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Posted by l3illyl3ob

A patch went out on Steam today that adds functional 360 controller support. So anyone who was waiting for that, wait no longer.

Posted by Nettacki
@msavo said:

I'm praying the Vita version being talked about comes through.

Same here.
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I haven't got this game yet.. HEY,..Blood Spatter got's to do much more than what I was seeing.

That is, Splatter Blood.....

I do like Alex on the other hand, and he does cite there be these merits and such.

So I will consider it.

P.S. No such thing as a perfect score

Posted by RE_Player1

I'm praying the Vita version being talked about comes through.

Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

@csl316 said:

I've seen and heard so much of this game, and I even rewatched Drive. Why I haven't bought it yet is beyond my comprehension.

This game made me finally sit down and watch Drive, so as far as I'm concerned, the game is already a complete and total success.

Posted by RPGee

I completely agree with this review, except for the fact that I actively don't enjoy it. I looked into the depths of its violence, and never enjoyed it, even when the pace was at its highest.

It's still one of the best games of the year so far which everyone should play.

Posted by tourgen

alright, I didn't expect to see a review of this game.

Posted by Chumm

I think the brilliance of the art is understated here. The things this game does with just a couple pixels are astonishing, like a blonde samurai girl in a pink kimono being conveyed in like 20x5 pixels, or people kneeling, taking a piss, passed out, etc. Add to that how clearly a few pixels can show the brutal disembowelment of an npc or how you can thumb out a guy's eyeballs with about 5 pixels, or show typing on a keyboard by just blinking 2 pixels, I'm constantly blown away by all the custom animation and how effective it is. That layer of abstraction actually helps to make it less cartoonish because it never gets complex enough to look silly.

Also it's worth mentioning that the boss fights are contrived videogamey trash with only one way to fight each of them, which does not fit well with the rest of the open gameplay at all. Still, everything between the bosses is sublime.

Posted by csl316

I've seen and heard so much of this game, and I even rewatched Drive.  Why I haven't bought it yet is beyond my comprehension.

Posted by zoozilla

I have to applaud Alex for his writing here.

This is a damn well-written review.

Posted by re4ctor

GOTY for me, I haven't had as much fun with any other game.

Posted by bkbroiler

@ChrisTaran said:

Have they fixed the game yet to work properly for left-handed players that need to rebind the WASD keys to the arrow keys? Cause it's kind of unplayable for me until they do.

I think you can rebind keys now, but controller support isn't coming until the next patch. I'm waiting until then to buy this game. You're probably all set though!

Posted by ChrisTaran

Have they fixed the game yet to work properly for left-handed players that need to rebind the WASD keys to the arrow keys? Cause it's kind of unplayable for me until they do.

Posted by Phoenix87

5 stars is not enough for this fucking amazing game.

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@mnzy said:

Alex actually got a good game to review? That's new!

Maybe they gave it to him to review thinking it would be buggy and he would have to suffer through it. Jokes on you, Jeff...he likes it!

Posted by Bunnyman

Yup. This game is really fun and disturbing. Glad it got a staff review.

Posted by ripelivejam

is this furry shit? fuck dat!

Posted by LastNinja

Lovely review, love the game. That bonus level in the latest update took some tries.

Posted by Tunnelman

Wiki reads that it's available for the Mac, however it is not yet released for that platform. It will be soon, possibly next month. Just a heads up for those rushing off to Steam.

Posted by Ett

I like it! Love the music! But man fuck the bossfights.

I don't like it when they chance the rules of the game when fighting a boss.

Posted by Winternet

Great to see and read Alex reviewing Hotline Miami. Dude should be more active on site content (apart from the already great reviews he writes).


Hotline Miami is an amazing game, just buy it.

Posted by LordLOC

I'm honestly shocked that Patrick didn't review this for the site. But I'm really glad Alex did (I enjoy his reviews quite a bit normally) and I'm even happier that he loves the game as much as the rest of us seem to do! And dear god yes, I love the soundtrack. I have it on a playlist on my foobar2000 playlist thingie. Love it.

