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Posted by Oni

@Sooty said:

The worst thing about RE6 is that people will now look back on 5 as if it was actually a good game.

It was! It was totally fine! It had some questionable parts, especially in the last third, but the tight combat of RE4 was present and correct. And Mercenaries was wild fun in co-op.

Posted by chrishardyblue

I almost bought this game until I saw how much Brad was hating it. Thanks for saving my $60 and 30+ hours

Posted by Jace

*Roger niner, we got a hostile inbound, over*

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I hope Japan doesn't keep up this trend. If they want to use things that are in popular western games they need to understand why those things are fun, or not fun. Just because qte's are in some really popular titles over here, doesn't mean we like them. In fact I think almost all of us hate them unless they're used sparingly. I loved Asura's Wrath but I feel like its an exception.

I don't know if I'm in the minority but I want the scary back in "survival horror" games, is it just hard to make a game scary?

Posted by unholyone123

At least he can get back to playing Starcraft II.

Posted by Sooty

The worst thing about RE6 is that people will now look back on 5 as if it was actually a good game.

Posted by duke1gears0

Whatever, I like RE6

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I feel sorry for you Brad. Having to play stuff like this.

It was a well written review, at least.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

And here... we... go...

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From what I have played in demos and heard, it seems everyone has the same oppinion except for the occasional fan boy who really cant accept they just wasted a good sum of money on an inferior product

Posted by OldManLollipop

I'll miss u brad

Posted by XcL

Cliff Leaves Epic now this.

Posted by deano546

Was hoping for 1 star, if just to piss off the fan boys...

Posted by Cheesebob

I thought it would be 1 star...but I guess it isn't inherently revolting.

Posted by Mandrewgora


Posted by Hardtarget

oooouuuuuch at that headline

Posted by Benny

If I could get a dollar for everyone who comments here and uses the word/words 'Shit storm'

Posted by neoepoch

I'd say the Stars Wars prequels are way better than this game. Take that as you will.

Posted by Morningstar

Oh snap!!

Posted by Korolev

Oh ho! You are in for a shit-storm of negative comments Mr. Shoemaker! Be warned!

Posted by Fredchuckdave


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Also, tied with FF13 for "most lavishly produced bad game"

Posted by nohthink

BOOM!!! Shame on you, RE6!!!!!