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Everthing that needs to be said has been so there ya go...



" @zarice said:

" nice giantbomb 2nd lowest review score on metacritic... brad ur wrong babe it shouldve been a 4/5. "

 @zarice:  Because Brad's opinion isn't the same as some of the other metacritic review's that means it's wrong?  The only words i can think to describe you right now is biased dumbass, especially since you reviewed fable 3 and copy pasted it's so good buy it now over 10 times. "
comment shanked!



" @Detrian said:

" @PlasmaBeam44 said:
" @xyzygy said:
" @ajamafalous said:

" @xyzygy said:

" Can't they just patch these technical issues? And if so, wouldn't this review be kind of misleading if, in the future, they do patch the issues? "

What are you, goddamn Fable 3 Defense Force? "
No, I'm just curious about this. A lot of people seem to be complaining about this (even though 95% of them are just basing it off the review and haven't played it for themselves), so I'm just wondering if a patch could solve the bugs. I mean, thats one of the reasons patches exist, right? "
You don't review games on what they will be like 20 years from now. You review what will be in stores tomorrow. "
Remember Fable III for what it was meant to be and not what it was. "
Bravo "
@PirateNeal said:

" @Besetment said:

" I find it baffling how many people are disagreeing with the review of a game based on other reviews of the same game. Are they trying to justify a pre-order or something? Do they not know how reviews work? You read them, and then you form your own opinion. This is why reviews should not have score systems, but always will. "
I wish i could thumbs up this comment or something "
a thumbs up system would be nice yes
longest comment ever, sorry but good posts need to be seen!
Posted by ShaneDev

Hey Brad,  
Did you try the coop in the game? I dont think you mentioned it in the review or was it worth mentioning and if so was it any better than Fable 2 coop which was disappointing.

Posted by Lopes

Well, after enjoying dozens of hours of Fable 2, and by association, enduring some hours on its items menu... I have to say the new system sounds an improvement, as long as the "teleportation" loading isnt too long. Can someone confirm that?

Posted by Floppypants

Well, that's a crushing review.  I'm going to have to refuse delivery of my preorder now.  I've expended my tolerance for mediocrity lately with Fallout New Vegas.

Posted by phrosnite

Ouch... so I guess I'm going to wait for a big price drop to buy this game on the PC...

Posted by Warchief

not surprised at all. nice review Brad. 

Posted by ptys

Man, I'm pretty shocked as I was wondering why everyone gets so excited about Fable and this review meets my initial feelings about the franchise? I was coming around and considering picking it up, but now I don't have to bother. Thanks Brad.

Posted by Deadboy

You kinda thought at one moment "Dayumn, Peter Mulungu is about to F dis Bish up!!!"  Then you wake up the next day to find some ugly ass, toothless whore chillin' in yer XB360. What? Huh? Nooooooo!  This is what I get from the review I just read.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I'm still getting it. This is pretty much what I was expecting review wise (and 'twas a very good review), but those complaints don't bother me.  
And now I know to be more careful when getting close to the end of the game. 

Posted by lacke

I'm not sure about this game. Wasn't going to pick this up until its price dropped but I was hoping for more. The interface changes sound like it's going to bug me a lot. I didn't mind the menu system in Fable 2 at all actually. Of course I installed the game so I didn't have any hick ups. 
I was kind of hyped for this game. In so many words, I thought Fable was a 2-3 stars game and Fable 2 was a strong 4 star so I thought they were going in the right direction. Brad said the ending lowered the score but from the vague description he gave, it doesn't sound like it'll bother me.

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Why couldn't Vinny review this? I mean, he reviewed the 2nd one.

Posted by Jeffsekai

I'm glad. 
Maybe if a fable game gets terrible reviews they will actually fix all the problems.

Posted by Capum15
@MurderByDeath said:
" This does not at all jive with the GameRankings score. Apparently Fable 3 is the greatest game ever made: 


Bahahahahahahaha. God I'm tired, but that's great.
Good review, though I dislike the "No health bar, but still use health potions" thing.
Posted by Cynical_Gamer

The first two Fable games weren't that great. So I'm not surprised about Fable III.

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai

Solid review, Brad.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

It's a shame that all of those interface changes seem to have not been an improvement.  Despite their shortcomings I have always enjoyed the Fable games, so I am sure I will pick it up at some point.  Perhaps next summer during an inevitable lull in new game releases.

