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Posted by AdSapien

"How much for Cabella's Dangerous Hunts?" I ask the EB clerk.

"Didn't you just buy Fable 2 and Farcry 2? Don't even bother, come back in a week" he responds.

So I bought some games today.  "Some" would imply a handful, I guess "a metric assload" would be closer to the truth.  In my defense only Fable 2 and Farcry 2 were the big titles.  The other padding games I purchased averaged $0.99 which betrays them as the impulse purchases they were. "99 cents for Brute Force?  How can I go wrong?"

Posted by Cyclonus

well hello there. I recognise myself in this. please list failure purchases further and more detailed

actually, I don't and never regret buying stuff. but I KNOW quite well I've been buying way too much stuff the past few weeks. also, I really hate farcry2. that was money out the window right there, and I'm pretty sure I'll hate the pc version of dead space aswell. so that's another one in just a couple of days