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Posted by Rickty

Excellent review, loved this game!

Posted by giant_frying_pan

Now make Jeff play it so he can't deny it GOTY like Red Dead.

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I know people get annoyed with company's constantly trying to commercialize IP's, but this seems to be one of the few instances where it really worked out. The original books had been more or less burnt out last I checked in with them, but then this comes along and by all accounts is vastly superior. Very cool stuff.

Posted by crusader8463

I really liked it, but some of the parts where people died felt forced and like there was no reason for it other then the guy writing the story felt like it was time for someone to die. Still love the game and can't wait to see what they do for the next one.

Posted by leejunfan83

it's not a game it's a QTE

Posted by Jackhole

So ... game of the year?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I agree, it's very good.

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Only game to ever strike an actual emotional reaction from me, it's spectacular.

Posted by Slayer78

Thought I had played this game for the last time in my life, due to Brenda, but when I finally got past the cunt I started loving the game again. Finished act II, about to start act III, and will do so as soon as I've finished Dead Island. Oh, and a nice review of course..

Posted by JZ

I stopped playing after ep: 3 not because I don't like it, but because I'm afraid of being yelled at by the characters for what I did in #3

Posted by Rem45

Excellent review keep up the good work!

Posted by Trilogy

@Hitchenson said:


Posted by meaninoflife42

I don't think I've ever had quite an emotional experience as I did playing this game. GOTY.

Posted by VarkhanMB

@leejunfan83 said:

it's not a game it's a QTE

Regardless of the degree of involvement this game requires, it's still the best way to experience the Walking Dead fiction.

Posted by Itwastuesday

Good review. Also, what a piece of shit! We see the hoodie.

Posted by mlarrabee

I was hoping that game would turn out.

Time to go download the final chapter.

Posted by Nightriff

Completely agree with everything you said Alex, going to be tough decision for me between Walking Dead and Journey

Posted by algertman


Posted by namesonkel

Why Alex?

Posted by Sooty

@giant_frying_pan said:

Now make Jeff play it so he can't deny it GOTY like Red Dead.

Red Dead shouldn't get GOTY anyway for being dreadfully repetitive with too many "Ride shotgun with this guy!" moments.

Posted by Nightriff

@JZ: What did you do JZ? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Posted by Little_Socrates

An amazing package, and it will remain one of the most important games ever made.

As one of the people who has experienced serious technical issues with the game, though, I'm perhaps a little less enthusiastic than a lot of people. I literally could not complete Episode 3 due to a technical error experienced by multiple people on multiple platforms that was never patched, my brother's save was wiped just before Episode 4, and my friend playing on the PS3 has to wait upwards of 15 seconds at times to see the next shot in a cutscene before waiting again for the camera to change.

The technical problems are not a gamebreaker. It's still absolutely worth playing on any platform, and everyone should probably play it. But, uh, people should probably understand that Skyrim and Fez have both been several times more functional among my peers.

Posted by Shtinky

@leejunfan83 said:

it's not a game it's a QTE

It's an Adventure game; they're more like interactive movies than traditional games, but they're still games.

Posted by PhantomGardener

@namesonkel said:

Why Alex?

Why not?

Posted by Shtinky

@Sooty said:

@giant_frying_pan said:

Now make Jeff play it so he can't deny it GOTY like Red Dead.

Red Dead shouldn't get GOTY anyway for being dreadfully repetitive with too many "Ride shotgun with this guy!" moments.

That was not as bad as Brad denying Saints Row of GOTY in favour of Skyrim.

Posted by jozzy

Really happy with how this turned out, I loved playing through it and it's definitely in my top 3 for the year. I view it more as an interactive comic (storybook?) than a game though, there is not much "game" and what is there is pretty bad.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@leejunfan83 said:

it's not a game it's a QTE

Who cares? It's an amazing game.
Posted by TheHT

I feel kinda bad only paying 15 bucks for the whole thing. Still, 6 stars.

Posted by Video_Game_King

First, I thought Patrick wrote the Wii U article, and now I thought he'd reviewed The Walking Dead. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH PATRICK, MR. NAVARRO!?

