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Posted by evanbower

I waited way too long to play this game. Ryan, how could I not have trusted you sooner?

Posted by FaceWas

The review itself is nicely written, a bit too positive maybe. Rabbids pretty much overstayed their welcome after the mini-game collections.
Sorry for thread bump.

Posted by Kr3lian

I know this is going to be a hell of a thread bump, but I just want to second this review.  I have been loving this game despite it's problems - the camera is unadjustable and often frustrating, for instance - and feel like the 4/5 and the accompanying review are spot on.

Posted by LordAndrew

I wasn't really interested initially. But after watching the Quick Look and reading the review, I totally want to play the game.

Posted by Dalai

I'm buying it before the year ends.

Posted by Melvargh

Very excited that this turned out alright. When I heard the premise, I immediately knew I wanted it. And now that I've seen it in action and a 4 star from GB, this is a must buy for me. Oddly enough, I never played the two Rabbids games before this, but saw enough  of the Rabbids themselves to see that these were some memorable characters. 
I'll pick this up shortly, and maybe checkout the minigame ones as well.

Posted by Willy105
" lol why is Barack Obama a related page? "
He's in the game.
Posted by Kohe321

Good review Ryan, finally a wii game that I want to play.

Posted by darkjester74

Nice review Ryan, I wish this game would come to 360.  =(
Also, those captions are EPIC!

Posted by Tireyo
@Knives said:
" Not sold, but definitely curious. "
Posted by Tordah

I've never played any Rabbids games before but this looks like the best one so far.

Posted by Knives

Not sold, but definitely curious.

Posted by Linkyshinks

Noice.  Ubisoft should have done from the start.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Good Quick Look and review. I shall definitely check this out some time.

Posted by Claude

I'm looking at some holiday fun with this game. Joy.

Posted by Mesklinite

Barack is in the game, or well, there's a black president of the united states if not mentioned out right.
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I wish they would go home so maybe BG&E2 could happen. :(

Posted by JohnDudebro



lol why is Barack Obama a related page?

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I think I can predict the nature of the game without reading anything about the review:
Rabbid is standing outside house, with key. Rabbid pokes door with key, will not open. ...

Posted by Media_Master

Good to hear this game reviewed well.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Wow Ryan really liked this game.
I might actually check it out.

Posted by DanielJW
@erinfizz said:
" BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  And with that, I am off to tickle a Rabbid with a loose Wiimote wire. "
Posted by DrRandle
@Milkman: Don't forget about Silent Hill whenever that finally comes out.
Anyhow, glad to see the game is came out as well as it looked


Posted by erinfizz

And with that, I am off to tickle a Rabbid with a loose Wiimote wire.

Posted by Milkman

With this, Muramasa, and A Boy and His Blob, the Wii seems to be on a bit of run here. And good on them for it.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Lol, put up the quick look and then the review immediately after.

Posted by Akeldama

i want my wiimote to have a rabbid in it and you are telling me THIS is the ONLY way!?

Posted by Sticky_Pennies