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Posted by plaintomato

I was really disappointed by the demo. The open world is crowded in by more invisible walls and unbreakable fences than a track racer. I've seen the occasional flat field you get access to - but this game looks to be as much about keeping you on the track and only on the track as any track racer. Even the dirt handles like an asphalt corridor. And the multiplayer component being totally separate and sounding a bit vacant...ugh.

I'm not seeing five stars, just another almost but not quite great execution of an open world racer; 4 stars for being better than the competition but still not the open world racer I've been waiting for since the original TDU showed the genre had untapped potential. Can that potential seriously remain still unrealized six years later? Yes...yes it can.

Posted by JasonR86

@Kraznor said:

Isn't Brian Ekberg on the Forza team? Don't they usually add a disclaimer when a buddy of their's worked on a game they reviewed?

No. They only really did the disclaimer when they chose not to review Bastion as they were there throughout the process of development. The staff has a lot of developer friends. If they started to make disclaimers before reviews of games friends worked on most reviews would have disclaimers.

Posted by felakuti4life

@dvorak said:

Yes, the Lancia Delta. An inferior car.

This is the second time they've talked shit about the Delta in a quick look. I think it was in the Dirt Showdown quick look when they hated on the HF Integrale

Posted by DrWhat

I never say this, but nice review, Jeff.

Posted by Evercaptor

Looking forward to picking this up cheap after Christmas in a sale, the same way I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Forza 3. Apologies devs, but I'm just not a big enough racing fan.

Posted by Tom1243

surprising! Seemed like people were down on it from E3, glad the new direction worked!

Posted by Wuddel

This seems really good. Dont't have a 360 though. Seeing the QL made me think how much I enjoyed Burnout Paradise.

Posted by Enigma777

Really surprised by this review. Everything I had heard about it from previews was pretty negative.

Posted by antwane

@Mister_V: Me either , then I saw the actual first 30 mins of the game and I was blown away by it. Forza Horizon does everything that I wanted Test Drive Unlimited 2 to do.

Edited by NarcolepticBat

I feel a bit of remorse when I read reviews like this. From a person like Jeff they are only distinguishable as a product from years and years of educated, literary improvement. They are a bit like a Valve game; incredibly well polished. This review was on one hand a pleasure to read but on the other entirely boring (for lack of a better word, you'll get what I mean). I feel like quick looks serve the purpose of explaining the systems of video games perfectly fine, in fact probably even better. I feel like a review should serve the purpose of only quantifying the author's feelings. You may say "He did explain his feelings! Look!" and I see the quick "good's and bad's" but I really feel like a review should be more in depth to the feelings. If such reviews were to rely on the traditional format of "explain mechanic, evoke thought on mechanic, rinse, repeat." they would be of IGN length (but not quality) . And that's no good either. I really think that a reviewer should only review the things that really "pop" about a game, they shouldn't have to explain cover mechanics to you over and over again. Maybe reviews would get more views if such a thing were to occur.

Posted by PlatypusPlatoon

That first paragraph might be the best thing I've read from Jeff.

Posted by Sooty

Open world driving games are the new military shooters.

Posted by Tarsier

i cant get past the consistent douchebaggy vibe of this game.

Posted by honkyjesus

I didn't see any mention of the fifty dollar DLC announced pre-release. Which means this is an automatic $110, as a game.

Posted by Argyle

That's great and all, but the spiritual sequel to the best racing game this gen (imo) comes out next week. :)

Posted by gizmo88

No question this game got the "Brian Ekberg Bump."

Posted by VoshiNova

Anyone notice the fat "game reactor" watermark on the last thumb?

Edited by TheSquarePear

Thanks for the review which is adequate but I'm concerned that Jeff needs a vacation.

Posted by owlmassive

Ive got all the Forzas and i have to say it lacks completley of content. Online mode in pure skill only has 3 tracks. Dont get me wrong i have enjoyed it it looks beautyfull from when this game came out over here on friday so many of my friends and so many of the shops around my local area have alot of horizons as pre owned already... . And them asking for 4000 msps for a rally mode and 6 car packs i think they have lost alot of fans...

I do feel tho in some respects that they went the right way in trying something different in making the game open world but i still feel there isnt enough to do in it..

This game is a great rental but certainly not to buy... Even though i bought it (just my opinion tho)

Good Game But nowhere near as good as Forza 4

Posted by Snakepond

Thanks for the review Jeff. I started playing this game last night and it's great. The soundtrack, graphics and the Forza feel just amazing.

Posted by honkyjesus

I've been playing the single player of this a couple days.

It is beyond corny and stale, in my opinion. It tries to literally have a story, and the whole experience feels dumbed-down for it. Silly one-liner after silly idea of racing a hot air balloon.

Pretty tragic.

Posted by generic_eric

Noticed Brad's tweet about this game for sale for $15. Stayed up during black Friday sale to get it for same price. Now it sits under a tree until I can open it with the children.

Posted by Generiko

I was cautious of this. but man is this game good!

Posted by HypnoToadBrwowrowrow

Bumper Cars: Horizon