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Edited by Cloudleet

Nice, really wanna try the game though=/

Edit: What the hell was I trying to say there?!

Too bad, I was looking forward to this is more like it!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

That's too bad. I was hoping for something better. Oh well!

Posted by UlquioKani

I had a feeling alex would review this. He seems to get the short end of the stick

Posted by Sinkwater

A review before a QL?!

Posted by thebatmobile

Alex always plays the worst games, why?

Posted by Baltimore

Oh Alex, why do you always get saddled with the bad ones?

Posted by christ0phe

Why did people think this game would be good?

Posted by MalkavTheClown

What did you do Alex? seems more like punishment than a game. Better you than me !

Edited by Sooty

Alex "I keep having to play these turds" Navarro

Posted by JacDG

In my opinion, it's not this bad, it's not that great either but I find it to be an alright game, certainly worthy of a shot if there is nothing else coming out for a while. Sure it can be very frustrating indeed, but some of the action stuff is neat.

Posted by CornBREDX

Well.. Now I'm sad 
If Alex doesn't like it I wont either 'cus we tend to agree on these things. Now I am disappoint =( 
I'll get it when the price drops, I still really want to play it but I'll hold off for now.

Posted by kerikxi

Not to be 'that guy', but a two star game should have some sort of redeeming factor, somewhere. If ya can't recommend anything about the game at all, it's one star. Not like it's a big deal either way, the general consensus on this game is all around poor.

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Wait wait wait...this game isn't Japanese?

It's made by Rebellion?

I feel like I've been lied to.

Posted by Skooky

I didn't know this game existed until like like two days ago.

Posted by Encephalon

I want a Quick Look of this.

No, I need a Quick Look of this.

Posted by ZombiePie

Alex Navarro is Giant Bomb's Erik Wolpaw. 

Edited by max3000

Awwww.. I actually had really high hopes for this one.

At least the Megadeth song is alright.

Posted by Jayzilla

why is a game like this getting a review but not SW:ToR?

Posted by Ghostiet
@Jayzilla said:

why is a game like this getting a review but not SW:ToR?

Because reviewing an MMO, a young one to boot, seems pointless?
Posted by cooljammer00

How is this not a 1 star review?

Posted by GeedAwesome

Oh Konami, what are you doing? This went from Neverdead to Nevergonnaplaythisshitagain.

Posted by MikeGosot
@SaturdayNightSpecials said:

Wait wait wait...this game isn't Japanese?

It's made by Rebellion?

I feel like I've been lied to.

This kind of explains the "lack of charm".
Posted by Deusoma

Pity that Alex spends so much time trying to come up with creative ways to insult the game rather than go into a useful level of detail over why he didn't like it.

Posted by Alex

@kerikxi: I considered that, but stacking it up against games like Blackwater, Velvet Assassin, and everything else that's gotten a one star review around here, I couldn't quite bring myself to do it. I dislike this game rather vehemently, but I can't call it the kind of soul-sucking clusterfuck that those other games most certainly are. It's a bad game with few redeeming qualities, but it's not a thermonuclear disaster, either.

Posted by Alex

@Deusoma: Oh, I don't know, I'd say my descriptions of what's wrong with the gameplay and storyline are pretty detailed.

Edited by mutha3
@Alex: Why do you always get to review the absolute worst games?
Anyway, this is extremely disappointing to hear. I was looking forward to this game. I think Alex namedropping Suda51 as often as he has in this review was apt--  that was totally the kind of game I was hoping for. The dismemberment gimmick looked like it could be pretty cool if it was pulled of well. 
Will probably be skipping this.....
Posted by mabber36

alex, please review amy

Posted by I_smell

I knew this was Alex as soon as I read the sub-heading.
And that Arcadia screenshot is pretty much "videogames" summed up into one image.

Posted by CJduke

Poor Alex having to review another shit game

Posted by Flappy

Another quality review by Alex Navarro! Unfortunately for him, it was another game that turned out to be mediocre. Bummer.

Edited by RedRavN

I seems that trying to reattach yourself to your body while being stun locked and ragdolled everywhere lost planet style might have been a terrible design decision. Who would have thought? Also, from what footage I have seen the melee combat just looks absolutely awful; likely some of the worst I have ever seen. At least the shooting seems somewhat functional. Thats a 2 star game for me, one that is functional enough to play but terribly designed, boring, glitchy or hyper repetative (or a combination of those qualities). A 1 star game is one that may or may not have those qualities in addition to being completely broken either technically or through gameplay.

Posted by Marokai

That's a shame. This game seemed vaguely interesting. I feel bad for Alex; having to play so many terrible games.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Totally forgot about this game existed, good job on the marketing Konami.

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

Ah. I love reading the title of an article or review and knowing Alex wrote it.

Posted by kerikxi

@Alex: Yeah, in that sense, it's at least not a completely broken experience, just a thoroughly unpleasant one. It's really just semantics; in the end, it's not a good game, and the review definitely got that across.

Posted by doublezeroduck

Alex does the review of the 360 version? Yet he has no achievements for the game. Weird. Did he even play it?

Posted by Alex

@doublezeroduck: I played a debug copy, but that's adorable that you'd look up my achievements.

Posted by UberExplodey

I saw the Destructoid guys stream this on release day...looked like trash.

Posted by Fozimuth

Knew there would be trouble as soon as I saw it was being made by Rebellion.

And the horrible "break apart like a gimmicky action figure" every 5 seconds was a bit of a hint.

Posted by BeachThunder

Now I want to see Alex do a review of Amy :o

Posted by Landon

Too bad. I thought it looked kinda cool. Oh well.

Posted by 234r2we232

Ugh! Reading through this review, I had severe Comic Jumper flashbacks... excuse me, I'm gonna crawl into a corner and cry for a while.

Posted by NMC2008

I had a feeling it was you Alex lol.

Posted by iAmJohn

Another bad game from Rebellion. Well I, for one, am shocked!

Posted by tourgen

What did Alex do to deserve this abuse?

Posted by UricTheOddball

Having read the review, I have to wonder how Alex really feels about the game.

Posted by steelknight2000

Does the game at least use the Megadeth song in any meaningful way? It's not their best work, but it's better than this fucking game.

Posted by theodacourt

This definitely sounds like a one or zero star game. What redeeming features does it have? (or doesn't it have any?)

Posted by rts375

Damn, all these years later and poor Alex still has to review these shitty games.

Posted by Brockly46

@steelknight2000: the song is in this trailer here

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