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Posted by Duskwind

Just playing devil's advocate for a second. About the whole flashlight thing...I remember scores of people complaining around the game's release that it was just inexcusable that DOOM 3 didn't allow you to use a weapon and flashlight together when all other modern games did. That's most likely the reason for the change.

Posted by ShinjiEx

Console players benefit though... so a 4 out 5.

Posted by Andy_117

@vinsanityv22 said:

I am no PC gamer, and everything I DO have on Steam I can play with my 360 controller, but id is (was?) PC Royalty. Why not put 110% into those options?

RAGE on PC was absolutely dreadful at launch. There was only one graphical option besides screen resolution and that, and it didn't run so well on many machines that should have been able to run it flawelessly. They've been drawing ire from PC gamers for a while now, it wouldn't surprise me if they wrote off the BFG port for that reason. Their target is obviously consoles, since Doom 3 is already on PC in a nigh-identical version with mods, and the PC doesn't benefit that much from the DOOM and DOOM II ports. Most newbs to the series will be console gamers, their focus was on console, and it has been for a while.

@csl316 said:

I thought it made things more terrifying, it has its place. An option would've been nice. But Brad's Quick Look focused so much on shadows and a flashlight that it seemed to make the game worse than it is.

He did give it three stars, that's a pretty decent score for an eight-year-old game that hasn't undergone many changes in the meantime. And Quick Looks aren't reviews so much as they're... well. Quick looks.

Posted by whitespider

While I agree that this version of doom 3 is in most ways an inferior package for pc gamers who are already running a modded version. I am glad there is 120fps support in this version for the pc.

The original doom 3 was hard locked to 60. If they patch back in realtime shadows and allow modding. Then this might go from a bad console friendly port job - to the definitive version.

Then again, if you are someone with a 60hz monitor, then the change is obviously non-existent and a modded version of doom 3 is the vastly superior option.

Posted by mars188

Rented this game from gamefly. Good Game over all but wait for a price drop if buying just my 2 cents.

Edited by umdesch4

Since 2004, I've installed and played Doom 3 at least 4 times, pretty much every time I build a new PC. Even vanilla installed, it seems so much better than anything I've seen of this BFG edition, I can hardly believe it. I'm off to install it again right now, 'cuz I'm wondering if my memory could possibly be that defective.

Also, I'm absolutely certain it wasn't frame locked at a mere 60 FPS. I'm checking that right now too...

Edit: Sorry, yeah. It is capped at 60FPS. You can force it up in 2 different ways via the console, but one merely renders duplicate frames, and the other speeds up the whole clock, and the game becomes ridiculous.

Edited by BlazeHedgehog

So does that mean the original release of Doom 3 officially classifies as "abandonware" now?

Posted by ZombiePie
....the original game is no longer available for sale on Steam outside of the hundred-dollar id collection, meaning the BFG Edition is the best you're going to do right now if you want to buy a new copy of a shooter that, for better or worse, ranks among the most hyped video game releases of all time.

This sucks. This puts the Doom 3 modding community is a crappy situation as the original Doom 3 is in effect abandonware with this decision.

Posted by chilipeppersman

im still playiing it, but I agree Brad, its felt like a rushed compilation. No subtitles? really? even shit games now have subtitles. the "HD" visuals arent that much of a step up either, kinda disappointing. with that given, its still doom, which is good by me. I think the only reason I like BFG so much is the fact that ive never beaten any of the doom games **facepalm**, but hey, better late than never right?

Posted by Duxa

Doom 3 will forever be in my heart. Back in 2003 it was an amazing experience. I am going to pick up BFG edition even though I already own like 5 copies of D1, D2, Ultimate Doom and Final Doom and a copy of Doom 3 from 2003... to support Carmack if nothing else.

By the way if any of you are interested, I highly recommend "Masters of Doom" a book about Romero, Carmack and how it all started... its an amazing book.

Posted by Finalizer0

For what it's worth in the modding community, the Doom 3 engine (idtech 4) already went open source, so total conversions like The Dark Mod will potentially be able to become stand-alone games at some point.

