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Posted by Korolev

Oh alex. They roped you in to play this one too? There should be a Premium video called "Navarro's Revenge!" in which he forces Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny to play through all the crap he has had to review for a minimum of 2 hours.

Posted by devilzrule27

@mabber36: They are always fantastic. No one conveys the terribleness of a game better then Alex.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I think it looks cool just to witness. I actually dig the extreme end of the spectrum the game went to with it's visuals, which I think look pretty cool. But then, I appreciate Norway's influence on the death metal scene probably more than most do so I can see it getting annoying. The camera other than catching on things it should catch on occasionally seems fine. I didn't feel sick from it, I kind of liked it actually. It helped sell the "Jesus this place is the worst, what is this, hell?" motif of the game. Plus the blood really pops, which looks bad ass after you slaughter a bunch of enemies and the ground is just COVERED in blood.

Not saying it's good game, just that I'm interested in experiencing it just to see heads explode (I'm pretty resilient to gore, having seen plenty of actual gore, but that head exploded monster in the QL made me a little uncomfortable, but in an awesome way. It looks metal, but not in that "oh look at us we're edgy" way but in a "we live in a rainy northern European country and we probably sacrifice people to the blood gods" kind of way. Which is unusual in games. At least unusual for it to be taken seriously.

Posted by UnrealDP

@DarkidRising: And I'm entitled to enjoying the content when it's good. I disagree on the review being poorly written if that's what he's getting at, but I guess it's just a subjective thing or something. I like the way it's written and maybe I'm just into Alex's writing style, but I do think there's a time and a place for telling people to be ashamed of themselves and calling things terrible, and the comments on a review most people enjoy and don't see a problem with is not one of them. Being hyperbolic is one thing, but being a bit of a drama queen is another.


I knew this game was going to be fucking terrible the second I saw it...

Posted by oneidwille

I assume Bloodforge: The Second would be the next logical title...hell, logic probably wouldn't work into it. Bloodforger the Reckoning...there we go.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

Why doesn't Alex ever review good games?

Posted by Valdarez

Followed you for what, nearly a decade since GameSpot. Disappointed in this review and the general quality since Gamespot reviewers went to drop the GiantBomb. Not all the way through yet, but at the start, you definitely didn't kill your own wife. Perhaps that's a spoiler you let go? Dunno, either way, boo Alex, heavy boo.

Posted by Alex

@Valdarez: The hell are you talking about? In the opening cutscene, he absolutely 100% stabs his own wife because whatever god was screwing with him made her look like an enemy soldier.

Posted by august

@KamikazeCaterpillar said:

Why doesn't Alex ever review good games?

Because it's not as funny that way.

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

@august: Fair enough sir.

Posted by Enigma_2099

First I get Alex back from Harmonix, then I see they're still torturing him with reviewing subpar and bad games...

... why am I smiling right now?

Posted by Enigma_2099

@Enigma777 said:

I'm not trying to say that Bloodforge is not a bad game. From what I've heard and seen, it's atrocious.

However, this is a terrible review. Alex, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you didn't want to review the game, don't review the fucking game!

Who the hell died and made you editor in chief? If the review is accurate, why does it matter how he wrote it? You're not even bitching about having a different opinion of the game.

Why did we have to have similar usernames?