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Posted by Morningstar

Alex, I feel for you, but someone has to endure so the rest of us dont have to.

Posted by SeanFoster

I'd buy a second Premium membership to watch an Endurance Run of this game.

Posted by smitty86

Now say I hate my life and everyone in it. Is Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse the game for me?

Posted by chilibean_3

I'm so sorry, Alex.

Posted by Hef

I think that second screenshot literally say it all.

You probably didn't even have to write the review alex.

Edited by pyromagnestir

Speaking as a fundamentally terrible person on every imaginable level, I disagree. I want nothing to do with this shit.

Posted by onegreat20k

Seems about right

Posted by Extreme_Popcorn

Poor Alex having to review this crap