Posted by m0nty
@zarice said:
" nice giantbomb 2nd lowest review score on metacritic... brad ur wrong babe it shouldve been a 4/5. "
Heaven forbid the man forms his own opinion.  
This is what I love about Giant Bomb. Calling it as they see it. Not as how the publisher would like them to see it.... 
*cough* IGN *cough*
Posted by RVonE
@FritzDude said:
"Why couldn't Vinny review this? I mean, he reviewed the 2nd one. "

What's wrong with Brad's review? Did you read it? He makes some fair points.
Posted by edinxbox@live.nl
@Ravenousrattler said:
" brads got me worried about  the endgame "
Why? Go read the IGN review. They say the End game is great because you make alot of decisions, and have to keep promises. 
It sounds like Brad rushed the game and didn't realise he was at the ending of it. 
Thats his own fault if he didn't take the time to finish all the quests.
Posted by JerichoBlyth

As predicted - Peter has been talking out of his bottom again.
Fable III sucks - so it's off the wishlist. Thanks Brad!

Posted by edinxbox@live.nl
@ajamafalous said:
" @xyzygy said:
" Can't they just patch these technical issues? And if so, wouldn't this review be kind of misleading if, in the future, they do patch the issues? "
What are you, goddamn Fable 3 Defense Force? "
Are you  a fucking idiot? The guy just asked if they can't patch the game? and if the review would be misleading for people that read it in a few months. 
Thats a normal question. 
You acted like he said '' Can't they just patch the game? Well they dont need to because its such a great game, ah its so great, i wanne make love to it, nobody hurt fable , pleasee!! '' 
Posted by NekuCTR

When exactly did we turn the corner of everybody believing in Fable again? was it when that first trailer came out? Because seriously, everyone who said "I thought this game was going to get a good score for sure" must have had some sceticism. I know I did.

Posted by TheCheese33

Hey, guess what? Some people will like a game more than others. Just because Brad feels the game is a 3-star title doesn't mean it'll be like that for everyone. Stop bitching. It's not like his opinion is forced down your throats; you made the conscious decision to check the website and see how he felt about the game. 

Posted by Jayross

Hey Brad, please insert more bullshit into your first part of the review.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Im not sure how many people have made this joke yet....probably a lot.
But Fable III Stars is more like it! Ohhhhh!
It's a god damn shame about the end stuff there, im not looking forward to finding out what that is...i loved how Fable II "ended" even if it left it a little hollow.

Posted by Quansto

 Its really a shame that Lionhead didn't send out copies for a Quick Look for us to base a secondary opinion on. Great look at the game, Brad!

Posted by SockLobster

Brad thought Lost Planet 2 was crap as well so whatevs, don't think the slight dodginess of this game warrants 3/5. He didn't even mention co op which is the full experience now instead of the crummy mercenary thing from Fable 2. Although I guess it is hard to get that going in the pre-release period.

Posted by Bucketdeth


Posted by Stormdragonblue

I find the reaction people are having to this review pretty interesting. Brad can only go as far as to tell you how he feels about this game and it's workings and with that the entire experience. You can decide by yourself if it's the only review you'll read and base a purchase on or you visit various game related sites and read their reviews before you act. Maybe other sites balance pro's and con's differently, closer to how you would experience it then in Brad's one here. It's very possible and nothing is wrong with that.
Because of this getting angry over one review/reviewer is never good. GiantBomb here could give the game to 10 different random people and let them review it separately and likely you'll get 10 different reviews with some slight overlap in likes and hates but they still all will be different. One experience isn't the other.
As for me. I was lightly interested in the game and I might pick it up. But not as a day one thing.

Posted by Bernbaum

Loved Fable II after the forgettable first one. Was on the fence about picking this one up. Alas, following the reviews from Brad and others, I'll let this one slide - it's that time of year when I really need to be choosy on what I play. 
Might be a fun one to return to during the doldrums of early 2011.

Posted by Keen_12

Cool review, bro. Gonna go pick this one up with RB3 and force unleashed 2.. gotta DIG DEEP!

Posted by zombie2011

Still getting it, i really enjoy the franchise.

Posted by joshuah82

Ouch! I pre-ordered this for my wife's birthday. Fable II was her favorite game of all time. Here's to hoping all of the technical issues with Fable II prepared her for the issues in Fable III. I think she'll be relieved that it's been simplified though.

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Ugh, I had the problem of choosing to spend my time with Fallout 3 or Fable 2 last year, and now its New Vegas and this.
The fun that's had in either of them is usually how you craft your own story.  I go telling my friends how I have 7 kids with 7 different wives, and every now and then make a group of people fall in love with me, lead them to the woods, and kill them one by one when they laugh at my farts (farting is not funny).  I don't tell them about the story of the game though.

