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Posted by StarFoxA

They haven't changed the graphics at all.

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Unfortunatley im not as excited for this. I hope they don't change the graphics around and I havent heard anything about this. I played through it last july so im kind of burned out on Chrono Trigger (cause I leveld up all my guys for a long time, 45 hours was my game time, with all sidequests cept robos factory and the sowing seeds thing) Im not sure how to feel. Normally I would like some more obscure games to be released that way more kids my age who didn't grow up with these kinds of games will learn about them or get to play them but Im not sure if I have it in me to play through it.

Posted by StarFoxA

Definitely Chrono Trigger. My favorite game of all-time, so I'm really looking forward to playing through it again. And potential online play? BLOWS MY MIND!!!!