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Posted by Mjolnir
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        I've been meaning to upgrade my graphics card for a while, and I finally did this past week.  Sadly, my computer is still running on a plain PCI bus; no Express to be found here.  The best it can do is a Radeon X1300/X1550.  I decided to just go w/ the 1300 since pretty much anything short of an HD 2k series is outdated anyway, at least as far as the latest games go.  Here are some of the games or demos which I've used to test its capabilities:

  • Company of Heroes (demo) : I've wanted this for a while, but it wouldn't even show up on my old card, a 9250 (just below min. requirements). Of course, as soon as I am capable of running it, the main game disappears from Steam.  Anyone know why this is?
  • Half-Life 2 Lost Coast: This one ran @ 21 fps before and now it runs at an astounding......wait for it.......28 fps! Not sure wtf is up with that, but it just doesn't like my computer. Fine by me. It was free, and I can delete it anytime I want.
  • Sherlock Holmes Nemesis (demo) : I am a fan of Doyle's great detective, but his latest adventure was just a bit too much to handle. Fear not, for now it runs fine, and looks just as good.
  • Portal: Ran fine before, but now it does better and looks the part as well. The portals swirl like they're supposed to.
  • NFS Most Wanted: There used to be large white portions of cars when I looked at them in the shops; I couldn't tell if they were crazy reflections or graphical inadequacy.  Sadly, while those are no longer a problem, I for some reason can't increase detail and resolution without sacrificing gameplay performance. Whenever I turned them up, things seemed to move slower. No, not laggy, but just slow. Odd - the lower the resolution, the better I drive. Also, my save disappeared, so I had to restart the game.

     So yeah, I should be on my desktop a lot more, and maybe buying some new PC games.  Since the aforementioned Company/Heroes is aforementioned-ly gone from Steam, I went and bought a DVD drive from Newegg to play it from.  I tried it out with the copy of MoH: Pacific Assault my neighbor gave me and it ran it.  Although, that doesn't change the fact that the install code is still lost and I can't play it anyway.  I'm gonna see if one of my more technologically-gifted friends can crack it.

     As far as what I've been playing, not much except for Mercs 2.  I'm at about 94% and trying to get all the shop items before proceeding to the final mission.  I still haven't played with anyone online, but I'd like to (achievements, yum), so if anyone would be so
kind as to hit me up on XBL, it would be greatly appreciated, though I never have that much time to play consistently.

     I tried the EndWar demo this morning.  It took about 10 minutes and one failed mission before I got a handle on the controls and then really sorta liked it.  I'm glad I didn't go preorder like I was thinking about doing, but I still might pick it up.