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Posted by TheHBK

Didn't they delay this from March 2011 for a reason? I don't think it was explicitly to add kinect support but they were gonna use the extra time to do that. So nothin?

Posted by ProfessorEss

@princess_zelda said:

finally Important Questions about the GoW universe are answered, like "which space meathead has the biggest gun" and "will americans ever get tired of this 'space marines vs. aliens' shit"

Well excuuuse me princess. Sorry I had to :)

Man I can't wait to see what happens - and then get the band back together for some of that sweet sounding new Horde mode.

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

Jesus, I can't believe this game comes out next week. And I'm running ridiculously low on miscellaneous cash. Thanks a lot, better than expected summer games! You wiped me out.

Posted by I_n_s_o_m_n_i_a

Great review Jeff. This is the only Xbox game I'm getting this year and I can't wait to pick it up.

Posted by Hargreaves93

A good review and it has made sure I definitely get Gears 3 now!

Posted by WatanabeKazuma

Already pre-ordered but the QL has definitely got me excited, game looks sharp!

Posted by shuref00t

Gears 3 so totally crept up on me! Didn't realize until the guys were talking about it on the last Bombcast that it's releasing next week.

"LET'S DO THIS!" -Benjamin Carmine, R.I.P.

Posted by Sweep


Posted by FreakAche

Sigh. I guess I really should give the Gears series another chance, since people seem to like it so much.

Posted by TheHBK

You know, this review could have been condensed into that last sentence. The other stuff the game does is just extra.

Posted by MisterMouse

haha no surprise there.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Spoiler - New enemy type: Orks!

Just pre-ordered on Amazon because of this review. Damn you Giantbomb. /shake fist

Posted by princess_zelda

finally Important Questions about the GoW universe are answered, like "which space meathead has the biggest gun" and "will americans ever get tired of this 'space marines vs. aliens' shit"

Posted by MeatSim

Definitely glad that I pre-ordered this.

Posted by Wiseblood

@waypoetic said:

I'm shocked. Giantbomb gives a firstparty 360 game 5 out of 5!?

Let's see, the last time that happened was Forza 3 almost 2 years ago. But go ahead and keep crying, fanboy.

Posted by shadystx

Gears is probably my most memorable title of this generation because it was the first game I bought this gen that made go "wow", Devil may cry was that game last generation.

Yes the graphics were very impressive when it launched back in 06 and obviously games have come along that look even better but gears was the first for me, Also the the cover based gameplay was very fresh to me, i had never played a game like gears before, | had played games with a cover mechanic but not like gears, GOW just felt so snappy and responsive after the tutorial I was effortlessly sliding into cover at speed popping out killing a bad ass monster jumping over the cover running and sliding into the next cover to get close to my next kill, It just felt great IMO and no other third person shooter with a cover mechanic has done this part aswell as gears has IMO.

I cannot wait to play this game, Gears 1 was also the game I played most online ever apart from fifa, I am not a huge MP gamer but the 4 vs 4 matches felt good to me and I was able to get some strategic MP gaming going with strangers which is nearly impossible in games like COD.

I am just gutted that money is very tight at the moment and i cannot afford to pick this up, I have got it top of my rental que and sent a game back so it arrives the day comes out hoping to get lucky, but i will be buying it at the end of the month was my pay hits the bank.

Edited by MetalMoog

Traded in 19 games last night and preordered this and BF3 with the money! Don't feel so bad about getting ass raped by EB now!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Good informative review. thanks Jeff

Posted by rame

I just Pre-order on Amazon (same day delivery) so how stoked was I to see the review today?! Thanks for affirming my purchase I look forward to playing with you all on Horde and putting a shotgun to your back during King of the Hill mode.

Posted by Egge

Gears of War 2 was the very definition of a 'meh' release to me, and since that game came out I've drifted too far into PC territory to be really excited about a console exclusive. Still, this review has convinced me that I need to at least check out the singleplayer campaign at some point.

Posted by Undeadpool

Gather the roommates, warn the significant others, Horde Mode is BACK!

Pre-ordered and can't wait. Honestly, I'm really glad to hear that the game doesn't just end on a "WHOOP! We GOTCHA!" cliff-hanger.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Space Marine ripoff...

Posted by StingingVelvet

Wish these games came to PC. I liked the first one and this one sounds like a homerun. I can't justify buying an Xbox just for Gears and Halo though.

Posted by thornie_delete
Posted by Meltbrain

That's great to see. I was pretty stoked for Gears 3 but knowing that it wraps up in a satisfying way definitely seems exciting. Can't wait!

