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Posted by Red

This is a hard game to review. It's a bad port of a great game. Personally I would've given this game a 3/5 but this is a good review.
Oh, and I did find a way to get those stupid SoulCalibur bars off my screen.

Posted by Paul

See, here's the thing, Jeff: you never went to college, didja? 

Posted by 1OneWingedAnge1
I think people make too much of a game having online play. Does it make the game bad if it doesn't have this feature? Yes, the single player mode should have been on there, but the fact that it doesn't have online play doesn't make it a terrible game.  
Posted by CrazyLegs

I guess the reason why it didn't have any online play is because Namco wanted to focus the online for SC4,

Posted by Stans_Labyrinth

I picked up Soul Calibur 2 for the original XBOX for £3 yesterday ($6 to you guys). It plays fine on the 360 (a little slowdown on some backgrounds but not too intrusive with it.) and is already justified for my widescreen, PLUS it actually looks pretty damn good for a last gen game. A far better slice of old school Calibur action than this and way better looking than SC3 on the PS2.

If you can find it at on fleaBay or at your local dodgy market for around that price, I heartily recommend it.

Posted by PEN15

Online would have made the game way more then $10 which you then would have scored low for that. Also no one I knew aside from myself played the long ass single player mode thats missing and the reason its missing is Microsoft's fault for not letting dev teams know ahead of time the size limits for games was going to go up more. Thats the only reason why those features aren't on there.

Posted by SpiredCrescent7

it is true that almost all fighting games are at the very least a tag laggy, but wasn't street fighter fun online? mine barely lags, and virtua fighter is fun online as well.  However in saying this it will probably never compare to the offline smooth play, but its better than nothing considering the lack of fighting game fans there are these days

Posted by clapperdude

the new avatars for you guys are a nice touch! tho this ones a bit too happy for 2 stars heh

Posted by MrCynical

Two stars just because it doesn't have online play? Not all of us see the ability to have a laggy, frustrating game with an over-excited (and over-sweary) twelve year-old as a pre-requisite for an enjoyable game experience. Maybe start giving two scores to games - one score for people who only play online, and another score for people who accept that both singleplayer and multiplayer games can be fun?

Posted by Bloodbath

2 stars seems a little harsh. I think this would be a good purchase for people who missed the game on the DC and enjoy fighting games.

Posted by Patchinko

Do yourself a favor: Save your money and buy yourself a copy of SC4. :)

Posted by Oemenia

I think that most people wont find much in this game. Sure it plays well still, but why buy it? No widescreen really, hurts, it something that doesnt take all that work, we PC gamers should know how easy it is to tinker with the resolution. Lack of Quest mode hurts, and its understandable, but why didnt Namco just delay it by a month? Also, even some obscure XBLA rereleases have online play, even a laggy addition wouldve been nice for the fans because most wouldve just held out for a patch. As seen already, the game is selling VERY well, hopefully they add it back as DLC, but i doubt that.

So in other words, 360 users can just go buy SC2, its better in all aspects, hardcores might disagree, but those hardcores have SC1 on XBLA now, most gamers though, its a bit of a waste

Posted by ZoMBIeINVaSION

Its funny how this game released on the Dreamcast 8 years ago and just by putting a fresh coat of paint on it, it looks better than half the games out there and still plays (in my opinion)  better than any fighter since then....period!

Posted by PureRok

I was considering getting this since I really loved the Dreamcast version, but the exclusion of the Mission mode stopped me in my tracks. Sorry, Namco, if you're going to re-release something you should add more to it, not take things away.

Posted by Rually

I'll stick to my Dreamcast version........... ahhh....dreamcast R.I.P.

Posted by EPGPX

Who cares how they spell it, as long as nothing has changed the game is still a classic.

Posted by dezvous

I expect way more for my 10 bucks even for this classic game. Sure the offline fighting alone is where it all started and enough in and of it self but from then on it's really just a showpiece. Something you throw on to enjoy for 2 rounds and then head out for the night. If it's only going to be a game that I play for a couple minutes at a time and I've done it all before, it needs to be cheaper. It's not like they spent any real time and effort on this anyways.

Posted by StaticFalconar

For all nostalgia purposes, the simple fighting game is all we need. Yeah it would have been nice to have every feature that was in the original game, but for ten bucks, that's about what i expect.

Posted by Will

I guess its whatever everyone perfers really, some like the mission mode and some like to play againest firends aside each other. IMO I like the XBLA release is really enjoyable if you have some people to play againest like any other fighting game. For the achievement crazys its easy to get the full 200/200 from it within a few hours if your a little experienced in fighting games. 4 out of 5 from me, cant wait for SCIV. :)

Posted by JohnnyAutoFire

I was thinking about getting this because I liked the second one, but I guess I really don't need another fighting game in my life right now.

Posted by nycnewyork

online would have bin nice,but i could understand no  mission mode.

