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Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I started a goal to A+ and get every bandage on stage one and after an hour and a half I was afraid I was slowly starting to lose my mind.

Posted by racastro

So many games! So little time ! (or money)

Posted by The_Hiro_Abides

I love this game! Occasionally I have to laugh at the absurdly hard level design.  I feel so awesome when everything comes together with ninja moves ending another enduring level.  I'm looking forward to busting through more levels later.

Posted by Nettacki
@SpawnMan said:
" Woah, I didn't know about this game, but now kinda want it. Although I don't think I'd get it unless there was nothing else to buy, because Trials HD raged the hell outta me and I shaved about 2 years off my life trying to even pass the 2nd level on Mario Bros, so maybe a rage-enducing game isn't the best choice for me.  Is there a calmness game where your objective is to float in a level made of marshmellows and pillows? "
well there's Flower for PS3, where your objective is to fly by with the wind collecting flower petals in a soothingly beautiful environment
Posted by bybeach

What really pleases me is the temporary 10 dollar price. that was nice. And I am at home with the art style and humor. But I can't.....
Posted by Iireku

Good review.  My masochistic side smiles as I curse the slippery meat boys failed attempts, while my inner child slowly dies of frustration and heartbreak.

Posted by xavfin

Got this yesterday. EXCELLENT FUN!
The difficulty level is high but not unfair. As it always should be, more developers should take notice.

Posted by bushpusherr

This game is killing my thumbs!

Posted by turd_ferguson
Edited by Lord_Ozma

Picked it up after watching the Quick Look. Absolutely love the controls and music, totally worth $15 and an absolute STEAL at $10. If you played games on an 8 or 16-bit console at any point in your life and enjoyed it (or simply relish a brutal yet rewarding challenge) you need this game. 
Some levels will destroy you with their difficulty but when you finally nail it down and pull off a successful run, watching all of the previous Meat Boy clones splattering to their doom, you will feel like a GOD DAMN NINJA!

Posted by Aceofspies

Meat boy is a pure platform game with lots of charm. While the start is good to get used to the controls it quickly ramps up to something that can challenge you for days. I loved the challenge to get A+ on all the levels and i loved the experience. I would recommend this to my friends and you. Get out there and try then buy this wonderful game.

Posted by Zoidberg

I really really really really really wish this would come to psn. It's the kind of game that I love, even if I'm absolutely terrible at it.

Posted by eagles_band

Don't see how you can hate a game sometimes and give it a 5/5. 

Posted by TheCheese33
@eagles_band said:
" Don't see how you can hate a game sometimes and give it a 5/5.  "
He doesn't hate it because it's a bad game. He hates it because it exposes the flaws in him. One of the big things about Super Meat Boy is that when you die in the game, it isn't ever the game's fault; it's your own fault for being bad at it.
Posted by murgatroid99

I got this game after reading this review and I really like it (even though sometimes I also hate it).

Posted by m2cks

" You will never finish every level this game has to offer." Challenge accepted, Brad. 

Posted by immortalmishima69

This game embodies every bit of the "OK one more time" addiction, with some completionist flavor added to it. I can't stop playing it no matter how frustrated I get. Certainly worth every penny to the point that I feel like the price sold it short.

Posted by Dilenger93

This game is fucking great!

Posted by Grimskallinj

The perfect balance between something simple yet still having depth that keeps you coming back without growing tired. 
You can be hardcore or you can be a casual gamer and enjoy this game easy. This is living proof that 2D games are far from dead.