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Posted by TheYear20XX

Well, at least it wasn't vaporware.

Posted by ZipCrash

I just started it yesterday and at this point I'm good bit past the quick look and I think the game is pretty great. The climbing controls can certainly be an issue at times, as seen in the quick look, but so far that hasn't been a deal breaker.

Posted by Animasta

this is the best brad picture

Posted by Still_I_Cry

Disappointed to read about all the flaws..I was hoping that there wouldn't be as many as Brad mentioned in the quick look.

Posted by BeachThunder

Well, hopefully someone else can make good on this kind of survival-not-horror idea D:

Posted by outerabiz

Too bad, i liked the premise and have been looking forward too this for a while.

Hopefully someone else will succeed in making this kind of game good.

Posted by dropabombonit

Good review Brad and reviewing this late means that you weren't subject to the same abuse Greg Miller got for giving the game a 4.5. I played 2 hours of this game at a friends house and that score seems fair

Posted by Master_Funk

Hopefully the Last of Us makes true to the promise of survival that this game had.

Posted by jozzy

I would advice people that can look past mechanical flaws in games to at least try out the demo. I freaking loved this game, it is really tense and atmospheric. Yes the combat and the climbing doesn't always work flawlessly (although I had less problems than Brad aparently had), but it is always interesting and challenging. I also didn't hate the ending as much as Brad did, although it definately is rushed.

If you are the kind of person that enjoyed mechanicly unsound games like, for instance Alpha Protocol or Nier, for what they did do rather than what they didn't do, I think you will really enjoy this one too.

Edited by Chris2KLee

This is another game whose development process I found much more entertaining than the game.

Posted by Suigyoken

Hope this doesn't become a Hydrophobia incident, with those comments from the developer already negative towards players.

Posted by TurboMan

I was way into the quicklook, but the game erasing part was insane. Also, I can see how the formula gets old really quick.

Posted by hollitz

Bought the game anyway. This may or may not be the first time I've disagreed with Brad. So far we're in sync as I've enjoyed myself and have only played the first 30 minutes.

Posted by iAmJohn

I'm up to Chapter 11 or 12 (basically, I'm looking for a transmitter on a boat or something), and while I agree with a lot of Brad's complaints, I dunno, there's something about the game that really grabs me. For all its bad checkpointing, occasionally clunky controls and camera that makes platforming more difficult than it usually should, they really nail the atmosphere. Even if the hub world is very small and doesn't really have any reason to explore it outside of how they force you to traverse it to get to the more linear missions, wandering around the dusty streets, unable to see, constantly losing stamina... there's just something so brilliantly tense and hopeless about the whole thing. It really taps into some base survival instinct for me that I can't explain other than to say it makes me really key into what they're going for, even if the mechanics are sometimes a little too transparent.

Really hoping the ending doesn't bum me out as much as it did you, Brad.

Posted by louiedog

I didn't have the same problems with climbing that Brad did. I definitely lost some stamina from making bad choices or taking too long to figure out where I should be going, but I don't think I ever died, so it never became frustrating. I also didn't have a problem with my arrow disappearing but other people in the forums reported that as an issue. Even if I missed my target the arrow was never too far past them and I was able to collect it again. Based on the way supplies are doled out in the game and the way I relied on the bow, that's a shitty bug.

I will say that the game is definitely wonky as Brad says and the ending sucks. It really feels like Ubisoft Shangai took the project over and was given a limited time to make it into a product to recoup some of the development losses. Still, it was fun to play and after finishing it I keep thinking about it and ways that I could have played it better and helped more people. My first time through only took me a little under 4 hours and with a survivors guide to get them all I could probably replay it in about the same amount of time. I may do that.

Posted by popmasterruler

After watching the quick look I was hoping Brad wouldn't have been the one to review it because he just didn't seem to be very good at it.Quite honestly I'm going to buy it no matter what the reviews say.

Posted by iAmJohn

@louiedog said:

I didn't have the same problems with climbing that Brad did. I definitely lost some stamina from making bad choices or taking too long to figure out where I should be going, but I don't think I ever died, so it never became frustrating.

