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Posted by Linkyshinks

That's a very neat idea, but I do think you could look better if you have everything aligned to the center. Monitor -Fret track- Drums. You could perhaps position the camera on a tripod peering over the drum pads. If you have a clamp it would look great if it was a birds eyes view. 

Cool project.

Posted by Player1

Omg dude this is amazing. Great work. These are awesome. 

One suggestion, maybe a camera view from the front? So we can see you playing. But I guess we can see the drums better like this. 

Great job
Posted by TheGamerGeek

A lot better than I can do :)

Posted by AndyC

I mean at the beginning and end, it's just a cleaner look, I don't mean randomly transitioning back and forth lol.

Posted by GiantGUS

When I read the title I thought you had found one of those Game Gear TV Tuners :(

Cool vid though. I liked the stuff just cut out, don't know if transitioning back and forth would be necessary.

Posted by AndyC

Played with Adobe After Effects for a good 3 hours and came out with this... this should be WAYYYY easier to watch.


Now I need something that can record me drumming at 30fps because right now I had to make everything 15fps. I also gotta learn how to transition between everything... so the footage isn't just masked (read: cut out) the entire time.

Anyway, what do you guys think? lol