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Resident Evil 6 is an adrenaline ride of epic proportions. Its very hard! But so has all RE games been (at least in the beginning, then we get weapon upgrades etc). Negativ Nancies will not like this game, as at least four times the character cannot run, so that makes the entire game "bad". I have not had so much fun as playing this game, with its extremely long boss battles and frustratingly vague controls, and then we have co-op. Co-op is EFFING AMAZING! I can not brag enough about this game. Also loving the non PC story line.

Its clear that Brad doesnt know what he is talking about.

Posted by CptBedlam

@Grognard66 said:

It seems there's a game or two every year where the reviewers (who all tweet/email each other during pre-release gaming sessions for review) create a positive or negative vicious spiral in their small, insular community which skews the scores one way or the other. It's a shame, because some people will be dissuaded from even trying this game who probably would have liked it and developers/publishers will continue to shy away from creating lengthy, ambitious games because of these situations.

Great point, and therefore quoted.

Posted by artofwar420

Can't wait to read this after work, thanks Brad!

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@Supertom11 said:

I played about 2 hours co-op last night. It's not nearly as bad as I expected after hearing Brad and Patrick's rants. Maybe my opinion will change 10-15 hours in but my friend and I both had a lot of fun as we did with RE5.

Trust me, it won't get any worse, but it probably won't get any better. If you enjoy it from the start to a few hours in, you'll most likely enjoy the entire thing. I really like the game, but I wish the minor problems it has were fixed, and yes, I said minor, because I think the things he stated are minor problems. There are quite a few of them, but with this game, it doesn't add up to something I don't want to play. I've already gone through it, and I'm going to do so again with the other characters, it's fun.

Posted by StriderJ87

I respectfully disagree with this and all other negative reviews of this game. It has very minor issues in an otherwise very solid and enjoyable high production game. I am just not experiencing what these reviewers are saying is there. I've had nothing but fun with RE6.

Posted by advent_crash

So I have played every Resident Evil game and have been a fan of the franchise and there have been games I loved, hated, or somewhere in between. I also write reviews for a website and while I'm not reviewing the game, I have played Resident Evil 6 from beginning to end and I must say this game is not in any way broken. There are as many problems as you would find in RE5. I experienced none of the problems mentioned in this review and I felt like some parts were flat out lies (such as the game teaching to heal partners is the first thing the game teaches you in the tutorial). I never had any kind of hit detection problems And I have finished all if the campaigns. Now the game isn't perfect, it does have problems but 2 stars seems like an extreme. The game should at least pull a 3 but my own personal taste is a 4. The Leon campaign and Jake campaign were both a lot of fun to me and we'll worth playing through as a RE fan. It's unfortunate where people are falling on this game but all I can say is I really enjoyed my time with it and experienced none of the problems mentioned in the review so I think for an RE fan (especially if you love 5) this game is worth playing.

Posted by MikkaQ

@Grognard66 said:

I think Brad and too many other reviewers have fallen into the trap of reviewing a game based on their expectations rather than what the game actually is. While it's fair to point out in the review if a game in a series is a serious departure in style/story/gameplay from previous entries, it should not result in a score deduction. Every game should be reviewed on it's own individual merits.

Well it would seem a lot of the praise these very same reviewers gave RE4 would indicate that a serious departure can lead to a massive bump in scores too, so it seem very fair to me. The difference was RE4 was different in a good way, while this is just different in a bad way. RE4 was a trailblazer, RE6 is stumbling in the shadows of better games that do the same things.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@britxmenyuan said:

I think ppl in Japan think otherwise, Famitsu just gave the game a 39, nearly perfect score.

Hahahaha. Famitsu gets paid to give high reviews, flat out paid. They gave Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2 nearly the same score.
Posted by BFZ

Oh man this hurts so much being that my wife and I are such big RE fans. I'll probably wind up playing when it hits the bargain bin, which might not be too far off....

Posted by Jost1

I don't understand the criticism. I haven't experienced any of the issues that Brad has. None. Controls are fine, aiming is fine. I don't get it?

Posted by Supertom11

@NTM: Well, I finished the Leon Campaign last night with the same friend. After the cable climb and the 7th incarnation of the "final" boss, we were both about to throw our controllers out the window.

Posted by LiquidPrince

@Supertom11 said:

@NTM: Well, I finished the Leon Campaign last night with the same friend. After the cable climb and the 7th incarnation of the "final" boss, we were both about to throw our controllers out the window.

I think it's flat out insanity that anyone had any issues whatsoever with the rope climb. It literally took like 10 seconds, and I didn't fail even once... R1, L1, R1, L1... I mean what? Hasn't anyone held a controller before, or played the myriad of other games that did this exact same thing? Also, who cares if the final boss shows up a bunch...? It's not like he is in the same form every time... He shows up as a different form, with different locations and different strategies to beat him. Just imagine it's like 7 different bosses.