I never got to that point either, but to be fair to Brad, having to burn a piton because my character wasted a couple seconds randomly deciding to climb in the opposite direction because the camera got screwy (which has happened to me a couple times) is fucking annoying as hell and should never happen. Especially not in a game that is expecting me to play it on Survivor and be hamstrung by a lack of items.

Posted by h0lgr

I wish this was out for Steam so I could try it out properly.

Posted by jozzy

@popmasterruler said:

After watching the quick look I was hoping Brad wouldn't have been the one to review it because he just didn't seem to be very good at it.Quite honestly I'm going to buy it no matter what the reviews say.

I don't think he is really wrong about any of his gripes with the game, although I didn't think they are as game-crippling as he makes them out to be. It's just that it seems many people really enjoy the game despite it's problems. There are a lot of games that are perfectly playable but don't really offer anything new or memorable, this game is definately not one of those.

Like I said before, I would put this game in the Alpha Protocol, Deadly Premonition and Nier category. They have problems but end up being more than the sum of their parts because they are ambitious and offer something new and exciting.

Posted by RedRavN

This is such a cool concept for a game and could be a very thrilling experience. It would be great if a developer would make a game in a similar style but iron out the mechanics and gameplay to make a more fun and less frusterating experience.

Posted by glitznglamstyle

Stupendous game. I'm sure Brad just pulled a "Brad" too often. ;P

Posted by slayergnome

I will say I am about half way thru this game and there are a lot of problems with that.

That being said this is an interesting idea that no one has done before and I think giving it 2 stars is way to harsh.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

@h0lgr said:

I wish this was out for Steam so I could try it out properly.

Lies, you would just pirate it, Ubisoft told me so!

Posted by upwarDBound

Glad to see this game getting some appreciation by some of the comments here as it looks really interesting. I happen to be one of those people that can have a great time with a game despite it having serious flaws if the overall experience is compelling.

Posted by attackslug

@BeachThunder: Disaster Report/Raw Danger are two of my favorite games of all time (the 3rd PSP one was never localized, but also good, and the 4th was canned after the earthquake)

I was hoping this would at least live up to those, but apparently not =/

Posted by markgcarter

one thing i'm not sure on in this review is the comment about dropping bullets. The way I understood it, the enemies could fire their bullets and then have their gun empty when they died, in that case, no bullets makes sense (as is the 'empty gun' that pops up when you pick it up).

In fact, in one situation on my playthrough an aggressor didnt have any bullets and despite all his threatening had nothing to fire, much like the player can threaten with 0 bullets but eventually the enemies wise up.

that said, brad's gripes are valid but I think for many people they wont be as detrimental to the experience as they were for him. But hey, that's what the demo is for, right?

Posted by theodacourt

I was really excited by this premise and I've been looking forward to it for years. Perhaps the 'years in the making' has proven its downfall. Such a shame. :-(.

Posted by artgarcrunkle

I'm sure most of his points are valid but after watching his ineptitude in the quick look I can't really trust Brad's review.

Posted by Beaudacious

It seems this review is complaining about this game being an actual game while trying to deliver survival gameplay instead of being another Heavy Rain. I don't know if its the constant abuse Brad gets from the community about dying, but its fine to die in a game, to screw up, or fail. Being stressed out about just making a wrong turn while platforming due to stamina, about your inventory, enemies, combat seems exactly what a survival game should be.

A $15 XBLM game, with flaws, but a decent execution, with decent ideas gets only complaints. But a game that almost isn't a game, and is $60 gets almost a glowing review for being an episode of Dragon Ball Z with some interactivity. What the hell? Don't tell me price doesn't matter, its the whole point of reviews.

Posted by Moncole

Probably got a low score because what happened to Brad in the QL.

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

I'll probably still pick this up at some point, I like the look of it. I can deal with clunky controls and an f'd up checkpoint system if I enjoy the atmosphere.

Posted by Deathpooky

For all the technical faults and gameplay weirdness I was really hoping they'd nail the story in this game. That they didn't just makes the entire game seem kind of pointless.

