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Posted by BraindeadRacr

eBay... If you find the right people, it's a wonderfull place. Sadly enough, it's scam-central.

Posted by JamesF


Gives us more time to play Burnout.

Posted by Toms115


Posted by DBoy

Ah I love eBay so much...

Posted by pill92

i ordered call of duty 2 off ebay and got stalker:shadow of Chernobyl instead and you know what i kept it!

Posted by Player1


Posted by Claude

That sucks, but at least you still get the game and you can give him a bad rating. Of course I've never Ebayed anything, what do I know. I'm interested in Civ Rev let me know what you think when you finally get it.

Posted by Gearhead

Ordered Civilization on Ebay last week, the guy was real nice, but no feedback. He sends me the game, today, but he accidentally sends the wrong game. Instead of Civilization that will be at my doorstep, Transformers The Game will be there....
He said that his girlfriend accidentally sent the wrong game, and will ship me off Civilization Revolution tomorrow, but I have to ship back the Transformers Game.

I will listen to dad now...
Ironically my father, who has done over five hundred different deals on Ebay, told me not to buy it from the guy, but I did not listen.