Posted by AxleBro

@JDW519 said:

This game is getting trashed by almost every person that plays, I don't understand how sites like IGN have given it decent reviews, definitely need to play it now just to see how bad it is

It's called paying for scores, it's why Jeff was fired from gamespot. anyone who thinks this doesn't really happen is naive as fuck.

Posted by Arestice

Brad is bad at video games, I attribute his difficulty to adapt to the game to that. I am enjoy it thoroughly, there is a lot more shooting going on this game which I think most people don't like but I don't really mind. Never had any time where scripted chase scenes didn't already reverse my camera as he says in, " it goes out of its way to make sure you know to push the stick down and hold the A button every time you need to run toward the camera through a barely-interactive scripted chase scene."

I do find the sprint mechanic to be strange, I have a hard time controlling my character during that, I don't push exactly forward on my analog stick so I end up running into things which left me not using sprint most of the time.

Posted by capthavic

@Grognard66 said:

I think Brad and too many other reviewers have fallen into the trap of reviewing a game based on their expectations rather than what the game actually is. While it's fair to point out in the review if a game in a series is a serious departure in style/story/gameplay from previous entries, it should not result in a score deduction. Every game should be reviewed on it's own individual merits.

I have always found that to be one of those cop-out arguments that people make. When a game is (supposed) to be part of an established franchise then it's pretty much impossible to NOT have some kind of expectations. If Capcom wanted to make an action third person shooter that's fine, but don't shoehorn it into a series well known for survival horror.

But the big problem is even if you can ignore the title and look at is as just another action game, it's still pretty crap. It tries to appeal to everyone by having every modern gaming trope, every over the top action cliche, that it fails to do any of them well at the cost of any identity of it's own...becoming this sub par, unpolished grey sludge of mediocrity. If it weren't for the title this would be just another generic "me too!" game you'd find in the bargain bin.

You can try to excuse it's faults and say that it's good if you look at it on its own, but you can't. We live in a world where you can name anything RE6 does and I can name at least a half dozen current or even older games that do it better! There is simply no reason to play RE6 when there are so much better choices and probably cheaper too.

Posted by Supertom11

@LiquidPrince: I didn't have much trouble with the rope climb but I attribute that to Brad and Patrick detailing out how exactly to do it. Most people, like my friend, tried to simply push R1, L1, R1, L1 as the prompt shows. But in actuality you need to hold down both shoulder buttons and alternate releasing them.

And it's one thing for a boss to take multiple forms in one grand battle, it's another for it to repeatedly come back over and over with basically the same strategy every time (except for the final, final, final battle) which basically boils down to, shoot it in the face. When something comes back from being shot, blown up, run over (by a train!), drowned, stabbed, and falling from a high-rise it's just plain stupid that it can be finally killed by, *SPOILERS*, a big spike. Every time it came back it made the previous battle seem utterly pointless.

So aside from all that nonsense, the poor item management, and bad online components (not being able to invite someone mid game), for some strange reason the game is still fun.

Posted by shellbelle2

This game isnt as bad as the guys from GB played it out to be on the podcast..I have actually enjoyed it...EXCEPT.....FOR FUCKS SAKE....i agree...WORST FUCKING CLIMBING puzzle IN GAMING HISTORY...PERIOD...my god...im about to give up....

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I've played 12 chapters now and can say that this is very misleading. The aiming and shooting are fluid, especially if you get the cheap Lock On skill, the laser sight works as well as it did in RE 4 and RE 5, and projectile and melee attacks both do obvious and satisfying damage to the enemies.

"The character movement is awkward, the aiming and shooting are stiff, and your basic interactions with enemies feel unresponsive and grossly unsatisfying. With a laser sight that swims around wildly within the targeting reticle and enemies that sometimes feel like bullets are passing right through them, the shooting makes a lousy first impression."

Posted by ezio_auditore

in my opinion this is a good game, better than RE5, more horror, more characters, better IA and better gameplay.

Posted by Snakepond

I know I am going against the grain over here, but I just finished the game and I kind of liked it. There are some problems here and there and yes the horror aspect of the game is gone, but it is still a fun game. I think 2 out 5 is a little tough, but that's my opinion. Peace.

Posted by snakeking

What the hell happen, how could they possibly fawk this up??? This game was more of a chore to complete than fun, I couldn't continue playing this garbage so I returned it without finishing the third campaign or the secret campaign.. I'm a big fan of the series and I didn't really mind if it no longer had that survival horror, puzzle gameplay, I'm fine with that. My biggest problem was the gameplay mechanics and story, Here's my pros and cons:

Pros: cool dodging/moving/positioning shooting techniques they implanted.

Cons: The QTE was frustrating. story was boring and uninteresting. A Game that was suppose to feel like a shooter didn't quite execute well when your constanly low on ammo and basically force to melee all the time. The lighting was horrible. Not knowing if ur damaging an enemy. Too long of a chapter/level. The skill sytem replacing upgrades and buying equipment.

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The controls are awful, regardless of what camera settings you change.