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Edited by Dany

I bought this soon after Ryan talked about it on the bombcast and it is really a fun and very clever game. Their are a lot od different variables to keep account of but rarely do you feel stressed out over everything thats going on. 
Good to see a review of a iphone game, and a good one at that. 
Also, one thing that gets me everytime is when they get on fire, Im just so giddy but when those fires because of bugs, i am just so sad!

Posted by Undeadpool

"  It’s fun to experiment and mix and match weird genres and themes--like, say, a historical golf game--and then seeing how successful the results are, but the game obfuscates so much of the math behind each little step that it can, at times, be tough to really min-max the process." 
I read this as a ringing endorsement. I hate when people reduce a fun, clever, charming game into a series of math problems (Persona 4 anyone?).

Posted by Glak

Great game, Glakin' is kicking it with the Playstatus

Posted by Scratch

Wait what? iPhone game reviews. Huh. 
 Awesome game btw.

Posted by InfamousBIG


Posted by Landon

I had this exact game in my head not a year ago. Everything from genre combining to create better sales to reviewers putting your game into a hall of fame.
When Ryan started talking about this I got really ticked because it was my idea.  Oh well, I guess, if anything, it shows that my other ideas could be really cool.

Posted by volcboy84

In the first 15 minutes or so I thought this game was going to seriously beat my ass, but eventually I got the hang of it! Great game.

Posted by MisterMouse

cool! I might pick this up! it sounds like a lot of fun

Posted by j_meyer_13

I think this is actually the first game to make me want an iPhone... which, considering how much I dislike the iPhone, is saying a lot...

Posted by Afroman269
@RiotBananas said:
" @MysteriousBob said:
" iPhones are for assholes. Why review a game for assholes? "
Because thousands of people are assholes. "
And chances are that guy has an iPhone because he sounds like a big asshole.  
Anyways, I fucking love this game. There's a lot of potential for a sequel. 
Posted by drakesfortune

I probably got a good 10 to 15 hours out of this game, and the first 10 was interesting and entertaining.  It really does lack some depth as you get toward the end of the game though.  It's a nice start.  I'd definitely pick up another game like this if they put a bit more time and budget into it and make it a little deeper.

Posted by zombie2011

Just bought this game, should be fun for while as i spend Thanksgiving with my fiances family.

Posted by joebootoo

This game is surprisingly addictive.  Have played through the 20 year cycle many times already.

Posted by rmanthorp

Haha! Great review for a great game!

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