Posted by Nadril
Posted by theveej

hmmm, I might need to write my first review for this game. It is an amazing game don't get me wrong, but its not finished. A PC game without any sort of options and lack of options for controller support for this kind of game is shit. I tried to play it last night again to finish up the last few levels and its straight up crashed before the game starts (which didn't happen before and I chose the non steamwork option). The notion that I can't play a PC game like this in windows mode or the fact that it doesn't have any sort of sound setting is just sad. I know its a small team and all, and the developer had said they will update it soon, but the technical issues are pissing me off.

That being said, its a great fucking game, amazing music (and I never even really care too much about music in games) and just great atmosphere. For $10 anyone who is semi interested should pick it up

Posted by Cybexx

Considering the state of New York at the moment, Alex has delivered 3 reviews since Hurricane Sandy, well-written as always. Its like the USPS creed applied to video game reviews and I salute him for it.

As for Hotline Miami, yeah its a blast. I couldn't put it down even when I had some terrific bigger games (like XCOM and Dishonored) to play. Despite the occasional crash, collision detection issues and other bugs it is so satisfying. It gives you great feedback at a blazing pace and it triggers the same puzzle part of my brain that a good stealth game does.

Posted by Alorithin

That rooster has really pronounced wattles.

Posted by Phatmac

I should probably play this game, right?

Posted by MetalBaofu

This is one of those that just doesn't grab me for some reason. Nothing I've seen has made me want to play it, and it's one of the few quick looks I just didn't want to finish watching. It's weird, I'm normally interested in trying out pretty much anything.

Posted by billyhoush

I am eagerly awaiting the Mac version.

Posted by McGhee

Soundtrack to this game is like sitting in an opium den in cyber punk Hong Kong and getting mind-fucked by John Carpenter.

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Man this reminds of the good old days...

Also to add some criticism to the game, I don't know about anyone else, but this game is sort of fucked for me. I've had a fair amount of crashes and lately what will happen on the second to last level is I'll get to the third floor and something weird will happen where I get stuck in a wall or the game crashes, so I've yet to finish it because that sort of sucks everything out of me to keep going.

Posted by mnzy

Alex actually got a good game to review? That's new!

Posted by Animasta

I love you alex, straight up <3

Posted by dvorak

An incredible game with an even better sound track.

Posted by 50hzShinsen

Great game, just wish some of the technical issues could get sorted out.

Edited by Lavs

So, spoiler alert here.

I've heard some theories that Hotline Miami is a game intended to make you aware of the inherent "it's just a game, who cares" feeling that people seem to get when they play violent games. As in, make you aware of the fact that you just gouged a man's eyeballs out with your fingers or murdered a room full of innocent men. The game actually asks you questions like "Do you like hurting people?" and you have the option of asking "Do you think this is some kind of game?" to the antagonist at the end, to which they respond with something along the lines of "Are you not having fun?"

There is a crazy, elaborate puzzle mechanic where you go around finding individual letters of a password on the ground to input into a computer at the end. This reveals a perfectly plausible explanation for everything that goes on in the game that wraps up nicely, but.. it wraps up almost too nicely. It seems like the puzzle mechanic was intended to throw people off - if it's possible to get an explanation for the plot by doing a long-winded side quest, you'll be more inclined to believe that there's no higher message - it's just a game with a weird plot. I think it's a red herring. I think Hotline Miami was built, at a certain point in development at least, with the pure idea of making a game so fun to play but also so hyperviolent that you feel uncomfortable when you're done, like you've done something you shouldn't have, or gone too far as a person.

Maybe that's all bullshit and it's just a beat em up, but whatever. Great game.

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

always wanted to try this.

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Games is undoubtedly awesome. Finished it today. Swell review as well Alex. Europe is killing it with the indie games this year (Dear Esther, Botanicula and this (Swedish)).

Edit: Also if anyone really liked that track from the Quick Looks it's "Hyrdrogen" of of MOON's Moon Ep: http://music.musicofthemoon.com/album/moon-ep And you can also download he's most recent EP for free here: http://music.musicofthemoon.com/album/particles-ep (It's pretty darn good actually). Also this is just one of the artist from the game you can check out the whole thing here: http://soundcloud.com/devolverdigital/sets/hotline-miami-official (Sorry for the linkdump but hopefully it will be appreciated!)