Posted by foxhound421

You know, I've played through both Gears campaigns and messed around with the multiplayer but, while I DO enjoy this series, neither game has really stuck with me. Not like Reach, or Bad Co. 2. I always end up selling them on eBay a week or two after finishing the campaign.

I want to know whether the end boss battle is as much of a disappointing cop-out as it was in Gears 2. That was one of the few times a game ending actually pissed me off.

If I can defeat my compulsion to buy every new AAA game that comes out, I'll probably pick this up during some Black Friday sale when it'll be $30-40.

Posted by waypoetic

I'm shocked. Giantbomb gives a firstparty 360 game 5 out of 5!?

Posted by bybeach

I've got it pre-ordered. I only do SP. Now I can tell how much I am missing, even if Ice tee is also invested in the MP (bah). Just the same, Gears has always manged to ripped me 60.00 for a once play-through cause well, I like it..Even for the wisp of the story that looks like is going to finally coalesce. So looking forward to it.

Posted by JoeyRavn

Are you saying this game I don't like is better than that other game I like? Grrrrrrrrr.

Posted by MichaelBach

I'm pumped up for some gears 3 now!

Posted by Lobster_Ear

I will never make the mistake of buying a Gears game after Gears of War 2. Just too similar to the first. Not my thing.

Posted by Chango

Very cool; looks like I'm going to have to buy a 360.

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

I agree fully with the review. I finished it myself last night, and was just blown away at how Epic did not take the easy way out with story. That, plus at just how amazing a character Cole became through the first Act, and leads to one of my favorite sequences in the series.

Posted by Downloaded

Dude, your comma splices are ridiculous.

Posted by lasersanchez

Fucking PUMPED!

Posted by phish09

Glad to hear the series has not dropped in quality. I was a little worried based on some of the more tame gameplay that they've shown off that maybe Epic had peaked. Anyway, game sounds amazing. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

Posted by Chiyou_2

I preordered this game not really wanting it, just because ebgames had a trade 2 in for $50 credit deal going and it only worked for a few games, one being this one.. I woke up this morning and saw a bunch of reviews and now i'm stoked! Hope its honesty and not just a flood of money that has been turning out all these great reviews (because GoW is advertised on almost every site today).

Posted by MormonWarrior

Got it preordered on Amazon. Can't wait!

Posted by AsszStake

Jeff only gives 5 stars when a game is super legit, so i'm gettin' this game! btw. GREAT REVIEW JEFF

Posted by shadowwolf9

@LEGITLakers: You sound incredibly ignorant.

Posted by Hi_Voltg3

I, for one, can't wait to play this with my homies.
Posted by Jayzilla

This will totally be a rent for me. A week of shooting stuff and ducking behind cover? Sold...err Rented!

Edited by CakeBomb

I just can't get past the genericness of it. It's so brown, dull, with ridiculous characters and boring gunplay.

Posted by thornie_delete

@ArbitraryWater said:

Sooo.... It's a 3rd person shooter with a heavy emphasis on taking cover?

Yes, but it's the BEST 3rd person shooter with a heavy emphasis on taking cover. If I'm going to play this type of game, it's going to be Gears and only Gears.

Edited by Sammo21

I'm seeing a lot of 5 stars getting thrown around for this game. Glad to hear it. Hopefully the multiplayer isn't broken when the masses start playing this game as everyone raved about Gears of War 2's mp and it was an absolutely broken mess (still debatable if it is now)...played well in the beta so can only hope it keeps up the pace.

Also, Griffin is super easily unlocked. I got the DL code from Facebook in like 2 minutes...

Posted by Peacemaker

I really don't play gears for the MP but it may hold me over until CoD and Halo. I am excited to play the single player. Other reviews say the single player mode is a decent length too which is nice.

Posted by MustardDragon

Early Tu Brute?

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I'm disappointed to hear the multiplayer hasn't changed much. It's a third person shooter, not a fucking fighting game, anyone should be able to play without going 0-22 every match. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll still buy it and break a controller ten minutes into my first match.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Sooo.... It's a 3rd person shooter with a heavy emphasis on taking cover?

Posted by radioactivez0r

Only ever played a bit of the first one and couldn't really get into it, but K-mart has the Triple Pack for $20 this week, and I have a roommate who digs co-op games. Perhaps it's time to give it another shot and move up to the big time if I dig it. I mean, 90+ scores have to mean something right?

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