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Posted by L
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
It's September. I feel happy because I have my PlayStation 3. I have played one demo (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) and enjoyed it. I went through on easy and for 1.5 GB it sure did end quick! I decided to play on 'hard' and managed to get through that on the demo, too. It reminds me of The Bourne Conspiracy (shooting-wise) and Tomb Raider: Legend (environments, climbing). The story looks interesting and capturing.

The demo was good and I have now ordered myself a Platinum copy of it from Play.com. I was going to get MotorStorm for a very cheap price (another website) but they all sold out. Ah well. On the PlayStation Store, I purchased Theme Hospital (one of my favourite PC games) and have played it a little. The one thing I miss is the music but I understand it's a PlayStation port - not a PC port. I have played it back on the original console and still had good fun with it (don't have disc now).

So, that's enough chatter about the PlayStation 3. Now - video blogs. I'm thinking of doing some mini video blogs. Not sure where I am going but I like the idea of 12seconds.tv. You post updates in the form of a video (12 seconds) as if it were Twitter (text updates service). Of course, it's not enough for detailing experiences with games but I guess, I can use it to bring you brief updates every now and then. Saves reading, I guess. Here's my channel. Empty now but I may connect my Xbox LIVE Vision camera up and experiment with it.

EDIT: Oops. I need to get a microphone too (headset broke). More waiting, I guess but I'm no motion picture!
Posted by Aaron_G

Looks forward to your video blogs when they come.

Posted by DBoy

Should be getting mine next weekend.  Will have to add you onto the PSN.

Posted by Tru3_Blu3

Can't wait for your video blogs! I wonder what you look like. :)

Posted by JonnyAvacado

Add me on PSN bro...user name is KaNeJaR

Uncharted is amazing by the way, definitely play through it for the full experience..awesome system you have there!!  Congrats!
Can't wait for the VB's!!! 

Posted by Louis

Looking forward to your videoblogs!

Posted by Spencer

I think Uncharted is a bit overrated.  It's fun and it looks pretty, and if you liked the demo you will enjoy the game, but I wasn't that in to it.