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Posted by BinaryDragon

Some of you may not know this, but I do a weekly podcast. So here it is.

This week on my podcast Rock Band, Rock Band 2 features, the Experiment, The Nintendo DSi which isn’t coming out this christmas, Fable 2 having stuff removed from it’s collectors edition…twice and I wrap up with a talk about cheating in fable 2 pub games.

I'm looking for some peeps to join me on future podcasts, just to have someone bounce off. All that is required is that you have skype. Comment or PM if you are interested. Being British would help, but it's not essential. Have no fear this doen't mean Eddy or Joe are leaving, it's just nice to have options.

Here is the link to the podcast...again...

If you enjoyed this, it's even better when I have the whole crew about. Why not check out our previous podcasts?

Our website is www.beatbritish.co.uk    

Hope you enjoyed


Posted by Player1

I'd be interested man. Just pm me if you need me. 

Posted by BinaryDragon

Will do there player one. Probably be a late one. Since i'm in the UK, What's your gamertag, i gather your going to play fable 2. So erm, co-op?