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Posted by Blinck

Believe me, I was in real trouble in this part!

Yes, I finally beated Brothers In Arms: Highway to Hell !
It was a great game, the last moments were pretty intense, and the storyline "ended" *wink wink* in a great way as well.

I really like this experience, I think the developers of this one really tried hard to bring something good to us and they did, besides some minor bugs, I might say I enjoyed this one more then COD (ww2) and Medal of Honor as well. You can really feel the ambiance here and get involved on the game!
I will do a review soon, anyway, I seriously recommend it to any shooter fan!

Now, although I've been in Hell and beated it, I AM NOW GOING BACK.

I'm gonna revisit DOOM 3.
I played the game when it came out, but my system was not good enough and I wasn't very much into horror games.
But now I made my mind to try out the games I've missed during those times, like F.E.A.R., Quake 4 and might even try out STALKER. Although I passed much of Quake 4 I want to go back again and play it with everything maxed out to have a whole new experience!

That's it for now, I will update this later telling my thoughts about going back to the Doom world.
Take care
Posted by coonce

great post --- can't wait for the review! (and the guide???) ;)