Posted by lspear76

Even without the mission mode, which I never played much on the Dreamcast version, I think this Soul Calibur is a top quality game. It gets 4 stars from me. Big miss, Jeff!

-Lou from videogamememories.com

Posted by uglybob

I bought this as i had it for the Dreamcast many moons ago. I am disappointed with no mission mode and its replay value diminishes because of it. Online fighting has always had problems with lag so i could see their reasoning with it.
Its a good game, no doubt about it, is it worth the 800 points, no.

Posted by Pazy

I bought this pretty near to release and Im really regretting it, I loved Soul Caliber 2 (and the original Soul Blade) but without a mission mode or online play or anything ive no real want to keep playing it beyond getting acheivments of which I got all but 2 in an hour or two. If they patch in an online mode or a mission mode or a difficulty above Ultra Hard id definately go back again but since no one will play me locally because I own them its worthless to me.

Posted by kitsune_conundrum

you should get different cartoons for each number of stars. and also one for each reviewer.

Posted by mp5

Disappointing for those of us who didn't have Dreamcasts when this game was in its heyday.

Posted by Sekoku

I gotta agree with you. Soul Caliber XBLA seems severely shafted and it's def. not worth the 800 MS points they want from the demo I played.

I think I'll stick with 2 X-box. Even then I'm not a huge fan of the series, so this is a pass that I can stomach.
Posted by SammySpartan

i hope soul calibur iv doesn't get this grade.

Posted by TheHBK

I still think this game is better than any of the other Soul Calibur games.  Yoda and Vader are awesome but they don't belong.

Posted by theviv

this is what happens when a business needs quick money ,and uses a good fighting game to take r hope of a good time :( and kill it. i did not buy this crap/ my friend did. i went to go see the game and almost  kicked him when he said it was 1200 points!!! boooo!

Posted by Kowalski

This is just a greedy port.  I would say that I hope it will sell badly, but unfortunately it won't .

TheJollyRajah: Hahahaha :D If  it would be the Dreamcast version I'd be offended. I don't think Jeff would give it that low though. It got a 10 on Gamespot, but I'm not sure who review it.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

I still fail to understand why there is no online it wouldn't have taken much to add it in.

Posted by Creciente

The lack of Mission Mode killed it for me, but I'll probably buy it anyway. Perhaps, I like SC too much.

Posted by MagusMaleficus

It's frickin' Soul Calibur, Jeff. Nuff said.

Posted by patrick5152003

shouldn't the picture of jeff be him throwing the thumbs down?

Posted by CheeseFanatic

I, personally, liked it.  Sure it lacked multiplayer and story mode, but is a great emulation of a true classic.

Posted by Bombzilla

Bummer.  Thought I may get this, but excellent review (as always) Jeff.  I hope the new one is better (and the new MK, as well).  Thanks for taking the time, Jeff!

Posted by Yagami

There really is no doubt that this game was a let down when it was confirmed that it doesn't support online play.
Soul Calibur IV will also be a let down when it comes to online modes, the main reason being lag issues.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

I really can't believe they passed over online multiplayer. Maybe they want Soul Calibur 4 to be the first with online play or something.

So when Powerstone comes along (I can hope) are they going to give it online play?

....on second thought, Capcom probably will do it. They totally love us!

Posted by Dion720

It really makes no sense for them not to included online and the mission mode. Everything is unlocked so what is the point 

Posted by Dion720

It really makes no sense for them not to included online and the mission mode. Everything is unlocked so what is the point 

Posted by Lepuke

Missing online mode isn't an issue with me, but the missing mission mode that I played the crap out of back in the day, is.

Posted by floodiastus

SC is still tight as hell, I couldnt care less about online play though. Fighting Games are best served in offline mode :)

Posted by SlimDogg

With the lack of online and missing so many things from the console version I was use to playing. I had to pass it up.

Posted by get2sammyb

Disappointing. Should have online play as standard these days - even if it's very basic. Are there scoreboards?

Posted by SamFo

dissapointing, especially for 1200 MS points.

Posted by Angularbanjo

I'd never actually played a Soul Calibur game before this came out on XBLA, and I fell head over heels in love with it immediately. I certainly got my points' worth of enjoyment out of it, and it managed to get me into fighting games for the first time in my life.

Posted by The_Specter

My first Soul Calibur was 2, and I have been a fan ever since. That being said, for a first timer I found this game to be a worthwhile purchase. At least for a fan of the series. I enjoyed working with the older mechanics, and competing on the leader boards was a big draw with the character specific lists.

I'd say that anyone who really like Soul Calibur, or merely fighting games in general, that has not played this iteration of the series before should definitely consider a purchase.


Posted by FarCry

The lack of single player modes are because of XBLA size limit and the online play probably because of soul calibur IV but still a fun game

Posted by makari

a tale of souls and swords, eternally with no online

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