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 Can't wait to pick this up... although the score is a bit disappointing.
Edit: Ugh, after reading about the technical issues (same reason I'm avoiding New Vegas), I think I'll wait.

Posted by buhssuht

kinda saw that coming

Posted by Zinc

I smell trouble...

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Huh. Color me surprised.

Posted by Romination

Unexpected score is unexpected!

Posted by Kombat

I sort of started to expect this when they announced some of the more "game-changing" design decisions. Bought it regardless, and I'm hoping to enjoy it over the next couple of days.

Posted by MisterMouse

good review so far, need to finish it now!

Posted by armaan8014


Posted by ashton

ill still buy it, just not right away

Posted by PatVB

Anyone else not excited for this game at all?

Posted by Mageknight

Interesting. Flaws notwithstanding, this game kind of makes me wish I had an Xbox. I suppose I can hope for a good Windows port.

Posted by SlightConfuse
@pat4327 said:
" Anyone else not excited for this game at all? "
yea i enjoed the second one but i was not feeling this at all i expected a 3/5 for some reason
Posted by AndyPhifer

Tough call between this and Fallout...

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This does not at all jive with the GameRankings score. Apparently Fable 3 is the greatest game ever made: 

Posted by spazmaster666

Hmm, I'm definitely gonna buy this, but I'll probably wait for the PC version.

Posted by Loose
@Zinc said:
" I smell trouble... "
Posted by Vinchenzo

Wasn't planning on buying it anyway. Will wait until it drops to $10 in a few months, and maybe THEN play it. Not sure.

Posted by SlightConfuse

whats with games shipping with game breaking bugs

Posted by Levi

awwwwww man.....

Posted by BaconGames
@Romination said:
" Unexpected score is unexpected! "
Posted by DaBuddaDa
@slightconfuse said:
" whats with games shipping with game breaking bugs "
I don't know, It's been the story of this holiday season so far.
Posted by turbomonkey138

Incoming shit storm 

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Man, between this and Dead Rising 2, this holiday season is kind of bumming me out.

Posted by honeycut1

Yowza, I guess maybe that's why I haven't seen too much on this game.

Posted by Otrebor


Posted by Warihay

I'll wait for it to come down in price. Never been a huge fan of Fable so I can wait. Great review though Brad.

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Good to see Fable 3's glitches are almost as terrible as they were in Fable 2.  Not picking this one up.

Posted by TWrite

Seems that both Fallout New Vegas and this, arguable two of the better games this winter, could have used more polish. Im glad I bought FNV instead of waiting for Fable 3 i guess, i'll take bugs over lackluster design in some areas.

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Posted by JJOR64

Dang.  Didn't see that score coming.  I will wait for a price job before I get this beast.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

Wow I didn't think it would get this low of a score.  But I'm still interested in playing it.

Posted by Mattalorian

In other news, Peter Molyneux announces that Fable 3 was "rubbish" and Fable 4 will be the most revolutionary product in the entertainment industry.

Posted by kingofpeanuts

I think people are just tried of fable. It needs a drastic shift, not more Molyneux exaggeration 

Posted by RE_Player1

Never got the "hype" for the Fable series. Played the first one on PC and it was ok, not mind blowing or revolutionary as touted by Peter Molyneux. 

Posted by xyzygy

Guys, this is one opinion. Other sites gave it 9.2s, 9s, 8.5. It's looking to be an awesome game. 
Can't wait to pick this up!

Posted by PeterMolyneux

This review can lick my big glorious liver spotted balls.
Posted by KingPossum

I didn't expect a stellar score but 3/5 stars is disappointing. 
I'm guessing they spent a mess of time on the wasted Kinect support that the game was supposed to include instead of working directly on game assets. 

Posted by canucks23

Great review Brad. I'm a little disappointed that they seemed to take steps backwards instead of forwards in certain areas but i'll still pick it up. I enjoyed fable 2 enough that i feel comfortable picking this up.

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Well, I think I'll be holding off on this one for the time being. Thanks for the prompt and well-written review! It answered pretty much all of the questions I had apart from if Fable 3 has better character customization than 2 did, or do all characters end up in the same disheveled and ragged state they eventually did in 2.

Posted by PatVB
@slightconfuse: I thought the second one was alright up until the end game, which I thought was absolutely terrible. I get that Lionhead is trying to do different things with their games, but sometimes they just go too far.
Posted by Hailinel

Those interface issues just sound like the result of an incredibly dumb idea.  What was Lionhead thinking when they decided to complicate the inventory and map systems like this?  And the changes to the HUD?  What purpose do they serve?

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Posted by OneManX
@MurderByDeath said:
" This does not at all jive with the GameRankings score. Apparently Fable 3 is the greatest game ever made: 

You can't give more than 100%
Posted by JJWeatherman

Well jeez. For the bargain bin I can wait. 
Thank god Rock Band 3 is out tomorrow too, eh?

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Now, will Peter Molineux call this game, like the Fable 2, rubbish? I wonder...

Posted by Xeiphyer

Hmmm, 3/5 isn't exactly bad though. The review said that the parts I am interested in are good so I'm glad.
Also wish you had touched on the coop some Brad, I've heard its fixed and if thats true it'l be awesome.

Posted by CashBailey

Why review it on XBOX 360? We know it's gonna suck.
Why not throw us high-end PC owners a bone.

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Looks like Fable 1 is still the best in the series.  
The removal of a menu sounds terrible. It really tapered my excitement for this game. Molyneux just seems like he'd rather create new game-mechanics instead of practical ones.  
Great, well-written and informative review, Brad!

Posted by xyzygy

Other reviews say nothing about any technical issues and give nothing but praise to the game. It just goes to show how different people can view different games.

Posted by PeterMolyneux
That's what she said... to muh balls.