Still sucks that BFG edition owners wont be able to get the nice graphical/gameplay mods though. It's a real bummer to see Id shunning the mod community these days.

Posted by holybins
Posted by JoeBigfoot

Hey you can pick up the original Doom 3 from the Apple App Store on OSX. Cost me £3 two weeks ago, runs very well on my MBP 13".

Posted by Eyz

Most people who hated it actually never even tried it :/ (true enough!)

Funny coincidence, I did replay both Doom 3 & RoE earlier this year, way before the announcement of the re-release. Well, I'm okay with re-playing it once more on the 360 now. (only had the games on PC)

Posted by Blimble

Luckily I bought the Doom pack on steam before they took it down. £20 for the 3 doom games and the expansions to all

Posted by Corvak

@punkxblaze: This very much, though I haven't had much time with the Doom 3 mods. Having to fire into the darkness is part of what made it scary.

I purchased the ID pack on Steam, largely just for the data files from the original games to feed into GZDoom.

It's a shame ID felt they had to pull their old products to try and increase the sales of this pack, as it seems it takes away more than it adds.

Posted by dropabombonit

Good thing I still have my steam copy of Doom 3 on the hard drive, kind of a bummer they replaced it with a worse version

Posted by umdesch4

Yup, I spent about 3 hours playing my original copy of Doom 3 last night, no mods, fired up in "Ultra quality" gfx mode at 1600x1200. It depressed the hell outta me by looking better than all the 1080p footage of the BFG edition I've seen. It also depressed me by just "feeling" better to play than most of the games I've played in the years since. I realize that this is purely subjective, but I can't help it.

Posted by nickux

As someone who didn't get far into the original Doom 3 back on PC/Xbox, I have to say I seemed to enjoy the BFG Edition much more than Brad. I actually appreciated the update to the flashlight mechanic and Brad's issues with the shadows didn't bother me. The game is still pretty darn scary. However, I wish they'd kept things like the flashlight as optional for purists.

Posted by niftymcnift

@holybins: exactally there are so many copies of doom3 on ebay (original) and far cheaper than BFG - just buy a disc copy

Posted by carlvega


Posted by Blaskowi

Speaking as a fan of the original duct tape mod I am a little shocked that there's no option to toggle the flashlight on or off. The game was playable as it originally shipped, the flipping back and forth between flashlight and gun was just annoying.

Posted by RiotControl

Does anyone find it kind of sleezy to pull the original Doom 3 from Steam? They didn't do it when the BFG Edition came out. They did it a bit afterward. I guarantee you that Doom 3 got a sales spike from people complaining about the BFG Edition and the recommending to people the original with mods.

Posted by McAwesome

" Hell, Doom 3 was pretty much the first game to have enemies tearing their way through level geometry in the first place"

Well that's an overstatement. Even HL had enemies tearing through geometry.

Edited by bybeach

Read this review and went back to steam to see Doom 3 and Ressurectiion of Evil sitting nice and pretty in my Lib.. Not sure about how I am feeling about Id these days.......am looking foward to Doom 4. This review conforms in every way to the QL I watched. I'd buy the BFG version if I wanted it..but even for the price point at steam for having the origonal, I do not.

Edited by Lexlas

I originally played Doom on a floppy disk, luved every minute of it back in the day. I gotta say this did bring me back to that great gameplay that got me hooked in the first place. I thought they could have made this game so much better, with improving the weapon changing and map that could pop out on screen to show you where you are, and i can go on. No matter what i am hooked again, and will be playing it till i finish it. The 3D is off the hook, really brings out the frightening experience that Doom was meant to be. I think graphic wise its just ok, nothing to blow your mind. If they do make a Doom 4, i surely won't buy it unless they change the game to a higher standard. I really enjoyed your guys review, its either you like it, or you don't. I hate it, and luv it at the same time. I am glad they released this version, it makes OG Gamers like me enjoy gaming like it used to. I look forward to a whole new remake version of the next Doom, cross my fingers they do it with a new intuition. They should call it Doom 2000 ! Lets update this B***H !

Posted by Deusoma

For the record, the original Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil are back on Steam, but since they don't run on any operating systems younger than Windows XP, you might as well go with BFG.