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Posted by PoweredByHentai

Reviews of games that are obviously going to be bad are always the best. Great work on this one.

Posted by KingOfAsh

Reviewers get paid to play a bad game. Is that for better or worse?

Posted by warramir

It says all you can use the same gun the whole game. It is a bad game, still love the Family Guy series.

Posted by WolfHazard

I still demand a Vinny Alex and Drew quick look of this game.

Edited by fox01313

Used to like Family Guy to a certain extent when it came out & would watch it occasionally, maybe laugh a little a few rare bits in each show but never quite thought that the writing staff was that funny. After renting this game & playing a few levels of this, I'm glad I decided beforehand to turn the audio down (subtitles on) & listen to the bombcast, all I can say from the few levels of single player is that this is one of the few games where I feel really really really REALLY sad for anyone doing the QA testing on this game. Anyone playing this needs a few drinks & a few hugs as it's definitely could have maybe possibly been a decently fun game had it come out on the PS1, maybe the PS2/original Xbox. Now just feels like a clown in a tar pit trying to be funny as it sinks to it's doom with everyone cheering the clown on to sink faster.

Edited by Konig2540

"Finally, a game that understands my unique sense of humor!" -- A terrible person playing Back to the Multiverse.

I laughed way too hard at that caption. This review was hilariously perfect for this shit game.

Posted by The7thDraconian

And this is what happens when you let a ten year old try to write South Park style satire. It's painful, offensive, but it doesn't know that so the smugness of it just makes you want to smack it.