

I'm pumped to hear about this on the bombcast tomorrow.

Posted by Dyergram

Pld the demo last night and pre ordered as soon as it finished my girlfriend is going to smash my face through a urinal when she finds out...

Posted by jakob187

Wait, NO night vision goggles?!  Damn!!!  Oh well.  I can't wait to play the game anyways.

Posted by Jared

Hmmm, here's hoping for DLC night vision goggles?

Posted by Nintaiyo

Nice review, Jeff. 
I think you're missing a "to" after the word "reason" in the second sentence of the second paragraph.

Posted by demontium

thanks jeff, I will go rent soon.

Posted by TheHT

sweet! i'm glad it turned out well. somehow i don't think their previous psychic brawler would have been this great.

Posted by Ratfoot

Good call Jeff, that's what Vinny gets for betting against you!

Posted by p4ppy2004

cant wait for this game, its out friday in the uk, gonna have a real good weekend, :)

Posted by SmokePants

This game is great. I just beat it and I'll continue to play it for some time. This is more than a game; it's an affirmation of why I play games in the first place.

Posted by Bladefire
@SmokePants said:
" This game is great. I just beat it and I'll continue to play it for some time. This is more than a game; it's an affirmation of why I play games in the first place. "
Just beat it myself and I have to agree. I've only played anything the single player so far, but I already feel like I got my money's worth and can't wait to keep playing.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Interesting read Jeff, have to say the demo did nothing at all for me so was always a little unsure about a purchase. I'll pass on this now, looks like a solid Splinter Cell offering but doesn't exactly appeal to what I want from Splinter Cell. 

Posted by Teran

This may have been said but I think the "mark and execute" system is designed to simulate an ambush.  In other words Sam positions himself in a place the enemies believe is secure thus allowing you to "execute" them because they are being attacked from an unexpected direction and are generally on the wrong side of their cover.  I think the melee kill is just designed to add a little bit of challenge and reward the player for the setup. 
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume you could achieve the same effect by shooting from cover head shotting multiple enemies in a short period of time... far more difficult to pull off but then you are attacking (generally) from a more predictable direction allowing them to respond and take cover faster.

Posted by natetodamax

7 hours seems pretty short.

Posted by Mesklinite

Happy to see the good reception :)
Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Nice review. I am looking forward to getting my copy from Amazon (go super saver shipping)!

Posted by Bouke

Even though i like the review, i'm not sure i'll be buying this game.... the demo hasn't grabbed me.
Posted by Getz


Posted by hungryeyeball

Nice review

Posted by Napalm

1. I was a bit skeptical of what I've seen from Convicton. I really don't enjoy any of the other Splinter Cell titles, and I wasn't sure if they were changing enough to make it enjoyable for non-fans like myself.
2. Cough up the dough, Vinny! :D
3. I just might pick this one up.

Posted by MMMMCheese

sounds cool

Posted by CouncilSpectre

It's too far removed from the Splinter Cell I know.  The lack of Sam Fisher's trademark night vision goggles are just the last nail in the coffin.  Thanks for a long wait to nothing Ubisoft.
Posted by handlas

dunno if the Giantbomb staff cares but their review was mentioned in a yahoo article.
You were quoted along with IGN and 1UP.

Posted by Th3_James

07 builds had better beard

Posted by TomA

I hate how most game developers now are toning down they're games for the masses...of retards. Dude Splinter Cell Conviction is a really fun game, but you have to try really hard to get it to feel like Splinter Cell. Maybe the reason Jeff didnt like the older splinter cell games, was because he didn't want a game where you actually had to be patient and use stradegy. Stradegy you say! Whoa!!!

Edited by EthanielRain

I've never cared for stealthy games like SC or Metal Gear.  I think this one is pretty great though...there's quite a bit of stealth to it, but you feel like a badass while doing it.  As has been said numerous times, they could've titled this "Jason Bourne" and it would've fit perfectly - I think they should've, so SC fans didn't feel like this great game ruined the franchise.  Enjoy it for what it is!
I'd recommend a rental, given the length, but I'll probably buy it just to support the developer.  Really liking it, hope for more! :O)

Posted by xlyesterdaylx

Planning to pick this up tommorow. Can't wait!

Posted by Rowr

i guess no video review?

Posted by InsanePotato

Wouldn't mind a video review for this one.

Posted by Dustpan

Night vision goggles would be pointless. No one would even use them.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

"Perhaps Fisher can only pull off multiple headshots after he's tasted the blood of his victims?" 
:)  Maybe he has to skull fuck one of them first to get his blood flowing?
And let's stop this negative talk of Ironside. The man is a legend. He might be high on the sauce & slurry, but He can do no wrong!  He's right up there with Robert Culp.  Bottomline: his shit don't stink. It's scientifically impossible, like going faster than the speed of light. It's not his fault if the recording studio staff fucked up on recording his greatness, or maybe they should have quadrupled his pay if they expected a serious tone?

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor
@walkingcarpet said:
" This game looks really really rad, and I'm super bummed that it's not coming out on PS3. My roommate has an XBox... I need to get him to pick it up.  I wanna smash some heads through toilet seats. "
They fucked over the PS3?   Sweet.
Posted by Spc5hill

Ok I loved the game. missed some of the things from the old ones. But all and all it is a nice game. Just wish it was a little longer.

Edited by padzerc6

there is night vision but not really its da thing u can see ppl trought things
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Just beat this a couple of days ago. The co-op is super addictive and fun, but after going through and beating a lot of it on Realism, I don't have too much reason to go back. Looking forward to the DLC!

Posted by XPorter74

  I disagree with some elements of this review...In my opinion this game did not deserve the ratings it received.  The biggest gripe I have about this installation of the Splinter Cell franchise is all the damn spoon feeding it does.  The whole concept of the huge text being projected on objects with the mission objectives was so distracting from the immersion of the game that I felt I was being guided through the entire game.  Also the videos that where displayed on walls, which were trying to show what Sam was seeing in his mind, totally failed as some of the scenes displayed were future events.  Just the whole projection of video and text was poorly implemented.  About the only elements that I enjoyed in this installation where the new mark and execute feature, the story, and voice acting.   Okay and maybe the choreographed fight scenes.    As for the iconic fundamentals of the franchise that were missing from this title, that did not bug me as much as it did some.   I actually think that if the Ubisoft team had of stuck to the original vision of Conviction, see original screenshots on Gamespot.com, that the game would have been a bigger success.   This may be the last Splinter Cell I ever play, depending on what they do with the next instalment. 

Posted by Bionicicide

The gray-scale was the deal breaker... although I would've suffered through it if 'Spies versus Mercenaries' returned.

Posted by MormonWarrior

MGS4 and now this...stealth gameplay totally sucks so I'm glad it's being reduced severely in these series that have neat ideas.

Edited by NTM

The only few aspects I didn't like about this game was the way the story was told through a somewhat uninteresting new to the series character [Victor Coste], and the way they break up (and tell) the story through pre-rendered cutscenes; it would have been interesting if they had taken a more Dead Space-like approach.

I also wish the campaign was at least 12 hours long, and finally, I wish that awkward Victor Coste mission played out more like the rest of the game instead of it feeling distinct from playing as Sam. Other than that, the game is amazing, though hopefully next time around, they'll get an updated engine (though what was present was used very well).