Posted by Wii60BigScreenGamer

yeah, the game's sorta incomplete and a lil janky in places, but i have to disagree with brad.... i played through this game and very much enjoyed it. the traversal was enjoyable because it didn't hold your hand in the way that Uncharted or Enslaved does, and that's refreshing in an old school Tomb Raider-y kind of way. having to repeat difficult combat encounters until you get each one right can be a bit frustrating, but it's very rewarding when you get it right, and the difficulty just seemed to make it more of an immersive experience, because i felt genuine fear when encountering a group of aggressive thugs. no, the game's not perfect, sure, it lack polish, and the ending makes it feel unfinished, but i'm grateful for the DLC of this generation, because just a console generation ago, none of us would have been able to experience this game; it wouldn't have been salvaged for an XBLA release, it would have just been scrapped. 1200 microsoft space bucks well spent, IMO.

Posted by bkbroiler

I really like the climbing aspect of the game. The multiple routes to get to the same place and stamina time limits are really good. Brad's right, though, the combat sucks. It just isn't any fun.

I'm still enjoying the game, though. I'm interested to get to this horrible ending.

Posted by PimblyCharles

I knew just because Brad doesn't know how to play the game that he'd give this is bad review

Posted by cstrang

I agree with Brad that the threaten button and the kill button should not have been the same. It's put me into bad situations too many times. I had my arrow disappear on me once, but luckily I had picked up another one from Godknowswhere. I also agree that the game feels only about a third-to-a-half finished. But, I did enjoy most of my time with the game, even if I think the heavy dust system was used to artificially lengthen the experience.

...And this dude can scale pipes and shit like none-other, but somehow it really takes it out of him to climb ladders.

Posted by Sander

2 stars ouch. The QL and the demo made it look promising but...

Edited by Antihippy

@PimblyCharles: It looked like he can play the game just fine? If he finished it he probably knows how to play it.

What were your complaints with his playstyle?

Posted by Solh0und

I was pretty close to wanting to play this game....until I saw the Quick Look. I guess I'll try to locate Metro 2033 somewhere.

Posted by MrKlorox

Good thing Brad never played STALKER when it was new. I still say it takes the cake for the review's subtitle. The difference is that the community remembered what was promised and tried to bridge the gap, fixing it a lot. However even if I Am Alive was moddable to the same extent, it would still be lacking major content.

Posted by dvorak

Going back to finish this game after being fucked over by the check-pointing system took something out of Brad permanently, I'm sure.

Posted by CJduke

I feel like its been a long time since we got to see Brad's back turned in shame picture. This game looked pretty bad.

Posted by ZmillA

I enjoyed playing the game. I'd go so far as saying I like the game.

Edited by KinjiroSSD

"... one of the most refreshing games to come along in years. "


Posted by jozzy

@KinjiroSSD said:

"... one of the most refreshing games to come along in years. "


Very clever!

Posted by Klei

Brad, come on, by the quicklook you've shown, you had absolutely no fucking clue of what you were doing. You're horrible at about everything that isn't Starcraft 2 or Doom. Of course you're going to two-star this game ; it just beat you.

Posted by Ruggington


Because we all know that Brad hates games that challenge him. That's why Trials HD and Super Meat Boy have such low scores.

Oh wait

Edited by Klei


It doesn't change what I've brought up. Brad fucks up over and over and gets irritated at anything that poses him trouble. It's been like that since... huh, forever. Saying I Am Alive is shit is a lot easier, since it got mitigated reviews. Saying Super Meat Boy is shit takes a lot more balls, since it's a critically acclaimed titled. What I'm saying is, in the industry of video game reviews, you have to, sometimes, follow the flow more or less if you don't want to burst your credibility.

Oh and by the way, I think Super Meat Boy to be amazing, same with I Am Alive. You do know how Giantbomb hates Dark Souls? Hence why there's nothing on this site about it? Same thing. They preferred NOT to review it instead of slapping it with a 2 out of 5.

Posted by robin_smith

yeah what was up with that ending? and whos the girl watching the tape??

Posted by AssInAss

Still going to get the game, because of the goals of the game and wanting something refreshing of a pure survival game.

We need more games to be made about true survival, I hope the Tomb Raider reboot and The Last of Us take notes on the design philosophy of this game, and even execute it better.

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