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Posted by picklecannon

Damn with DKCR out on sunday and golden sun on the following monday im going to be broke!

Posted by pfasshauer

Can't wait to get this.  Might have to wait until Christmas I think.

Posted by HaterGamer

I still kinda find it weird now that rare isn't making it. But oh well. now hopefully we can get Goldeneye on XBLA

Posted by CaptainFish

'The game has bosses'

Best caption ever.

Posted by InfamousBIG

So...it's on like Donkey Kong?

Posted by Slayne


Posted by Junior_AIN

This is 5/5 without a doubt.
Finally the waiting is reaching an end! Just can't wait anymore!

Posted by smcn

This game will have sold a Wii once I get a job. Based on the QL alone I'm positive it would be my second GOTY pick after Mass Effect 2. Though it is kind of disappointing there aren't any underwater levels. They always had the best music.

Posted by BlackSymbiote

Wish I had a Wii.

Edited by MagusMaleficus

Tits. Between this and Game Informer's review, I feel pretty damn justified in my pre-order. I never doubted you Retro. 

Posted by GlenTennis

Awesome. Can't wait.

Posted by TheMasterDS

Was hoping for a 5/5. Shame, guess it won't have a shot at Giant Bomb's Wii GOTY.

Posted by Kjellm87

I'm so glad this is scoring good, I haven't been this hyped in a long time

Posted by EveryNobody

I'm going to buy this.

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