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Posted by Adaptor

this is great, needs more views/comments

Agreed. Came here from the Peggle 2 Quick Look and I'm suprised by how good this review is. Definitely wouldn't mind if Vinny wrote more reviews.

Posted by ripelivejam

this is great, needs more views/comments

Posted by wumbo3000

Why is this the first time I've seen this review? Reviews need more images from different games. Actually, reviews just need that I LOOOOVE THEM BALLLLLZZZZ image over and over in the text. I think that would improve the site dramatically.

Posted by DrWhat

Buried treasure! I had no idea I would find this when I typed Peggle into my weird little app that grabs data from the Whiskey API.
Peggle really is genius.

Posted by AV_Gamer

I had Peggle Deluxe from the Orange Box on my PC for over a year now. However,  I have yet to touch the game. I just might give it a go.

Posted by Lassegp

This game is awesome and the point Vinny made about taking a lot of in-between-time, is so true.

Posted by TaintedSun

I've been a Peggle fan for a while now and this review is hilarious. However, I had to stop reading once I saw the Persona 4 image and caption as I'm in class and peeing my pants seems like something my classmates wouldn't appreciate. Nice grab there guys.

Posted by MattyFTM

I'm dreading the inevitable iphone version of peggle. I can see me missing my bus stop regularly as a result of it.

Posted by Media_Master

I've played Peggle

Posted by DondonIcon

I love them peggle balls.

Posted by Snail

Who doesn't love Peggle? ^^

Posted by RHCPfan24

I want this game, glad it is good for what it is.

Posted by Claude

I love Peggle, but I wish I could bump it like a pin ball machine... that would be awesome. I can't tell you how many times I jerked this way or that way trying to get the ball to go my way, still a great game.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Hell yeah Peggle!

Hell yeah balls!

Posted by darkjester74

Social Link Established!

Good job Vinny, keep em coming!  =D

Posted by Dudacles

Y'know, ever since the endurance run, my opinion of you has changed Vinny. For some reason, you are now my favorite editor on this fantastic site.

Posted by MattBodega

I LOOOOOOVE THEM Awesome Persona References.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The challenge is to try to bring in a Persona 4 reference to EVERYTHING. 

On second thought...

Posted by FlipperDesert

I'd get this, but I already have it on PC and my iPod and I'm fighting the urge to buy it again. Gnaaaah.

Posted by TheClap

I love them Balls!

Posted by Kohe321

awesome review Vinny! Peggle rules! I play it almost daily through Steam.

Posted by TheGremp

Nice review.  I loooove them balls.

Posted by Venatio

Lol at the Persona 4 picture in the review, speaking of which, where is Episode 24 of the Endurance run? I want too watch it

Edited by Pie

Wheres the endurance run?
Good reveiew by the way.

Edited by LifeByDegrees

Peggle- the game that counts.
Also- multiplayer Peggle can be a ton of fun- my most awesome experience being a arcade machine/Street Fighter style quarter-up tournament with a bunch of cousins during Christmas on my laptop.