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Posted by AgnosticJesus

I'm loving my time with AN. I agree with some of the other commenters that this game is being judged a little unfairly, comparing it to full retail games. For the price and compared to the other garbage out on XBLA, AN is a winner. I went into the game with realistic expectations and haven't been disappointed. It's a nice little game in the series, enough to scratch the Alan Wake scratch, until the proper sequel.

Posted by Borracho

Just finished the incredible original Alan Wake on PC. Mighty intrigued about this new outing ;)

Posted by MantisToboggann

I was looking forward to this but now I think I'll pass.

Posted by bybeach

I'm now halfway through American Nightmare. and I am starting to understand Pat's hints of repetitiveness in a story mechanic. OK. I also went to check out other reviews and the meta-critic score. It has gotten to the point where I respect GB's written score, but have lost faith in the numerical. In fact between this and Syndicate, I feel the numerical scores are making GB look unprofessional. I know little about Syndicate beyond the QL..but from what I see...really? 
I think Pat's written review of American Nightmare is decent. I think the numerical score when I look at the big picture is misleading. I understand that it may be based for internal consumption, ie, GB users 'know' what it means. But the rest of the gaming community doesn't. And that is where it ends up. In my opinion, GB should stop contributing numerical scores.
Posted by kollay

The last picture... kind of looks like that dude's battle stance in Resonance of Fate.

Posted by DostoyevskysShamblingCorpse

I'm playing through this now, and it's great. Really great. 4 wienies out of 5.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

The game looks like shit.  I expected 2 stars.  Nothing
about it seems appealing in the least.  You would have
to force me to play it.  The first game still looks good 
though I've yet to take it out of its shrink wrap.

Posted by TwoForFlinching

I just finished American Nightmare, and I found that I enjoyed it far more than either the signal or the writer. Most of you will disagree, but I found that the weakest aspect of Alan Wake is the combat. I found it so repetitive that I contemplated putting the game down. The thing that kept me going was the incredible story and smart presentation. It was great to discover that they dumbed down the combat, added a greater variety of weapons, and made it so that I didn't have to run past enemies because of lack of ammo. It's not that combat is particularly challenging; just a chore which has to be done before getting more of the compelling story. The faster I could blast through the enemies the better.

I think that the narrative trick was extremely clever. If they repeated it a fourth time it would have been overboard, but they avoid any annoyance by strategically placing you closer to your objective and having the people you meet speed things up by gathering puzzle elements for you. And after seeing the satellite the second time, I knew I had to get a copy of "Club Foot" by Kasabian.