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Posted by Tim_the_Corsair

Pffffft, Famitsu loves it!

It's like I'm playing a different game to everyone else! This is the best Residen...err, Fable game of all time

Posted by gunstarhero

i have played and completed all the fable games but his one i think i will pass,or wait ill its down to £10.

Posted by Enigma777

Is it just me or does that dude on the cover look like he has tiny T-Rex arms?

Posted by theodacourt

I have no interest in this game, but I think this is one of the best reviews I've read on the site. Great work!

Posted by Godmil

I'm actually (maybe irrationally) angry about the stunt Molyneux pulled by getting all those journalist to sign the "not on rails" board. Not sure if I'm more mad with Molyneux, or with the journalists who put their signatures to it. I'd like to think if I was there I wouldn't put my reputation in someone who is synonymous with not delivering what he promised (although I may have done it anyway just to avoid being rude). Did anyone from GiantBomb sign it?

Posted by EndlessLotus

Of course the only decent Fable game in recent memory is only playable through Kinect....

Posted by Kerned

Three stars for a game that only works 70% of the time? That seems insane to me. I get that it's charming, but if the controls are 30% broken, the game can't possibly deserve that high of a score.

Posted by DarthOrange

I'm still waiting for Brad to eat his hat like he said he would. 

Posted by Pudge

I can't help but think this game got a more favorable review just because it wasn't titled Resident Evil 6. Still, sounds like something to pick up from the bargain bin just to try out, sounds like a fun diversion.

Posted by MildMolasses

I wonder if at one point this game allowed for more free exploration? Maybe they found at a certain point that the technology wouldn't work right with it, so rather than make another Steel Battalion, they reined it in to a more functional format

Posted by Phreaker

BUT, I thought PM said it was "not on rails"! :)

Posted by dropabombonit

Just read the 2nd paragraph again, guess the game is on rails. Another broken promise from Molyneux

Posted by dropabombonit

Good review but the most important question wasn't answered in this review. Is the game on rails?

Posted by jozzy

I will try the demo for this at some point, I think my kids would enjoy this a lot. And Kinect games seem to work a lot better in my basement than any location the giantbombers try it.

Posted by Cybexx

Renting this!

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@Leadcat said:

Good to hear the Fable franchise hasn't gone completely off the rails.

It has! We promise that this game is nottt on railsss.

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The wound of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor festers still, but it seems like Brad was able to find some genuine enjoyment out of it. Good on ya, Brad.

Posted by amir90

Too bad, I remember playing with one of the programmers for this game on SWTOR, he was a very nice guy.

Posted by McGhee

Molyneux is such a brazen liar he should leave the gaming industry and just enter politics.

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As a British person (well, Scottish, but y'know), what you describe as the 'britishness' of Fable is still a selling point. In a world where just about every game is Americanised - even the games made here like GTA - and our own games heritage is sometimes forgotten* it's a rarity to see something which is so clearly steeped in the culture of Britain.

In the 80s our big systems were the c64 and spectrum. Somehow though you would get the impression that British kids of that era grew up playing the Atari and NES) games American kids did. They didn't, they grew up with British games for weird computers.

Posted by honkyjesus

Any reviewer having to do a Kinect game should get a bonus.

Played the demo for this, wouldn't fully work. Took ten minutes to get to a certain point in the tutorial, then it wouldn't read my movements. The ten minutes would have taken twenty seconds with a controller.

Posted by Sackmanjones

3 stars for a kinect game seems pretty great.....which in itself kinda sucks

Posted by Levio

It's not on rails! (It's on a single rail)

Posted by RenMcKormack

As a Hardcore Gamer (TM) I disagree with this review.

Posted by Phatmac

@Brad You better get some good games to review soon! I feel for ya :\

Posted by Solh0und

@I_Stay_Puft said:

@washingmachine said:

Could've been worse..?

Could've been Resident Evil 6?

Could've been Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Posted by Cincaid

@Leadcat said:

Good to hear the Fable franchise hasn't gone completely off the rails.

I see what you did there...

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@washingmachine said:

Could've been worse..?

Could've been Resident Evil 6?

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Methinks I'll give the game a shot when it hits bargain bins

Same. I'm not convinced I'd like it all that much but if I can find it in a bin somewhere someday I wouldn't mind picking it up on the cheap to see what it's all about - plus my son might enjoy it.

I'm very curious how well it would work for me because despite Kinect being wonky tech I don't typically have near as many issues with my Kinect setup as Giant Bomb seems to.

Posted by WMWA

Also, this is one of the best reviews you've ever written. Good job

Posted by MEATBALL

Methinks I'll give the game a shot when it hits bargain bins, I do love Fable's brand of charm (I even really enjoyed Fable III - which I'm quite sure makes me a crazy person) and the game sounds pretty decent.

Posted by YoungFrey

The fact I consider 3 stars surprisingly good because it's a Kinect game makes me sad.

Posted by Hailinel

Not on rails? But Molyneux said--

Oh, right. Molyneux said it, so of course it was never true to begin with.

Posted by zombie2011

I might buy this after watching the QL, i love the humour and the art of the Fable games. Albion is one of the best game worlds imo and i'd like to play some more there.

Posted by WMWA

Poor brad. Hopefully he gets to review an awesome game sometime soon. One day...

Posted by themartyr

I am shocked that it wound up being on-rails, after such vehement claims to the contrary.

Posted by EvilKatarn

It's not on rails, Brad!

Maybe that was the truth when Molyneux was working on this?

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Sounds a lot like my experience with the demo. Underneath all the Kinect wonkiness lies a game that's decently entertaining to interact with. Ironically while it would've worked better without Kinect, it also wouldn't have been as fun.

Posted by s10129107

Yes, but is the game Hardcore. I'm a Core gamer Brad, thats all that matters.

Posted by Leadcat

Good to hear the Fable franchise hasn't gone completely off the rails.

Posted by KaneRobot

I can't believe Guy In Pink Trucker Hat or N7 Girl would lie to us...

Posted by FreakAche

Glad to see this is a competent game. I thought some of the e3 demos made it look kind of fun, but became worried at that horribly desperate advertising they were doing for it a few weeks ago.

Posted by Aquavelvaman


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Could've been worse..?