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Posted by allodude

@revpeters: To be fair though, middle-of-the-day chase sequences aren't exactly new to the series.

Posted by Dezztroy

"The unique Assassin’s Creed multiplayer first introduced in Brotherhood continues to get refined in Assassin’s Creed III."

Except it's basically a copy of The Ship.

Posted by GetEveryone

@whitespider said:

I like how giantbomb's comments are less... how do I put it - Influenced - than the more 'mainstream' outlets. For example, users are mentioning "ryan has a certain perspective on something, I might have another perspective" Compared to say, ign. That is a revelation of the human spirit.

See: Catherine, Halo 4.

The comments here can be just as vitriolic and uninformed.

Posted by Claude

I'm pretty deep into 3 and 4 sounds about right. Whew, going back into 3 for a 4 sounds like fun, see you soon.

Posted by probablytuna

Still waiting for the delivery man to drop my damn game off. Hurry up!

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@Dezztroy said:

"The unique Assassin’s Creed multiplayer first introduced in Brotherhood continues to get refined in Assassin’s Creed III."

Except it's basically a copy of The Ship.

History is written by the winners, there's nothing new under the sun, etc. Splinter Cell's multiplayer also wasn't unique, it was a copy of Thievery, a mod for UT which was inspired by Thief.

They also didn't have to know about The Ship when devising the basic concept. Brutal Legend's gameplay is essentially a modernized version of Sacrifice, yet Tim Schafer said that he didn't know about Sacrifice until it was pointed out to him knee-deep into production - and there's no real reason to doubt him.

Posted by Bell_End

can't wait to play this. hanging on for the PC version though which is towards the end of the month.

have PLENTY to keep me busy till then.

Posted by Christoffer

This year I've played AC1, AC2 and currently Brotherhood. Never played them before and I find them quite awesome. Though I will need some time off after Brotherhood. I'm all stabbed out for awhile and I still want to play Revelations.

... so much stabbin'

Posted by JesterPC238

Excellent review, well worth the wait. I appreciate the general lack of spoilers as well. I haven't played the game yet, it's sitting on my shelf as I wrap up Revelations, but from everything I'm hearing about it it sounds like maybe people had some unrealistic expectations for the game. What did we really think they were going to do to drastically change it? The formula is solid, the free running really has only needed refinements and tweaks since the first game, the combat works fine and dandy, and the basic structure of the game is enjoyable. Personally I didn't expect anything much different than Revelations or Brotherhood set in the American Revolution, and it sounds like that's what this is. Shame the ending is apparently bad though.

Posted by Gabriel

There is no way I will ever play this game after seeing how bad they botched the story. Mechanics might be fun, but not worth my time.

Posted by laserbolts

I disagree with this game getting away with how buggy it is but this was a well written review. I didn't expect one thanks Ryan.

Posted by wardcleaver

Another excellent review from Ryan. I kinda want to play this, but feel I should play Brotherhood and Revelations first (I have played AC and AC2).

Posted by dropabombonit

The review was worth the wait, agree with most of what you say. But I felt the way they ended Desmond's story was poor. I was really invested in his story but they (SPOILER!) literally kill that potential. I loved the Conor stuff and would have gave this game 5 stars if it wasn't for how disappointing the ending to Desmond's story was

Posted by aktivity

I don't hate the ending, but I don't like it either. The game was originally meant to be a trilogy, but I fear that in their zeal to make it a annual franchise the ending got the short end of the stick. I would have much rather seen them give the trilogy a proper ending and then start a fresh new story. Instead they focused on creating a story justification for a sequel. The Desmond buildup should have paid off, instead we're stuck with another plot twist and cliffhanger ending. Still great game and the early plot twist was awesome. It totally made the long tutorial worth it.

Posted by banquos_revenge

Finished this game before the review was up. If you want to post relevant reviews, do it in a timely mannar.

Edited by Ujio

I have to agree with this review; very spot-on about the game. The tutorial segments last way too long and the hunting mechanic feels tacked on. Am I playing AC or RDR here? If I want to hunt and skin animals I already have a game to do that.. And considering how it's so non-essential to anything in the game besides itself, that makes it even more annoying.

Posted by Helios1337

I'm still on the fence for this one. The locations look very boring to explore, the story does nothing for me (revolutionary war and politics .. ZZZZzzzzzZZZ), and most reviews and videos just show all of stuff you can do OTHER than ASSASSINATIONS. I just want to run on some cobblestone roofs, climb some towers, see a beautiful city, clear out some dudes on patrol and stabby stab my target from a hay bale for sweet sweet revenge.

Posted by revel

Wait, 4 out of 5 stars.. And you gave it biggest disappointment of the year? And everybody was ripping on it. Most didn't finish it. Those that did completely crapped on it. I don't get it! I need an explanation....

Edited by divergence

I'm fairly far along into AC3 (WiiU version). So far I've encountered alot of graphical glitches which I've really never encountered before in a console game. But apart from that, I think they try to cram so much into this game that they don't quite have enough time to smoothly transition from one part of the story to the next. Everything seems awkward; like when Conner meets his "trainer" for the first time, their initial exchange isn't natural at all for two people whom have never met. I'll still plug along but so far I'm finding this game a little tired. I was expecting more sophistication out of it but at this point the mechanics aren't letting them really push it forward. Here's to ACIV- I hope that one becomes a breakout point for the series.

Posted by VilgeDuin

Ryan's last review... Just wanted to say, thanks for all the great reviews and purchasing advice you've provided over the years. May you rest in peace.

Posted by AxleBro

oh on.... ryans last review was this? bummer...

Posted by MormonWarrior

For historical perspective, this is Ryan's last written review. :(

Posted by spartanman1222

response to above two comments. :(

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The game in this review seems totally besides the point now.

Posted by Bakumatsu

Oh man... I've been playing this game for a couple a months now and I finished it on the day in which Ryan passed away. I didn't know it was the last game he reviewed. The universe really works in some odd way.

Posted by WMoyer83
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Ryan's last review... Just wanted to say, thanks for all the great reviews and purchasing advice you've provided over the years. May you rest in peace.