Posted by Giantstalker

Oh, so it's an adventure game? That's all I needed to know.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

got to admit I expected patrick to review this

Posted by Happenstance

Easily my GOTY. The only other game this year that comes close for me is Persona 4 Golden and as thats a remake I think Walking Dead deserves it more.

Posted by solidlife

I hate myself for not playing this game and watching all the spoiler videos for each chapter. I will definitely be playing the next one spoiler free!

Posted by thesage

My favorite game of this generation.

I've never felt so emotionally attached to characters in any form of media: books, movies, TV, games. I feel like this game somewhat changed me and made me rethink myself. I seriously spent minutes on pause screens after making big decisions and just contemplating those decisions over and over in my head and wondering if I'd actually be that type of person in real life.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I agree, although the thing that will prevent this otherwise fantastic piece of fiction from being my GOTY is the part where it's barely a game.

Posted by BasketSnake

I've only played it about an hour but I just don't care about the choices I make. I act it out as Kenny Powers would have. I'm arrogant and I only care about myself and I will sacrifice anyone to stay alive. That's how I find enjoyment in this. I will keep on playing and hopefully it grows on me. I love the tv show.

Posted by MichaelEM3

Excellent review, Alex.

Everyone that cares about the potential for storytelling in games as a medium seriously needs to play The Walking Dead. It's that important, and that good.

Posted by haggis

My only problems with this game have been technical. I just had my episode three save wiped after installing episodes four and five, which really sucks. Also, I'd have liked the option of inverting the controls, especially for the (infrequent) shooting sections, where my instincts caused some frustrations for me. Otherwise, it's damned near as perfect an adventure game as I've played. It focuses on the personal drama and less on the action (although there's plenty of that), and manages to be smart without being ham-fisted. I wasn't completely convinced by Clementine's voice acting--sometimes (especially in Episode 1) it came off as just a little too articulate.

It's probably not my game of the year, but it's probably in second place.

Posted by Legend


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I enjoyed it thoroughly. But it won't stick with me like you said it would, Alex. Nothing sticks with me, apart from that time I got my heart broken and never recovered from it. Maybe that's why nothing else sticks with me. You've opened a wound Alex, a wound I fear will never close again. It's all your fault.


Posted by Shaanyboi

@Sooty said:

@giant_frying_pan said:

Now make Jeff play it so he can't deny it GOTY like Red Dead.

Red Dead shouldn't get GOTY anyway for being dreadfully repetitive with too many "Ride shotgun with this guy!" moments.


Posted by Maajin

I think everyone praising The Walking Dead as game of the year should look really hard at the way Telltale handles player choice and payoff, and then look back at Mass Effect 3: a fantastic game that did probably the best it could within it's limitations.

Don't get me wrong TWD is probably my game of the year. But it showed me very clearly, like Mass Effect 3 and Heavy Rain before it, that the ILLUSION of player choice is way more important than the choice itself.

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@leejunfan83 said:

it's not a game it's a QTE

Aren't broad statements fun?

Yes this game has QTEs. And yes, they are used for the "action" moments, such as fighting off a zombie, but to say the entire game is a QTE is pretty unfair.

The Walking Dead is a point and click adventure at it's core. It's like saying that Sam and Max or Monkey Island is nothing more than an inventory management game.

I really think that games like The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Asura's Wrath and even Myst should be looked at a bit differently, and not be compared to traditional gameplay heavy games. They are still games, and should not be scoffed at because they do things differently.

Games like these are not replacing traditional gaming, they are just another addition to the broad range of what a game can be. Sorry for the rant.

Posted by andrewf87462

Definitely my GOTY

Posted by gla55jAw

Top choice for my GOTY right here.

Posted by darkjester74

I don't see how any other game can compete for GOTY. Its pretty much a done deal.

Many congrats to Telltale, TWD is nothing short of a triumph in story telling.

Posted by Atwa

Easily my favorite game of the year, even one of my most favorite games of all time. 

Posted by nick_verissimo

Having read every issue of the comic and watched all of the tv series, I can honestly say that the game is best version of the three. It's remarkable what telltale did with this game.

Posted by Bitronix

Beautifully put Alex. Well and truly a masterpiece, one of the best from the last few years.

Posted by joshthebear