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Posted by rjayb89

I am ready for you, Forza.

Posted by bigsmoke77

wow, was not expecting a fiver, I want to get both horizons and most wanted but it just don't make sense to get two racers back to back.

Posted by Milkman

Well, this came out of nowhere.

Posted by Little_Socrates

It is weird that this game is good. Also, interested to hear Forza Horizon v. NFS: Most Wanted in the coming months...

Posted by DystopiaX

@bigsmoke77 said:

wow, was not expecting a fiver, I want to get both horizons and most wanted but it just don't make sense to get two racers back to back.

Same. Game has not been on my radar at all and I was expecting it to be average at best. Bad marketing job, great game I guess.

Posted by Vinny_Says

I knew this would be awesome the moment they announced it :)

Posted by sungahymn

Wasn't expecting such a high score.

Posted by Rapid

Wow midnight review, I wonder how this will stack up against the new most wanted. "race against airplanes, helicopters, and hot-air balloons" sounds like what burnout paradise wanted to do.

Posted by l4wd0g

Awesome review Jeff. I'm going told off buying it until your review the new Need for Speed review is up, but it sounds awesome

Posted by zombie2011

Im looking forward to this more than NFS:MW.

Posted by kerse

I didn't even know this was coming out until just now.

Edited by JCHenderson

This is great and glad to hear it feels like a Forza game. I will leave judgement though for the demo and the racing wheel set up.

Vinny Caravella This might be a perfect opportunity to get into that racing wheel market.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

That model of a Charger looks pretty fucking good.

Posted by Cramsy

The "lived in" line sold it for me. I don't like racing enough to stay in Motorsport for more than a few hours at a time for this very reason

Posted by Nettacki

Sleeper hit? Seems like it.

Posted by AnjinM

This is unexpected. Can't wait to hear you talking about it on the cast.

Posted by granderojo

Regretting selling my 360 now. :(

Posted by BaconGames

I feel like (having not watches the QL yet) this game could go one of two ways. It either feels like playing Burnout Paradise again except it drives like Forza or its a game about you, a beautiful car and "the road". I feel like the title and myself want it to be like the latter, evoking the scenes from Top Gear of the hosts just reveling in beautiful scenery and windy roads driving cars built to cruise over them with ease. Basically if Forza Horizon does not evoke that in me then I can't help but be disappointed. Then again these expectations are specific to me and I bet a ton of people will still really like it I'd it's basically Paradise with a bit of Gotham and drives like Forza. Either way, this just reminds me that I really wish Forza 4 came to PC so I could play it :(

Posted by Darth_Sibbs

I was on the fence for this, not now. Sounds fantastic

Posted by Mister_V

Wow was not expecting this after playing the demo. Might pick this up now.

Posted by Knigge

So torn now between NFS and this now... guess I'll just get neither for the time being, and wait till I have a lull in my game schedule.

Posted by Pokalapoketl

How good is this game without Live, though?

Posted by joshthebear

Was not expecting that.

Posted by wrathofconn


Posted by Winternet

I was definitely not expecting a 5-star review for Forza. I am pleasantly surprised.

Posted by amardilo

I wasn't sure how this game was going to turn out but after reading the review I might give this game a go.

Posted by Sweep

Really glad this worked out. My understanding is that Playground soaked up a lot of the Bizarre guys when they got fucked over, so i'm unsurprised at parallels to Project Gotham. Top stuff.

Posted by whitespider

Syndicate 2.

Posted by mulder000

Holy early review, Batman!!

I have all the Forza games, but wasn't looking to get this one as I wasn't sure how the new setting would work. Thanks for costing me another $60!

Posted by KiddoMac

what's the framerate?

Posted by DukesT3

Dude I live in Houston and have to drive because our hippie bullcrap public transportation is crap. So we are big city folk who drive our cars to murder people. Just sayin. Stop with your west coast hippie bullcrap.

Edited by Devildoll

really ? 5 stars.
i guess i'll have to read this. 
i'll preface this by saying that i usually play forza games without assists, and usually place in the top 100's on any race leaderboard i give a crack at.
My own opinions from trying the demo is that the cars almost dont give any feedback to the 360 controller, handle kind of wierd and the 30 fps sucks balls. 
Free roam is always fun though. 
lets get reading....
edit: okay, seems like it might be a "fun" game, but not as realistic/accurate as the main series.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Nailed the "fascination with the automobile" bit. I really like that intro, very nice review!

Posted by Rasmoss

Given Jeff's love for Burnout Paradise this is high praise indeed. Can't wait.

Posted by DarkFury

I had a great time with the demo, I'm glad this worked out.

Posted by 12_Oz_Mouse

Wow didn't see that coming, maybe its just a case of a bad demo but I have tried to get into it and hated each time I played it. But this gives me hope for the full thing.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Five stars?! I really wasn't expecting that! Not that I thought this would be bad, just mediocre. It's been a while since I bought a racing game, maybe I should look into this one.

Posted by masterfaculty

I'm still not 100% sure what this game is.

Posted by Jace

Well, I'm sold. Also, the QL starts with dubstep playing to a brodie-spinning 2013 GT-R. Win.

Posted by DharmaBum

Damn, another game I'll have to pick up soon.

Posted by isomeri

I now feel less bad for pre-ordering the 90 euro "Special Edition.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Great Reviw Jeff. Can't wait to play this!

Posted by benspyda

I was pretty disappointed by Forza 4 because it really didn't do much more than Forza 3 did which certainly makes this more appealing however I feel like I already own enough racing games this gen that its hard to keep buying them when I can just go back to one of them.

Posted by Phatmac

I don't get people that love driving. Driving sucks man.

Posted by Phatmac
I don't get people that love driving. Driving sucks man.
In real life not in games.
Posted by Falconer

Hey can you say more about the story at all? Kinda surprised you didn't really mention it at all. I assume it was at least "okay" since it didn't take away from the score. Is it just an average/forgettable thing that serves for a player unlocking more cars/events?

Edited by Winsord

I'm alright with this game feeling somewhat "slim" compared to Forza 4. I'm 320 hours into Forza 4, and still only 70% done the event list.

Already have the LCE of this pre-ordered though, my one pre-order game of the year. The demo seems like it's mostly just good for getting a sense of the physics style, it just misses out on so much of what makes up the Forza experience. I love the attention to detail in these games though, like how changing your muffler will actually change how your car sounds. I guess for reference, I should just say that I put in about 160 hours into Test Drive Unlimited, and another 80-100 in Test Drive Unlimited 2, and those games had pretty big flaws. This style of racing game is pretty much tailored to my likes, and with people from Bizarre, Codemasters, the TDU team and Turn 10 working on it, it's got its bases covered for my favourite racing games' dev teams, too.

Posted by Bobby_The_Great

Wow, blindsided.

Posted by beepmachine

That came out of the blue. I'm interested in Most Wanted, but this is definitely on my radar now. Great review Jeff.

Posted by Snakepond

Goddammit I love Forza.

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