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Posted By Brother_PipPop

@Akeldama said:

Matt Kessler is a fucking intern, not a game critic. Christ guys, Space Marine and Star Fox are big titles this year. Where are the main staff reviews?

What makes interns any less qualified to review games?

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Posted By Metaltron

the camera on the 3DS is shit, they should have used the ones on phones.

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Posted By CptBedlam

Very well written review. Matt. Keep up the great work!

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Posted By Grumbel

@jasondesante said:

@MattBodega: 4. Fuit Ninja and Star Fox 64 are obviously not being rated to the same standard of quality.

One is a cheap download, the other is a full price title, one is a remake of a decade old game, the other is not, of course they aren't held against the same standards. The problem with Nintendo these days is that they have become incredible lazy. There is nothing wrong with doing a remake of an old game, but then at least make it worthwhile. See MarioAllStars, that included not only all the Marios up to that point with graphics upgrades, but also the formerly unreleased LostLevels, that's a good way to make a remake. How about including the SNES Starfox in this one or the unreleased Starfox2? That would have made it more interesting and worthwhile, but just a graphics upgrade to an N64 title is something that you expect to be a $15 download, not a $40 full price title.

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Posted By BadOrcLDR

@Akeldama said:

Matt Kessler is a fucking intern, not a game critic. Christ guys, Space Marine and Star Fox are big titles this year. Where are the main staff reviews?

Pains me to agree. Less Kessler, more... anybody. Maybe Kessler can go catch a squirrel and they can use it to replace him. If nothing else, the exercise would help him out. I would imagine that some of his muscles (if any exist) have atrophied by now, though.

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Posted By MattBodega

@BadOrcLDR: Ba-zing! Pow!

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Posted By Insectecutor

I like Kessler, he's all right. You people need to stop whining about him on the internet. What do you think you'll achieve other than making yourselves look like assholes?

@MattBodega: good review, man.

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Posted By Norusdog

$40 is insane...for yet another Nintendumb re-re-re-re-re-re-re-release. Pathetic thing is how it's going to sell well because the drones eat the same recycled things up over and over again.

gee let me buy a 3DS so I can re-buy games I've already played years and years ago.

good review though, too bad it's wasted on this drivel.

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Posted By LetsRockBaby

I agree $40 is a very steep price for a game you can get for $10 with a fresh coat of paint. Personally I found my purchase of 3D to be worth it as Starfox 64 is one of those games I hold precious to me and playing this remastered version was fun. It's a very good port of a game I never get tired of.

Good review though, Kessler.

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Posted By Airickson

What gets me about the Kessler-haters is that if you didn't know this was written by an 'intern' -- and you agreed with the review -- you would think it was fine. But because you see Kessler's name and he doesn't make a review you agree with, you call his credibility, writing skill, etc. into question.

Unfortunately, I think when the GB staff treats interns in a disrespectful manner on a QL or TNT, etc., it opens this sort of thing up. People are just aping GB staff members they enjoy in piling on *insert intern name here*.

Well done, Matt Kessler.

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Posted By jasondesante

Patrick's review of Bit Trip is the same score as this. Patrick mentions the $40 price at the end and doesn't make a big deal of it, when it should be a bigger deal in Bit Trip's case in my opinion.

Bit Trip games are literally one dimensional in gameplay. The definition of a shallow experience. Bit Trip has bad 3d and techinical problems (frame rate). Many one dimensional games with over long levels v.s an adventure game with a fundamental design never even attempted by anyone else, has great 3d and no technical problems. Are you kidding me, theyre equal, what are you rating, your hormone levels of the day?

My statement of "The Nintendo Curse" exists. Standards are higher and you will judge it harsher for no reasons (when it has no objective faults, just because its Nintendo) when a poorer game will get the same score and it has objective faults.

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Posted By Ceremor

This was a fine review, Jesus Christ why are you people out for blood?