Posted by TheSilentTruth

I kinda knew that this game wasn't going to live up to expectations, according to Brad's review at least. I'm still getting through Fable II (since I did manage to download it for free from XBLM), and I think it's pretty enjoyable but there are some mediocre aspects of it, mainly the jobs. Not the I planned to get Fable III anytime soon, but this one sounds it's like the last game with a few more rough edges. Though, maybe if I actually play it I'll know if I can tolerate it's setbacks and like it, since I'm just speculating.

Posted by samcotts

How can people be bitching about the star rating. READ THE FECKING REVIEW. I was excited about Fable 3, and I still am, Brad's given me more reason to be. He has told us its good points and its bad points, decide for yourself if you can look over the latter for the former. 
Don't know why I keep making the mistake of reading the comment sections of reviews.

Posted by dvorak

I played a ton of this game on the weekend, and it's easily a 3/5 situation. There's a ton to like, but it's worse than New Vegas in the painful flaws department. Definitely only worth playing for people that would consider themselves huge fans of Fable II.

Posted by Brendan

For all the people equating the 5 star scale to a 10 point scale.  It doesn't freaking work like that! 
Posted by stinky

was on the fence, but i'm saving my money now. 

Posted by xAbleAssassinx

It's weird, Brad's reviews are usually so really well written and organically structured. This isn't as good, seems a little hurried, a little rote.  
Still, definitely looking forward to this game.

Posted by LiquidElite

 Huh 3/5 is the equivalent of 6/10 he may have rated it higher if there was a scale of 10 however. Other sites have rated the game 8.5, 8.6, which on a scale of 5 would be 4 stars. Regardless of that its brads opinion and if you are a fan of the game and you have more than half a brain cell, you will check more than one sites review for this game. Because not buying a game you wanted because of one review that isn’t even that bad is pretty noob =p 

Posted by Amsterdaam

God I hope you're wrong... I already preordered and paid this sucker off...

Posted by Darknight630

I don't have a clue how to feel about this. On one hand I'm a total sucker for the Fable games, but on the other we got this review. Oh boy, here's to hoping Blockbuster gets the game so I don't feel so bad about buying it.

Posted by Daftasabat

Not once was the "touch" mechanic mentioned, how come?

Posted by louiedog
I can't believe they actually made the inventory slower and less usable. I'm playing through Fable 2 right now and the menu system is pissing me off. Did no one think it was a bad idea or were they so arrogant about it that they ignored what must have been a dozen testers telling them it was horseshit? If I walk into the book store and buy 8 books I have to access the menu 8 times to learn everything in them. That's ridiculous. Not only that, but new items are put at the bottom of the list, so I have to scroll every time. What were they thinking? The same goes with lots of items, like potions. If I buy 4 will potions I have to spend 2 minutes navigating menus to use them all. 
Oh well, it is a Peter Molyneux game. If the ideas behind the game didn't outgrow common sense I wouldn't be able to credit it to him.
@Brendan said:
" *Sigh    For all the people equating the 5 star scale to a 10 point scale.  It doesn't freaking work like that!  "
Exactly. Both 5 and 10 point scales should be compared to the 100 scale for accuracy.
Posted by ruffedgz

I'm sad to read about the problems that you had with the game and what really hurt was the fact that you didn't enjoy it near the end. As much as the stories in both Fable and Fable 2 were not great but they where entertaining at best. That is why I played them through and also played them with multiple characters. The other disappointment was reading about the scrapping of the Fable 2 user interface for something new and unreliable. I did preorder this game and will get it later today. Nice review Brad and thanks for sharing your thoughts on Fable 3.

Posted by Jolt92
Wow, you thought Lost Planet 2 was good?
Edited by Death_Burnout

A lot of people believing the game is bad because Brad gave it 3 stars then? well nothing new there. 
However, i would advise to read other reviews and not just sit there blindly taking Brad's opinion as the gospel truth. Not to rag on him but he did take forever to play Fable II and i dont even recall what he thought about it.
Technical issues aside.

Posted by HydraHam

After being bamboozled by peter on black and white 1 and 2 and fable 1 and 2 i refuse to buy anymore of his products, the guy is a smooth talker and makes his games out to be game changing shit that will blow your mind and change the face of gaming as we know it and it's bullshit.. you know what peter? i am not falling for your tricks anymore i refuse to buy into fake promises.

Posted by EgoCheck616
@Death_Burnout: A lot of people believe this game is bad because Fable II was a total disappointment compared to the first game. This is just simply another step on a downward spiral.