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Posted by Jackswastedlife

So I've decided to start feeding the bomb. Jeff and Co. are really doing something special here, and it seems like as good a venue as any to get back back into the swing of things, so to speak. Also, one time, I saw Gerstmann catch on fire at a house party...I kinda feel like blazin' ninja drunkenness of that caliber commands some respect.

Anyways, I've been posted mad links on Facebook these days related to random internet bullshit, and plan to shift some of the game-related content this way. We'll see how that goes. The current plan is to take a little time each day to ramble about goings on in the industry, games I'm playing, articles that make me wish things or people or operating a motor vehicle in the state of Massachesetts didn't suck as badly as they often  do.. There's at least 5-6 stories every day that crack me the fuck up, so I might as well share the joy (or the pain, depending on how you ingest my particular brand of editorial).


Feel free to add me as a friend, talk smack about my momma, or call me a white privileged zombie...you know, whatever refills your meter.