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Posted by TheJollyRajah

For some reason the streets in Europe remind me of the Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

Posted by Gary_Jinfield

Those were quite the pictures.

Posted by OfficialJab

You warned me..... but I still came out of this blog hungry :(

Posted by Linkyshinks

Thanks Alaska Gamer

Sweep, that really does not surprise me.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Very nice pictures.

Posted by Sweep


And tooting has no charm at all. While i lived there someone broke into my room and stole my 360. The bastards.

Posted by AttackedCamo

Dracula Land looks pretty sweet.

Posted by Linkyshinks

It's SARF London Sweep ;)

Tooting has it's charm I suppose but it does not seem to have changed much since Citizen Smith (TV series), whenever I see re-runs of that it looks as downtrodden as it does now!.

Posted by Sweep

I didnt know you were a london head, where abouts are you from? I was living in Tooting Broadway last year - SOUF LONDON woop!

Posted by Black_Rose

Man it's been such a long time since i was in Europe. You just made me remember how much i want to go again xD

Posted by Player1

Awesome pics man. Thanks for adding these. I love me some cigars as well. 

Posted by L

Lots of great stuff to do in London!

Posted by Linkyshinks

It was taken on Mario Galaxy launch night, the river is the Thames that runs through our city. That building is Battersea Power Station, it's from the Victorian era. It's due to be turned into a "entertainment complex" soon. They are going to keep the the distinct style of the old building for obvious reasons.

I think it looks cool.

Posted by brukaoru

I hope you don't smoke cigars too often, sir. Those cherry tomatoes are great, fresh fruit is the best. Oh man, I so want to steal those Chinese coins and the bamboo brush wrap you got! Dracula's land looks like a neat place to eat at.

So where is the Super Mario Galaxy advertisement at? That is super duper cool!

Great photos!
Oh and... THE CAKE IS A LIE! :P

Posted by Claude

I always liked the Victorian Era. I'm also a fan of Oscar Wilde, of course, I'm a theater whore or nerd. Nice pictures, thanks.

Posted by Cube

Cool stuff!

Posted by Linkyshinks

A cut n paste job from my Gamespot blog :P

Horses bottoms in the morning. On the subject of food, the following post will contain lots of it, so consider yourselves warned..

Outside Les Miz in "Theatre Land"

I Love this shop on Charing Cross Road, smoking Cigars occasionally is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I hate cigarettes though!. People who love reading may of heard of Charing Cross

It's olde, 1820s something.

It used to be orange-

I often ponder the same thing:)

Heaven. I am partial to a Monte Cristo myself, which is what I bought. My girlfriend likes Cigars too if they are mild. Monte Cristo's are in the left hand top of the picture, un-tubed.

My favourite Italian Deli, Camisa & Sons. I heart Italian food!, but adore great  food in general

I ended buying some Tuscan Pancetta as well as some juicy sweet cherry tomatoes, hand picked from the side of Mt Etna, They're delicious simply roasted with olive oil, sprigs of fresh Basil and good Balsamic. Modena has the best, the sweet sticky type is perfection. I also got some really strong Gorgonzola cheese and some Sicilian split olives, which are really nice, best I have tasted that's for sure.

Just look at those cherry tomatoes!


The Dim Sum lunchboxes are fantastic

So is everything else, I love the scent that fills Chinatown, I don't think there could be any better advert for the food.

I bought some Char Siu (Roast Pork)

Got hungry

I also bought these old chinese coins and a bamboo brush wrap for some chinese brushes I have.

This shop sells great engravings, I bought tow today. As you may already know, I heart art!

I bought these, I just could not resist. Lately I have become fascinated with the London of the past, the gritty side especially. James Drummond depicts the Gin drinking and prostitution well I think. Such scenes were common place around the time this engraving was made in 1870.

I also bought this JMW Turner landscape of the Piazzi chapel in Florence in Italy. I love Turner. I managed to haggle the price down due to the blotch in the sky (not a technical term)

I also went to "The Cinema Store", that surprisingly sells all manner of cinema stuff from models to autographs

I have had my eye of this lately, I may well buy it...eventually

After all that hard work shopping, lol, I then decided to grab a slice of Strawberry Cheesecake and a cream tea at Valerie's



For dinner I took advantage of the happy hour at this fine establishment, I had the "Bat wings" They are in exact fact chicken wings that have been blackened with Tamarind paste, and then char-grilled with honey.

I have no idea, but none the less Pofta Buna to you all!

Recent Retro Purchase:

Ranma 1/2 Super Famicom

I love most things Rumiko Takahashi, especially Ranma1/2.

Take care all, have a great weekend also!

Have a great weekend!